| Tokens of Affection 1 |

SHOW TITLE: Tokens of Affection 1

FULL FRAME TITLE: Quagmire of Conscience

Charlie is sitting alone at a table at the Cafe, sadly stirring a cup of hot tea as Violet drags in. The cafe staff are sweeping, cleaning at the tables and so on. The to friends wave at each other before she joins him, they both sigh out of dejected boredom.

VIOLET: Let me guess, would this gloomy behavior have anything to do with Tonya Nimon? (Charlie just stares ahead) I figured as much. (Matter of fact) Do you realize how pathetic we both are? (Disgusted) It's a Friday evening and here we are in this place both single and alone!

CHARLIE: What happened to Al?

VIOLET: It was Mel and he dumped me. (Sadly) I don't want to talk about it. (Clears her throat) So what's going on with Tonya?

CHARLIE: Oh Violet. (Abysmally) I think I've blown it with her and I mean totally. (On the verge of tears) I mean not even as a friend, much less anything else.

VIOLET: Well, whatever your problems are with her, I'm sure you'll work them all out. (Hurt) Besides you'll laugh at them when you hear what Mel did to me.

CHARLIE: I doubt he did what I did to Tonya and now she hates me. (Sighs) Well at first we were making out and as you know this has happened before.

VIOLET: Right. (Scoffs) I've seen it for myself more than once.

CHARLIE: True but then the heat between us caused a slippery situation. (Clears throat) If you know what I mean?

VIOLET: You had sex? (Charlie pauses a moment then shrugs out of confusion) Well either you did or you didn't.

CHARLIE: Well it slid half way into home plate as we looked at each other. (Painfully) Then my mother came in nagging me about my chores and needless to say I went down. (Sighs) Tonya hid under the bed but I had to go do what my mom wanted right then. (Sighs) And when I came back Tonya was gone.

VIOLET: Hold on, you went off to do your chores? (Amazed) When you could have gotten it on with Tonya?

CHARLIE: My mother was nagging me and forced me to go right then! (More embarrassed) Now I'm confused as to if this counts or not as not being a virgin anymore and if she is going to kill me for doing it to her or not? (More confused) Does this count as the first time do you think?

VIOLET: Well let me put it this way, did go deep enough to break her in? (Charlie nods) Then I think it counts as not being a virgin anymore but not as the first time. (Very reluctantly) I mean if you all did was thrust in but didn't bumps or grinds or humps, then it can't be considered as actually doing it.

CHARLIE: I see. (Pauses) It was awkward, we still had our clothes on and everything. (Exasperated) Then my mother comes in and almost catches us, that was more exasperating than I can even put into mere words. (Sighs) Then not being able to be with her at all really has made me so damn frustrated.

VIOLET: Yes I'll just bet you have been. (Smirks) So this explains Tonya's sudden distance, it's like part of her isn't in the room and now I know why.

CHARLIE: She's avoiding me. (All this is beyond him) She'll look my way for a brief moment, acknowledging my presents in the room but I don't know how to take the meaning of that. (Sighs) Because then all I can see is her exquisite backside from then on if she doesn't end up leaving all together.

VIOLET: And? (Silence, then slightly empathetic) So do you do anything when this happens? (Charlie shakes his head) Mr. Woods you're being such a twit! (Aggregated) I mean really, what the hell is wrong with you? (Charlie is obviously taken aback by this) You just acting like a stupid little twerp aren't you? (Gesturing with hands) Oh, please! You are so smitten by your intense attraction to her, that your judgement on how to deal with her has been clouded from the start.

CHARLIE: What do you mean Violet? (Matter of fact) The only thing I am guilty is loving Tonya and so much so that I'd lay down my life for hers!

VIOLET: That's all well and good but that's not what I'm talking about. (Solemn) You have to face the fact that there's a slim chance things won't work out with you and Tonya. (Charlie is very despondent about this statement) Just as well things might work out after all but unless you make a real effort it definitely won't. (Slightly belligerent) I know you don't want to loose her, it might be too late already but if not then you better get off your ass and do something about it.

CHARLIE: Agh! (Mixture of resentment and anguish) Damned if I can figure out what to do or to say after all this happened.

VIOLET: Well the first thing you should do is march right up to her and address this problem head on. (Matter of fact) Otherwise before you know it she'll be with some other guy and you'll be all alone. (Softly) You would have wasted all this time idealizing a girl you are infatuation with.

There is an awkward silence as the two friends try to get on sync with each others vibes for the moment.

CHARLIE: I'll try apologizing to her for getting so excited I may have pushed her into doing something she wasn't ready for. (Violet nods) And if she doesn't kill me I'll try to make up for it, if that's possible but like you said it maybe too late. (Sadly) I'm afraid I'm still naive enough to believe the impossible can't be done.

VIOLET: At least she didn't come over just to tell you she can't see you anymore because she is having another guys baby. (Charlie's mouth drops open) That's what Mel did to me, he wasn't just cheating on me but he has to marry the other girl now because she's having his kid. (Charlie clears his throat) Yeah and lucky me, I had to sit there horrified as she walked in to support him. (Full of resentment) There wasn't a thing I could to do or say to change any of this from happening!

