| Tokens of Affection 2 |

SHOW TITLE: Tokens of Affection 2

FULL FRAME TITLE: Contents under pressure

It's very early morning, sitting at a cement table in the park is Jana and Larry talking. She is still in her nighty, he's clearly the shadow of the person who confronted her in front of the Wood's place.

LARRY: Jana, it's time you gave up on that chump! (Sighs) It's clear to me anyway, he wants Tonya and not you.

JANA: Don't say that! (Yelling) I'm better than that vagabond bitch! (Huffy) Charlie loves me but he won't admit it to even himself.

LARRY: I give up! (Stands up) I try and I try to get the truth in your head but you're just too stubborn to see it. (Walking off) So I'm fed up with you!

Jana watches as Larry walks out of her sight. Cut to; A beach landscape, the surf is rough then stepping into frame is Tonya. Walking the beach with mock nonchalance but it's obvious she's in deep thought. Cut to; Charlie and Anton having breakfast at the table, nothing is said. Cut to; Allison as she comes into Dominic's bedroom, he's asleep in bed still. She sits on his bed looking down at his face and wakes him with a big kiss, he winces as she bites his earlobe.

DOMINIC: I think I'm falling in love with you, baby. (Allison is stunned as she looks at him again) In fact I know I am.

ALLISON: Oh? (Becoming overwhelmed) I thought you did all along?

DOMINIC: Well I knew I liked you and the lust factor was definitely there. (Smirks) I mean look at you. (Baffled) But love is a complex matter.

ALLISON: Yes it is. (Putting her arms around Dominic's neck) But Dommie? (Smiles sexily) I'm still not going past 2ed base with you yet.

DOMINIC: Aw! (Aggravated) Why not? (Allison exits without another word) Damn it! (Mashes his pillow into his face out of frustration) Damn it!

FULL FRAME TITLE: What we've got here is a failure to communicate

On a screen is a pan from left to right of an empty school hallway, it's morning and the first students pile in. Superimposition at the bottom: Monday. Charlie and Anton enter in the middle of the flow, they head for their individual lockers. Anton grabs his books quickly and leaves but Charlie just stands at his open locker. His focus changes as Tonya enters the hallway, immediately a fervent jazz number sting plays, as she walks by him. He stares at her and he gives her his best flirtatious smile but she has avoided looking back at him. She opens her locker, getting stuff out of it and exchanging greetings with Violet as she walks down the hall towards Charlie. He doesn't notice her until she shakes him out of his trance, she giggles at him for it.

VIOLET: What are you going to do about it? (Smirks) Well you better do something my friend.

Violet walks away leaving Charlie desperately in a deep ogle of the object of his affection Tonya, as she pulls a book from her locker. She slams her locker shut and walks by him but still doesn't look at him. Cut to; Shots of the various class rooms Jana, Tonya and Charlie share where he stares at Tonya but she avoids him. In one class Charlie walks into class where he has to sit between Jana and Tonya. Jana ignores the droning teacher as she writes a note in big flowing handwriting. She folds the note and passes it next to her with a flip of her hair to Charlie. Charlie opens the note and reads it. Insert of the note - "Let me know when we can go on our first date cherished one." Charlie frowns to himself but starts to write a reply not noticing Tonya slipping a look over his shoulder at it too. He crumbles the note up and tosses unceremoniously it at Jana. She eagerly opens the note and reads it. Insert of his reply - "That would be on the twelfth. Like in the twelfth of never!" Cut to; The Nimon garage apartment, Tonya asleep in bed and a dream bubble pops out of her head, images of her kissing Charlie flash by rapidly inside it. Cut to; Allison has come down the stars in her nightie, she finds Tonya with two pieces of ice as she rubs them over her neck and face.

ALLISON: I didn't know you woke up. (Puzzled) And what's with the ice?

TONYA: Um? (Guilty) I woke up from the heat, so I needed to cool down that's all.

ALLISON: It seems cool enough to me. (Giving Tonya a suspicious stare) Is something on your mind? (Tonya shakes her head no) Uh, huh?

Tonya suddenly gets very defensive as she yells at her cousin Allison for her suspicions.

TONYA: What is this the Spanish Inquisition? (Panting from the dread she might be found out) I mean really? (Gulps) Where is the firing squad?

