CHARLIE: He's very passionate towards her but she's vague about how she feels about him.

ERIC: Their friendship is that they can accept each other for who they are.

ALLISON: They are cousins and friends but they bicker about most things.

DOMINIC: They get into stubborn insult throwing, battle of wits but they are still friends.

JASMYN: They are very loyal friends with each other, often keeping the others secrets.

ANTON: She likes his charm and wit, he respect her.

VIOLET: They have much in common.

HANNA: They have nothing in common, it's a strange friendship but it works.

WADE: Most of her friendship with him has to do with pity.

JANA: She is very jealous of Tonya and Charlie's growing relationship.

LARRY: She can't stand him and she is totally cruel to him.

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