CHARLIE: I am so sorry. (Aghast) At least I have a slim chance with Tonya, you're just out of luck. (Sighs) You really do have a worse problem than I do.

Just then Jana Ault enters the cafe and is immediately drawn to Charlie like a moth to a flame.

JANA: Isn't this chance meeting a superb surprise cherished one? (Giggles and snorts) Too bad you're not alone so we could have our very first date.

CHARLIE: (Miserably to Violet) Oh wait Violet, I'm gaining on you.

JANA: Perhaps you'd care to join me for a late supper at a nice restaurant, say La Volante?

CHARLIE: No! (Adamantly) How many times do I have to flush before you go away?

JANA: Charlie please, that's no way to talk about your girlfriend.

CHARLIE: That's right but you are not my girlfriend, in fact you sicken me to the point I want to vomit.

VIOLET: I'm really not in the mood for you either Jana. (A bellow) So go away!

JANA: Fine next time I'll wait until Charlie is alone before I come and talk to him. (Pouting at Charlie) Then I won't have to put up with your meddling friends.

Jana storms out in a huff, Charlie and Violet sigh in relief.

VIOLET: Now that unpleasantness is behind us.(Clears throat) Perhaps we can get back to the topic at hand.

CHARLIE: Oh she'll be back, like cockroaches after the fall out.

VIOLET: You'll have to do something about Jana if you're going to be with Tonya.

CHARLIE: Outside of going up to the nearest volcano and tossing Jana in as a virgin sacrifice, I'm all out of ideas.

VIOLET: I'll give you one. (Smirks) Larry Walter Moxley. (Charlie is obviously totally clueless) We put him together with Jana and your problem is solved.

Charlie is absolutely disgusted by the thought as Violet makes a slightly vulgar gesture of a sexual nature with her hands.

CHARLIE: Except for the image you just put into my head. (Makes a retching sound) I could have done quite well without that part thrown in.

VIOLET: Well if we can get Larry boy to seduce Jana somehow, then she might just forget about you.

Charlie's jaw drops but he's taking to idea as he mulls it over in his head.

CHARLIE: That plan is so wicked and evil. (Snickers) I love it!

VIOLET: I knew that you would. (Smirks) Now the question is just how we get the two of them together, so they can get together?

CHARLIE: Fine but I really think I should try to salvage what's left of my relationship with Tonya first. (Stands up) Then see what we can do about Jana.

VIOLET: Hold on there pilgrim. (Stands up and faces Charlie) You can't go empty handed, you need to sweeten the deal with a nice gift.

CHARLIE: Maybe so but what kind of gift could I get her? (Sighs) She's not the type of girl to get all mushy or gushy over candy and flowers.

VIOLET: You'll have to come up with a better gift than any of the old stale stand by stuff. (Growing unnerved) We have band rehearsal early tomorrow, so you better think of something really good before then. (Sighs) Otherwise this could break up the whole band, not just you two.

CHARLIE: No, she'll just find another drummer to replace me. (Heatedly) I don't care much about that but I can't even stand the thought of having her loath me!

VIOLET: I know this has been hard on you. (Realizes how that sounds and tries to reword it better) Um, I mean rough on you. (Gives up) Oh Nevermind.

CHARLIE: Alright Violet, just for that I expect you to help me pick a gift for Tonya and help me out a bit with her too.

VIOLET: Fine Charlie boy. (Smirks) Let's hit the stores before they roll up the sidewalks.

Charlie and Violet exit the Cafe. Cut to; Scenes of Charlie and Violet checking out many items in stores he could give Tonya as a gift.

FULL FRAME TITLE: Portrait of a band on edge

Inside the Nimon garage Dominic tunes his bass guitar, ripping through unamplified guitar licks as Allison whips clean the keys of her keyboards. Jasmyn is setting up her instruments when Violet walks in with her guitar and gets it ready for rehearsal.

DOMINIC: Well that leaves Tonya and Charlie, does anyone know where they are at?

Allison points upwards as to say Tonya is in the garage apartment.

VIOLET: Figures. (Smirks) I'll go get her.

Just as Violet exits Anton and Charlie walk into the garage, behind them is Eric carrying a rather large wrapped gift. Charlie goes over to his drums that are already set up while Anton and Eric sit on the bench with the gift between them.

CHARLIE: Hey you two, be careful with that gift. (Beating on the drums softly for a moment) Allison where is your cousin?

Allison points up yet again indicating Tonya's location.

DOMINIC: Violet went to get her, what's with Tonya here lately anyway? (Looking at Charlie) And what's been wrong with you, Charlie? (Charlie shrugs) Don't give me that, she's been off in another world and you've been in such a gloomy mood you make me sad just looking at you.

Before a despondent Charlie can respond to Dominic's question Violet comes back with a slightly removed Tonya.

VIOLET: Here she is.

JASMYN: Well it's about time.

Tonya's in a snit as she walks over to her guitar and picks it up.

