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Tonya Nimon

TATONYA NOLETA NIMON (AKA) TONYA NIMON - Biker chick who plays guitar, knows martial arts and fencing. She's into art, culture, poems and most things Rock -N- Roll retro. Her other hobbies and talents are vast. She is hot tempered, bossy, free spirited, combative, opinionated, stubborn, cunning, creative, sharp, rebellious, sarcastic and sadistic. She doesn't care what most people think of her independent behavior but frequently expresses her distaste for their remarks and often criticizing other peoples stupidity. It's somewhat rare when she reveals her warm and caring side. Sometimes nepotism comes into play where her cousin Allison is concerned. More often she seems ruthless and cold hearted but that's only a thin cover for her vulnerable feelings. She found both of her parents murdered in their home and deep down she's emotionally damaged, becoming an orphan has taken it's toll on her.

Charlie Woods

CHARLES AXLE WOODS (AKA) CHARLIE WOODS - A romantic and courageous at heart but a boisterous pervert too. He's a manic depressive as he goes from being arrogant, stubborn and an egomaniac to moments having a major inferiority complex. So his suave, smooth attitude changes into a despondent or irritable in moments. That's why sometimes he stands up for himself one minute and is submissive to Tonya the rest of the time. He can be very cruel often criticizing Jana and her friends, not that she doesn't deserve the horrible treatment she gets from him. His hobbies are cooking, playing cards and Tonya of course. His talents are playing the drums, writing poems, drawing and wrestling team at school.

Allison Nimon

ALLISON ANGEL NIMON (AKA) ALLISON NIMON - Sweet and very friendly but a bit of a ditzy. She's ironically opposite to her cousin Tonya in most ways. She's more popular at school than her cousin but she seems to feel that she lives in her shadow, there's a rather subtle rivalry between them. They argue but Allison does most of her talking with gestures and body language but most often she just pouts when upset. She enjoys frustrating and teasing Dominic in one way or another. Her hobbies putting her hair in curlers, putting green stuff on her face and power on her body. Her talents are playing the keyboards and gardening. She can't stand Jana Ault even for a moment.

Dominic Bradford

DOMINIC OTIS BRADFORD (AKA) DOMINIC BRADFORD - Inquisitive, curious, complicated, probing, egotistical, stubborn, opinionated, extremely idealistic, possessive and witty. An anarchist, diabolical conspiracy theories and alien cover ups just for a start. He knows about surveillance equipment and other other such things. He never accepts anything at face value. Often makes some kind of remark about almost everything. His hobbies are research, computers and experiments with home-made devices. His talents are playing the bass guitar and is also on the wrestling team at school.

Jasmyn Bradford

JASMYN DAISY BRADFORD (AKA) JASMYN BRADFORD - Romantic and kind but can get pushy about her views, at times too cheerfully optimistic. She is a vegetarian and an artist, never seems to get along with her brother Dominic. She has a huge crush on Anton but acts like she doesn't because of her over protective twin brother. She's Anton's object of affection too, so there are some major sparks between them. They just like to pretend there aren't by annoying and picking on each other often. Her hobbies are boycotts and protesting. Her talents other than art are playing the tambourine, the sitar, mandolin and other odd musical instruments.

Anton Garvin

ANTON ELTON GARVIN (AKA) ANTON GARVIN - He's more sedate in contrast to his uncle Charlie. A smart, shy guy. He tries to stay far away from everyone else's wrongdoing but he usually gets dragged into anyway. He's dry witted and clever, sensible, honest, flexible, dependable, loyal, modest and caring It's obvious that he and Jasmyn like each other but they won't admit it to each other, mostly is due to her twin brother Dominic who is over protective of her. His hobbies are nature walks and playing cards. His talents consists of sculpting, metal, wood working and any other hands on type of skills.

Violet Boyette

VIOLET ALESE BOYETTE (AKA) VIOLET BOYETTE - She likes to try some unusual things to keep from being bored. She has creative schemes at times, she often gives evil looks and snide comments to rude or stupid people. A tad stubborn, she also has a quick temper and she is often moody too. Adventurous and bold in spirit, though a bit of a panic button person. Her hobbies are anything that strikes her fancy at the moment. He talents are playing the guitar, archery and singing.

Eric Singer

ERIC BRAD SINGER (AKA) ERIC SINGER - A nice enough guy but slow in mental department. He often reacts to things in odd ways. Most people think he is threat or a homeless bum and sometimes they give him charity. A harmless gentleman but most females view him as a treat because of his unkempt appearance and dim witted behavior. However he does have some pearl drops of wisdom. His only real hobby is camping out. His talent is making the best out of a bad situation.