ERIC: What is she mad about? (To Tonya) What are you so mad about Tonya?

Tonya tunes her guitar a bit before hitting a couple of ringing metal cords.

VIOLET: I thinks is best not to ask her any questions right now Eric.

Tonya becomes very tense thus snapping a string of her guitar, fed up by this puts it down and just looks down at her feet.

DOMINIC: What the hell is wrong with you Tonya? (Pauses then snaps his fingers at Tonya) Anybody home?

TONYA: (Angrily) Oh shut up all of you! (Abruptly apologetic) Look, I'm sorry I snapped at you all like that. (Sighs) I'll change this damn string so we can just get on with rehearsal. (Walks over to the cabinets looking for a replacement string) That is if I can find where I left the spare strings in all this mess in here!

Tonya shuts one cabinet and goes to the next one closer to Charlie, he gets up to help her look. However as she stands being her reaching around her she pushes him away from her personal space without a word. They ad-lib a few awkward looks and gestures towards each other before Charlie reaches up past her again pulling down a small box of guitar strings. She slams the doors shut on the cabinet and snatches the box from him, then finds what she needs before shoving the box back in his chest. He takes the box putting back in the cabinet for her as she walks off, he's fed up at this point.

CHARLIE: Well? (Bluntly as Tonya ignores him) You're welcome Tonya.

Furiously huffing Tonya stares straight at Charlie, with all the warmth of a glacier and he's very intimidated by this.

DOMINIC: Well, well, we don't know what she's mad about but we sure as hell know at who! (To Charlie) What did you do to her?

TONYA: Nothing! (With more panic than anger) It's none of your business stick boy!

Dominic senses something deeper between Tonya and Charlie than a mere fight.

DOMINIC: Oh is that right Tonya? (Taunting Tonya by moving closer to her) Well I can always tell when you're angry at someone but this is more apprehension coming from you. (Eyeing her like frog in a science experiment) Oh what could have Charlie done to you that put your panties in such a twist?

Tonya stares at Dominic, deadpan at first then punches him on the upper chest and he cries out in pain.

TONYA: Jerk! (More cantankerous) Don't you ever mention my panties again Dominic!

CHARLIE: Leave her alone Dominic. (Apologetic gestures towards Tonya) I did something she has every right to hate me for, something I hope she can forgive me for. (Tonya's eyes narrow as he steps closer to her) Even though I'm most unworthy to ever deserve it but I do have a surprise for you Tonya.

TONYA: We'll talk about this when I'm ready to and not before that. (Loudly to Dominic) And in private! (Sighs) Right now we have band rehearsal.

Dominic starts to say something else but Allison comes over and covers his mouth with her hand. This slightly amuses Tonya who smirks, then she goes over to change her guitar string. Allison removes her hand but wags her finger at Dominic as a gesture for him to behave.

DOMINIC: Alright sweetie, I'll drop it. (Kisses Allison) For you.

VIOLET: You know Dominic, Allison always says so much more when she doesn't utter a word.

TONYA: People! (Claps her hands to get everyone's attention) Band rehearsal now!

Everyone goes to their places as the scene fades.

FULL FRAME TITLE: The kindest cut of all

Inside the Nimon garage after band rehearsal but the only ones left are Anton, Charlie, Tonya and Allison.

ALLISON: I'm going to take a nap.

Allison waves at Charlie, Anton and Tonya before she exits.

ANTON: Alright I've kept my mouth shut about what happened between you two. (Clears throat) But before I leave you to fight about it, I want you to know I think you should work it out instead. (Walks towards the garage door opening) At least try not to do too much damage to each other.

Anton leaves Tonya and Charlie alone in the garage, she immediately shuts clicks the remote for the door to shut behind Anton. Thus pretty much trapping Charlie inside with her, normally he wouldn't mind but he doesn't know what she's going to do now.

CHARLIE: Tonya I'm so, so sorry. (Collapsing down at Tonya's feet) I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

TONYA: Get up off the floor. (Helps Charlie up) And don't lie about being sorry for what happened, because we both know you're not the least bit sorry.

Charlie is blushing but is focused on Tonya's reactions, which are frigid at this point.

CHARLIE: That's not true, I'm sorry that you loathe me for it. (Adoringly) I'm not sorry about how much I want to show you how I feel about you.

TONYA: Charlie I do not hate you so will you give it a rest already? (Annoyed) You just need to learn to keep your hands off me, you pervert!

Tonya backs up towards the garage door she shut earlier but Charlie takes a step towards her, backing her ever closer to the door.

CHARLIE: Excuse me? (Scoffs) You're the one who can't keep various arousing parts her alluring body off of mine! (Tonya huffs) Oh pardon me if I start pressing my lips back against you when you're turning me on so much! (Matter of fact) You drive me crazy with desire and even right now I'm fighting the urge to kiss you.

Charlie grabs both Tonya's wrist and holds them over her head with the remote still in her hand, they begin making out. Until she pushes him away and clicks for the door to open, while they breath hard from their former embrace.

TONYA: Go home! (Furiously) I mean it, just get out!

CHARLIE: Fine I'll leave in a minute or two but I don't really think you want me to leave.

Charlie once again begins making out with Tonya, she wraps her arms around him before again shoving his away.

TONYA: Cut that out! (Catching her breath) Just stop it! (Yelling) Go home Charlie!

Tonya stands there, fuming and blushing while pointing towards the outside. However Charlie with a smirk, doesn't budge and starts wagging his finger at her.

CHARLIE: Oh? (Derisively) Yeah right, like you really want me to leave sweetheart. (Scoffs) You know that shade of red looks good on you. (Matter of fact) Because your face is not red from anger but red from embarrassment. (Taking Tonya into his arms as she protest slightly) You're not really mad at me, you're mad at yourself because you're in such denial of your emotions. (Kisses her yet again) Admit it Tonya you want me just as bad as I want you, maybe even more judging from that kiss? (She slaps him as he looses him hold on her) Oh yeah, hit me again for holding up the mirror of truth up to you!

TONYA: Look Charlie, I told you to leave and you will leave! (Huffs) That is if you know what's good for you!

Charlie corners Tonya but she gets away from him and tries to go out the door herself. He clicks the remote in her hand causing the door to close again and blocks her path. He plays with the side of her thighs teasingly as she confronts him angrily with another slap.

CHARLIE: Oh stop being such a bitch about it for once. (Kissing Tonya's neck in long pecks) I know how hot you get when I do this.

Tonya hits Charlie several times, each time more weakly than the last as she melts. They break the clinch, breathing heavily and she slaps him again.

TONYA: You are such a brat! (Drums her fists on Charlie's chest lightly) Look Charlie, this has gotten way out of hand and it's not all your fault I know that. (Sighs) It's partly my fault too but we have no idea how we'd be as a couple, since we're only supposed to be friends. (Turning away from him) Even though we've crossed the line on more than one occasion by kissing and of course what happened. (Turning back to him) Face it we've simply hung out as friends, we've never even been on a real date. (Raises her hand up to her forehead) I think we need to spend less time together at least until we figure out where we stand with each other.

Charlie looking extremely dejected but walks over to the gift he has for Tonya, she notices this and looks over at him.

CHARLIE: Could you at least open the gift I got you please? (Pauses) Violet helped me pick it out.

TONYA: So she knows too? (Charlie nods) Damn it Charlie, who else knows besides Anton and Violet?

CHARLIE: Nobody as far as I know, to others, if you'll recall. (Rotely) We're just friends. (Sighs) I suppose that's the most I can ever hope for with you too?

Tonya stares at Charlie, deadpan for a moment but then decides to open his gift to her. When she opens sees a nice black leather bag inside the box.

TONYA: Well it's a practical gift and I can use it, so thank you. (Picking up the bag) Gosh, it's pretty heavy even for leather.

CHARLIE: There's smaller gifts inside for you, like a first aid kit, candles and stuff like that. (Kindly) You know in case your motorcycle stalls or whatever.

TONYA: Very practical and caring. (Sitting the bag back in the box) Thank you Charlie, it is a nice thought.

CHARLIE: It's the least I can do for you, after what I did and... (Trailing off) No matter how irresistible the urge is to... (Trailing off again) I must fight it.

Tonya puts her hand on her hip as Charlie's eye's scan her curvaceous and vivacious form. He makes a grab at her but she slips out of his grasp like mercury.

TONYA: Charlie? (Scoffs) Can't you control yourself?

Loosing his restraint Charlie's panting so hard nobody could keep a match lit around him, as he moves closer to Tonya again. This time she's caught by him and he leans her back a bit in his embrace and she looks up at him in shock for a moment. She slightly struggles but not putting up the fight she is more than capable of.

CHARLIE: I can't help it, you have the bluest eyes and you are so sexy! (Kissing Tonya's neck again) You have no idea what you do to me girl.

TONYA: Oh I have some idea. (Pushing Charlie away) Now behave yourself.

CHARLIE: I just want to be alone with you all the time, so I can hold you and kiss you. (Putting his arm around Tonya) And show you how much I care for you and love you! (Moving in as if to kiss her) I'm consumed by you, I dream about you. (Unashamed) Even when you simply have squeezed past me in a doorway and I smelled that perfume on the back of your neck, I can't help but want you! (Kissing her) Your lips absolutely torture me with such luscious and searing agony.

Tonya gives into Charlie's extremely deep kiss before she in one movement pushes his head away from hers.

TONYA: Mmm, what the hell am I going to do with you Charlie?

There's an awkward moment of silence as a grin cuts across Charlie's face and Tonya raises her eyebrows at him in return.

CHARLIE: Well I have a few suggestions. (Intently kisses Tonya passionately and breathing hard) Damn it, I want you so badly! (Frantically and desperately) I have been in love with you for so long and I've resisted the urge so many times just to tell you that. (Very nervous) I told you and I want to physically show you how much you mean to me sweetheart. (Takes her hand and kisses it) Your anger excites me, even when it's physical.