Hanna Chadwick

HANNA SARAH CHADWICK (AKA) HANNA CHADWICK - She's basically your average cheerleader diva. The queen of manipulation, often too self centered, materialist and exceedingly shallow. She uses her feminine wiles as a tool to get her way from most males but she's hardly ever follows through if called on it. Her cuteness shines like the sun in your eyes, it really glares! Sure she's sexy but she can become an annoyance to most people. Still she's likeable enough for the rest of the inner circle of friends. She's feminine, preppy, perky and very coquettish. Her hobbies are making herself pretty and shopping. Her talents consists of decorating, design, gymnastics, ice skating and ballet.

Wade Smucks

JEFFREY WADE SMUCKS (AKA) WADE SMUCKS - He curses like a sailor and sticks his nose into other people's business. He's funny at times because he's too much of a smug ham for his own good but sort of likable. Though he has a bad attitude about most things, because most things fly right over his head. He also thinks he's very cool but he's not really, he comes off more as a combination comedian and game show host. He growls seductively at females and wants to be known as a ladies man but most of them make fun of him or just laugh at his pick up lines. He hates to be called by his first name. His hobbies are bowling, roller skating and skate boarding. His talents are greedy schemes, working with leather and wood.

Larry Moxley

LARRY WALTER MOXLEY (AKA) LARRY MOXLEY - A great big pervert that likes gawking at females butts and boobs. Eager to be a womanizer his approach with females is often crass and sexist. Despite bring most girls to physically assault him, he still maintains that he's God's gift to women. Clumsy, dorky nerd whose very deviant and vulgar personality puts most people off. He is vice president the student council and a member of the media club. He often makes unwanted disgusting and sleazy remarks, this has made him a very unpopular geek. Hobbies are fishing, porn, pranks, fishing and SCI-fi. His talents are the typical geeky ones most nerds have. He's best friends with Jana, the most disliked girl in the whole town. His other friends are Prudence Gowen, Janet O'Malley, Leland Jones and Sully Thompson. Also two other nerds seen with him, a girl named Betty and a guy named Hugo.

Jana Ault

JANA ELVA AULT (AKA) JANA AULT - A frumpy nerd chick who snorts when she laughs. She's the third wheel that often becomes a major obstacle between Charlie and Tonya, sometimes other people too. Psychopathically jealous of Tonya, giving her dirty looks and she's an huge annoyance to Charlie too. Her inane stubbornness in pathetically chasing after him and much to his dismay since he can't stand her. She an obnoxious whiner, a clutz, selfish, pushy, conniving and often a spineless wimp. She's the president of the student council, a member of the media club and of all the nerd clubs. Hobbies are SCI-fi and rock collecting. Her talents besides being a brain are juggling, making candles and soap. Her friends are Larry Moxley, Leland Jones, Sully Thompson, Prudence Gowen and Janet O'Malley. Also two other nerds seen with her, a girl named Betty and a guy named Hugo.

*JANA AND LARRY'S FRIENDS* SULLY - He's pitifully lacking grace or style, he doesn't talk much but breaths hard. Has short brown hair and thick glasses. His hobbies are science experiments, SCI-fi and his talent is playing the accordion. LELAND - Ivy League type, very studious but lanky and also very geeky. Has sandy hair and he squints his eyes so tight his eyes they almost disappear, so when they snap open it's funny looking. His hobbies/talents are physics and playing the harp. JANET - Is a waif-like and a typical shy brainiac. She does all her talking with gestures and body language. Has brown hair she wears in a bun, glasses and baggy granny dresses. Enjoys reading feminist prose books, Charlotte Bronte, Simone de Beauvoir, Feminine Mystique, etc. Her hobbies/talents are playing the cello and the violin. PRUDENCE - Has orange hair, wears thick glasses and has a boyish shape. She enjoys reading Hemingway, Twain and other such author's. Her hobbies/talents are playing the bizarre, surreal sculpting and playing the flute. These two hang out together most of the time. BETTY - A red head, wears pink glasses. HUGO - He is very short, has black hair and wears blue glasses.

MAJOR EXTRA'S - Roxanne Harley and Vasalet Hamel, everyone know they are extremely close friends. They are almost always seen together, which makes some people wonder just how close these two friends really are. (Nudge-nudge wink, wink) Mick Morrison, smooth guy who most everyone likes. Zachary Kingsley, he is Tonya's biggest fan next to Charlie of course. Angus, a loner guitar player who sometimes gives out sage advice. B.J. Sloan, lead singer for a boy group that really annoys Tonya, Charlie and Dominic.