Charlie leans in towards Tonya and they begin to kiss passionately, she slithers her arms around him tighter. She fumbles with his fly for a moment, before she realizes what's she's about to do and her shields go up. He pursues the kiss and talk about fireworks but she ends up putting her hand up between them.

TONYA: No, no, no! (Panting hard) We can't do this! (Hysterically) Get out!

Charlie grabs Tonya's wrist, she bites his hand but this only turns him on more. He slams her up against the garage door and starts rubbing up against her in a PG-13 sort of way. Both their eyes are boiling with fierce hunger for each other but she slaps at him until her backs off a little from her.

CHARLIE: I love that mean streak in you, sweetheart. (Kisses Tonya again) The only obstacle in the way is your denial that you want me too, so you end up being a tease to me. (Direct and to the point) Do you really fear losing control that much and giving into a magnificent whirlwind of stormy pleasure?

TONYA: No! (Getting upset) Cut it out, Charlie! (Huffy) Leave me alone!

CHARLIE: You could easily toss me out of here, since you have the skills. (Smirks) I'm no match for you in a fight, you'd win. So why am I still here with you?

TONYA: Do you want me to beat the hell out of you? (Resentfully) Is that what you want me to do?

CHARLIE: That's not what I asking you Tonya, I asking if that's what you wanted to do to me? (Tonya shakes her head no) Then what do you want me to do? (Silence for a beat) Kiss you on the mouth, the neck or perhaps even use my tongue? (Pauses then slowly) My hands under your top, over your bra? (She gasps) How about touching you up your supple thighs inside your skirt and down your panties? (Her jaw drops out of shock) No that's what I want or is it just me?

TONYA: Yes well, just because you want something doesn't mean it's good for you. (Rotely) It's not good for friends to cross the line into intimate relations.

CHARLIE: True but just because something's good or bad for friendship. (Slyly) Doesn't mean that friends can't progress their relationship into romance.

TONYA: In some cases friends do become more and might even get married. (Clears throat) But your answer to everything between us is that we should escalate our relationship into sex, sex and more sex! (Scoffs) It's like you have jackrabbit in your blood and the act of intercourse between is the answer to everything.

CHARLIE: Oh yeah, well a jackrabbit is nothing but prey to a tigress like you Tonya. (Smirks) The tigress who taunts you, teases you and plays with you. (Ingratiating) She makes you run through her traps and gets you all excited, while you wait for the moment she digs her claws into your flesh. (Winks) She takes a swipe just to make your heart skip and beat but then she backs off. (Has to laugh) Purring while she studies her prey to the point where the prey will put it's self in danger just to see if she's lost interest or not. (Very frustrated) She makes you wonder what she's going to do to you, is it going to be yet another close call or is she going to pounce on top of you this time? (Moves his head slightly closer to Tonya's head) She slowly torments the prey until she chooses to devour it.

TONYA: So the perverted little jackrabbit sees me as a men eater does he?

CHARLIE: Oh I hope so! (Chuckles perversely) Since I've seen how you swallow a hotdog and other phallic looking food.

TONYA: Oh! (Puts her hands up to her face out of embarrassment) Will you please get off this subject?

Tonya walks past Charlie before looking up from her hands but she avoids looking back at him at all cost.

CHARLIE: So I do have a hyperactive imagination between fantasy and reality about you because I desire you. (Clears throat) But what's your excuse Tonya?

Tonya finally turns to face Charlie but with a major scowl on her face, something is obsessing her deeply.

TONYA: No you are not going to turn this around on me! (Pointing at Charlie) You just want us to play a game of horizontal hide and seek.

CHARLIE: Yes! (Very sincerely) I want you! (Takes a breath) But first I want to drag everything out into the open so we can work through it at last.

TONYA: No! (Defensively putting her hands up towards Charlie) This is too uncomfortable for me.

Tonya tries to walk out the back door of the garage but Charlie stops her cold in her tracks.

CHARLIE: Oh no you don't! (Grabs hold of Tonya's shoulders) Why are you so uncomfortable talking about this sweetheart? (Silence) Well, I'm getting tired of this so I'll ask you the question I never dared ask before! (Gulps) I need your full attention first. (Being warm and sensitive but holding her focus on him) How do you really feel about me deep down inside? (She looks away to avoid this topic) Come on, I have to know if you feel even close to how I feel about you?

Tonya's eyes grow larger than they ever have before but she doesn't utter a sound, she just stands there. Charlie grabs her and kisses her, she responds to the kiss fervently. Pressing her lips and body against his but the second she decides to end it, she switches right back to her business like manner. Her eyes blazing with wantonness but the rest of her is stiff and almost frigid, she's trying to restrain herself. She's expressing her wrath forcefully pushing him back from her a bit as Allison enters the garage. The three of them look at each other as Tonya walks out but he follows close behind her

TONYA: Charlie we can talk about this later but right now I want to go take a shower.

CHARLIE: I'll join you. (Tonya crosses her arms and shakes her head no) Well when you decided to answer my question, you know how you can reach me.

FULL FRAME TITLE: Usually a cold shower helps

Tonya walks into the bathroom then begins to undress herself but she's preoccupied in thought and stops midway of pulling her top off her arms. After a moment she tosses her top on top of the toilet lid, followed by the rest of her clothes and her boots next to them on the floor. Close up of her feet as she steps into the shower and a close up of her hand as she turns the shower on totally cold water. She gasps as the obviously cold water makes first contact with her flesh but she gets herself drenched anyway. Various parts of her body show as she slowly soaps down, it's almost sensual but judging by her moans it is sexual after all to her. Her mouth opens wide as she moves the soap around, it's clear something is turning her on. She suddenly reaches for the wall and takes a deep breath to calm down, then she rinses the suds off. Over the bar on which hangs the shower curtain the bathroom door opens, inside walks Allison and she brushes her teeth in the mirror, a dead give away that the shower Tonya is in is a cold one. The water turns off and Tonya's hand comes from the shower to the towel rack next to it, she pops out of the shower in that towel. Allison turns to look at her cousin as she walks out into the hallway taking her clothes with her. The blonde finishes her teeth and shuts the door behind Tonya, she undresses herself. Her shadow falls across the shower curtain as she gets in the shower and sighs. Close up of her hand as she turns on the hot water that soon results in a very steamy bathroom, the mirror is totally fogged up dramatically. Cut to: Tonya's bedroom where she lays bewildered across the bed like a rag doll but then she's getting aroused again as her legs slide up together slowly and not hesitating she hugs the towel tight against herself.

TONYA: Oh damn! (Curling up in the total fetus position) No, I can't accept this!

Tonya getting more turned on does a slight writhing body undulation right as the scene fades.

FULL FRAME TITLE: Laughter, joy and loneliness

Violet is at the same table in the same seat she was in at the same cafe but she's alone. Then Dominic comes in and sits in the seat Charlie did in the first scene.

DOMINIC: Hey Violet. (Violet makes a quick smile before sighing) You seem like you've been in a lousy mood lately, what's up?

VIOLET: No offence but some guys are just scum! (Dominic chuckles) I think I'm going to give up on dating for awhile.

DOMINIC: Sorry to hear that but since I have Allison I cannot feel your pain. (Smiles) She did something to me for the first time last night and it was glorious.

VIOLET: Above or below the border? (Dominic clears his throat) Oh come on, I won't tell anyone. (He shakes his head no) Look if I can keep what happened with Tonya and Charlie a secret I can keep yours too! (Realizing what she's said she back peddles fast) Nevermind forget I said anything!

DOMINIC: Wait, what the hell did they do? (Silence) Oh man, did they do the horizontal mambo?

VIOLET: Not really but you're close. (Slightly Sarcastic) Here's a hint, their clothes were still on. (Smirks) But I can't say anymore I swore to Charlie I wouldn't.

DOMINIC: Close but their clothes still on, huh? (Conciliatory) Please don't leave me wondering, what did they do? (Fishing) Oral?

VIOLET: Not outside of kissing, no. (Slightly disappointed) I wish they would just do it and get it over with already.

DOMINIC: Yes, then perhaps Tonya would keep her nose out of my relationship with Allison. (Sighs) Then maybe I could make it to 3ed base or home plate myself with her. (Exasperated) Tonya's always got to interrupt us when we are making out, so if Charlie keeps her busy then I can get busy too.

VIOLET: I must admit, I'm just a bit envious of you and Allison. (Sighs) You're such a cute couple and your fights are short lived.

DOMINIC: Well I think you'll find the right guy for you, Violet. (Smirks) After all the odds are in you favor since you date so many of them.

VIOLET: Would you like a black eye boy? (Clears throat) I'm not Tonya but I can still use my fist well.

DOMINIC: Calm down Violet, I was just joking. (Violet huffs) Alright, I'm sorry. (Sighs) That was a cheap shot.

VIOLET: Yes it was. (Gruffly) Dillhole! (Eric enters, she smiles at him) Hey Eric, come join us.

Eric sits between Dominic and Violet.

DOMINIC: Hey man, where have you been since this morning?

ERIC: Went looking for chicks. (Pauses) Found them. (Pauses again) Used a few pick up lines. (Pauses yet again) They all turned me down.

VIOLET: Eric you are not going to find a girlfriend that way. (Sighs) I think maybe it's time I help you.

ERIC: Wait. (Worried) What do you mean by "help me" because I'm not sure I like the sound of that.

VIOLET: Well first things first, we all could use some coffee. (Waves her hand at a waiter) Hey! (The waiter ignores her) Hello?

DOMINIC: Allow me. (Yelling at the waiter) Garcon! Three coffees here! ASAP!

The waiter nods and goes to get the coffee for them.

ERIC: That was cool. (Laughing) You sounded almost like Tonya.

VIOLET: Excuse me boys but I need to go to the little girls room for a few minutes. (Exits)

DOMINIC: Hey Eric, why don't you go ahead make a move on Violet? (Eric lowers his sunglasses at him) She broke up with that guy she was dating.

ERIC: Cool. (Smirks) She's spunky, I like that. (Changing the subject) Not like Allison, she's sweet girl but she's still not letting you past the upper hills is she?

DOMINIC: No, she won't let me see her valley. (Sighs) I wonder if she's a real blonde since her cousin Tonya as we all know is a brunet.

ERIC: You want to know if the carpet match the drapes huh? (Dominic nods) There's is an easy way to find that out without her knowing it.

DOMINIC: Great because I'm not getting there anytime soon, I know that. (Excited) So how do I do this without her knowing it

ERIC: With binoculars Charlie's bedroom has a clear view of Tonya's room and also has a pretty good view of the bathroom.

DOMINIC: Yes, I know that already. (Annoyed) What's you're point Eric?

ERIC: You're bedroom has a clear view of Allison's window, so ask him if you can borrow his binoculars.

DOMINIC: Yes! (Amazed) Of course, it's so simple! (Gasps) Why didn't I ever think of that myself?

ERIC: Because you're not as smart as me, that's why. (Snickers) That and you're still a virgin, so you can only guess what sex feels like.

DOMINIC: First of all Eric, you're just a jelly head. (Sighs) And. (Pauses) Nobody is a virgin because the world bends us all over and screws us all.

ERIC: Good point but you still like my idea don't you Dominic?

DOMINIC: Of course I do. (Smirks) I'm going to ask Charlie for the loan of his binoculars as soon as I see him again.

The waiter comes over to the table with the coffee just as Violet returns, this pleases her.

VIOLET: Don't you love it when you go to the bathroom and you come back just as your order arrives?

Eric and Dominic nod as they pick up their cups to take a drink from them, then Violet picks up her cup too.

FULL FRAME TITLE: Visions of Tonya

Charlie dressed in his baby blue pajamas bottoms only is in the bathroom brushing his disheveled hair, he's obviously getting ready for bed. Anton shuffles tiredly through the door and heads to the toilet, unzipping his pants. He bends down as the lid makes that one unmistakable sound of someone sitting down on the seat.

ANTON: You can shut the door on your way out Charlie.

CHARLIE: (Sarcastically) Gee, is that a hint Anton?

ANTON: No. (Groans in pain) I'm warning you I had the three bean salad of wrath and I'm about to blow!

Charlie leaves the bathroom without another word and slams the door behind him, he saunters down the hall to his bedroom. Through his window, he notices the lights are on in Tonya's bedroom and turns off his light for the night. He reaches for his binoculars, hesitates for a moment but gives into temptation. Cut to; The blurry image comes into focus, dressed in her trade mark gray and black sleep shirt. She laying across her bed on her back with her hands wandering over her torso rigidly but playfully, sexily and down to her thighs. Cut to; A little squeak escapes Charlie's throat, he's wondering if one of his dirty little fantasies is about to come true or not. His smile grows even bigger, almost stupid as he rubs the glass lenses of his binoculars with his shirt tail. Cut to: Tonya unmistakably seen through Charlie's binoculars, she's caressing her bare thighs and the silence is broken by his tense carnal whimpers. Cut to; Charlie as he gulps whatever Tonya is doing is freaking him out, he is on mental vacation. The whole thing come to end though, when the lights turn off over in Tonya's bedroom.

CHARLIE: She... She... She... (He buckles and almost collapses) Whoa! (Gets into his bed) Okay, I still have not seen her naked but this was still good.

Charlie rolls over on his side with a silly little smile on his face, he's clearly got him perverted mind on Tonya before he even goes to sleep. Cut to the moon and clouds in the sky. Cut to; A dream bubble pops up filling the scene until the whole screen is filled with a street light cracking on in the dark. Panning down the light post where two figures in she shadows embrace in the blue tone lit alley. When they walk towards the lamp post it becomes clear that it's Tonya and Charlie, he kisses her powerfully with his hands at his sides. She fights to keep her hands off him but she shoves him into the post then kisses him back. They get into the kiss while their hands travel over each others bodies, grabbing at each others clothes and such. She moves her body close to his and his hands wander over her body as she clings to him tighter. She kisses him over and over, not wanting to be even an inch between them as they rip off each others clothes.

TONYA: Yes damn it! (Charlie kisses her neck wildly) I want you!

CHARLIE: Give me your lips. (Kissing Tonya on the mouth again) Damn it girl, you set me on fire!

TONYA: Oh Charlie, just shut up and take me right now!

Both naked now she's bites at his neck as they evidently start to make love. Unexpectedly balloons come from the street from an unknown source, they are visually stunning and breath taking in their playful gracefulness. Red ones, yellow ones, blue ones, green ones and even white ones rise over the buildings. Suddenly the dream balloons all pop as a beeping sound wafts up from the street below, then it stops. A head rising up reveals with a sigh that it was Tonya who was having the dream, it's just now dawn. Her eyes widen as she gets out of bed, she walks over to the window and looks wondrously out towards Charlie's bedroom. Cut to; Charlie's mumbling about Tonya in his sleep in his bed as his door opens slowly.

CHARLIE: (In his sleep) Tonya you're very rough and dominate, you want your way all the time. (Smirks) So would like to teach naughty Charlie a lesson?

A elongated shadow floats across Charlie's bedroom floor and a close up of girls hands fall on his bed. She climbs on top of the bed covers that drape the length of his body. Suddenly, he wakes up in a daze. However the girl trying to seduce him in his sleep is not Tonya after all but Jana, he screams at the sight of her. He bounces out of his bed letting her fall to the floor like a sack of potatoes, she's wearing an unsexy yellow baby-doll nighty and has her hair down. She gets up and grabs him around the waist as he screams more. Someone else's shadow is crosses into the room and turns on the lights, it ends up being Anton.

JANA: You're not getting away from me!

CHARLIE: Yes I am! (Trying to break free from Jana) Let go of me right now, you nutcase!

JANA: I want you Charlie!

ANTON: And people in hell want ice water. (Scoffs) But they don't ever get it.

Anton reaches around Jana's waist and tickles her mercilessly and Charlie breaks free from her.

CHARLIE: You don't ever get me either Jana! (Points towards his door) Get her the hell away from me Anton!

ANTON: What did you do Charlie, drew a pentagram on the wall while chanted her name six times?

CHARLIE: Very funny Anton, could you please get the witch out of here now? (To Jana) Don't come back in my room Jana or I'll toss you out the window!

ANTON: Come on Beelzebub. (Smirks) Charlie does not want to make a pact with you!

Anton puts a fighting Jana over his shoulders while walking calmly out of Charlie's bedroom and she protest by girly slapping at his back.

JANA: Let go of me! (Whimpers in defeat) Anton please, let go!

Charlie sits on his bed to catch his breath. Cut to; Jana and Anton outside the door, he brutishly puts her down at the end of the driveway and she stomps her foot. He gives her a grin that would rival that of the Cheshire Cat and waves goodbye right in her face. As he walks away from her she's shakes her little girly first at him and huffs, stomping her foot again. When she turns around to leave someone's shadow covers her face and she look totally terrified, her eyes widen. Cut to Anton walking in Charlie's bedroom door and the guys exchange a smirk about Jana.

ANTON: Well I got rid of her uncle Charlie.

CHARLIE: (Sarcastically) Yeah right, sure you did. (Skeptically) Obviously you didn't see that crazed, cunning glint in her eyes. (Matter of fact) She'll be back.

ANTON: Well I'll stay up and hang out on the sofa for awhile just to make sure. (Walking back out the door) Good night.

Anton shuts the door to Charlie's bedroom and walks away. Cut to; It's still night, a music score plays in the background through out this last scene. Allison slips out of her room in her robe, she tiptoes to the bathroom door which is slightly ajar. She peeks in to find the mirror steamy, she runs her fingers through the watery fog to make that point clear, she shuts the curtain the visible vacant shower. She picks up the discarded towel off the floor and walks out of the bathroom with it. She walks into Tonya's room with it but she's not in her unmade bed, so in protest she drapes the towel on the back of her cousin's bent-wood chair and shuts the door as she exits her bedroom. She goes back into her bedroom and starts to take off her robe but obviously she suspects something, she looks over at the balcony door which is open. She now a little bit anxious, she checks to see if anyone's lurking on the balcony but nobody is there. Then she checks under the bed and she also makes sure nobody is behind her curtains, which she pokes at. Dominic's head emerges from the closet door, she doesn't notice him as she looks out one of the windows and he crawls under her bed. She turns to the closet to see if anyone is there but there isn't anyone there of course. With a shrug she takes off her robe letting drop at her feet where Dominic's head becomes the focus under her bed. From his point of view, her feet raise as she crawls into bed and the lights go out. He crawls out from under her bed after a moment, her eyes are closed but she opens them wide in shock when she finally sees him. Disapproving she gets out of bed to shout at him and he runs out at once but she follows him, girlie slapping at him. Not allowing him to leave down the stairs, she wags her finger in his face while telling him off and they begin to bicker. A moment where they say nothing becomes a stare-down which Dominic looses after a beat. He gives her a sly look that helps her recall and understand why she fell for him in the first place, then they decide to hug. He ends up snaking a kiss from her but when she feels his hand on her upper thigh she backs away furious all over again. However he leans her over into another kiss and she wraps her arms around his back, he starts playing with the bottom of her negligee. Struggling with her to get back in her bedroom with her, he finally picks her up in his arms and takes her in there. He plops her on her bed then makes his intentions clear by taking off his T-shirt and tossing it on the floor. Playfully scolding him she then pulls him in the bed with her, she tries to undo his fly on his jeans but ironically he's very bashful about her looking at his crotch. He sits up to cross his legs and leaning over them but she laughs at him, this makes him a bit angry so he leaves. She continues to laugh at the whole situation, he returns for his T-shirt and promptly puts it on but she stands up to give him a kiss. Once again he gives into her but he walks out of the room anyway, she hangs on the door jam. They exchange waves and she blows him a kiss before shutting the door, thus leaving nothing but darkness of the fading scene.

To Be Continued...

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