Tonya runs off screen but her footfalls can be heard running up the staircase, as Allison jaw drops in disbelief. Cut to; On a screen is a another school hallway full of students, Tonya and Allison are among them. Superimposition at the bottom: Tuesday. Dominic rushes up cordially to Allison from seemingly nowhere and they wave at Tonya before leaving her alone. She walks to where the hall corners into another hall just as Charlie is doing the opposite, they end up smashing their whole bodies into each other. She backs up and just walks off without a word, he is fed up with this so he turns to find her but she's gone. Cut to; The Nimon garage apartment, Tonya asleep in bed one moment obviously having an arousing dream but the next moment her eyes pop open. Cut to; The lunchroom where the student body is eating and such. Superimposition at the bottom: Wednesday. Charlie sits down with his friends to eat, that is all but Tonya and the others are quite.

CHARLIE: So do you think Tonya is going to grace us with her presence today? (Scoffs) This makes three days in a row she missed lunch.

DOMINIC: It's not us she's avoiding Charlie, it's just you.

Charlie gives Dominic an icy look but Dominic only scoffs about it. Cut to; Tonya in the library sitting reading a book about human sexual behavior. Cut to; Tonya is in her bedroom laying fully awake. In gym class the group of cheerleaders including Hanna are standing around talking in the background. The rest of the girls gym class are doing their own thing waiting for their coach to come out. Allison, Tonya, Jasmyn and Violet also are dressed for gym class.Though they sit together, they are quite. Superimposition at the bottom: Thursday. The female coach Doris Killjoy blows her whistle, just as the male coach Peter Pate comes out with the guys class behind him. Charlie watches the main attraction as Tonya joins the other girls around their coach but Jana jumps in his field of vision and waves at him. He turns away as his friends chuckle about it. The coaches are talking to each other which causes the students to start slacking off again. Coach Killjoy blows her whistle again, everyone is quite but her.

KILLJOY: Listen up people! (Sighs) Due to an incident from the last gym class, the custodian needs to sanitize the floor. (Rubbing her shoulder) So both the males and females in this class are going outside to the football field. (Pointing away) It's a free day people, because coach Pate and I have some work to do anyway.

PATE: Anyone caught leaving or messing around with anything they shouldn't will be in Saturday class for the rest of the school year! (Huffy) Get out of here!

The students pile out the doors as the custodian comes in to clean the gym floor, the coaches run to the males locker room holding hands. Cut to; Charlie not paying any mind to where he's walking because he's too preoccupied watching Tonya bent over tying her high tops. He ends up walking right into the goalpost, all the other students but Jana and Tonya laugh at him for it. Jana runs out to help him but he runs from her and Tonya is still busy with her high tops. Tonya rises up to see Jana bothering Charlie and she scowls with indignation at the situation but doesn't move. Charlie moves from Jana closer to Tonya she noticeably glances down at his loins and his butt as he turns around to see if Jana is following him or not. She's not but he bumps into Tonya and they exchange an uneasy look between them, then he gives her a slight smile. Violet who is close has been watching the obvious sexual tension between Tonya as Charlie steps up to her. Charlie has turns away and is walking away with his head downcast. Violet studies Tonya reactions closely, she is clearly steals a glance at his butt as he does and Violet smirks at her for it too.

VIOLET: Well, well, well. (Tonya faces her) Looks like someone is in deep smit after all.

TONYA: What the hell are you ranting about Violet?

VIOLET: I saw you checking out Charlie, front and back. (Smirks) This isn't the first time I've notice it either.

TONYA: Um! (With a mixture of both dread and denial) I just looked at him for a moment.

VIOLET: You scanned him, all over. (Smirks) If he could feel your eyes checking him out, you could make him moan.

TONYA: What the hell? (A forced scoff of denial) I think you should get your eyes checked out Violet.

VIOLET: Oh come on Tonya, you're not fooling anyone anymore but yourself. (Scoffs) He's smitten with you and you're just as smitten him, so why are you tormenting the poor guy for? (Incredulous) Has the fact that he completely worships you like a goddess managed to escape your attention?

TONYA: Excuse me? (Insisting) Violet stay out of this, it doesn't concern you at all. (Matter of fact) Not with your track record.

VIOLET: Well there she is! (Laughs) There's the old Tonya we all know and love. (Looking over at Charlie) Some more than others.

TONYA: Is Charlie paying you much? (Scoffs) Is there a point to all this or what? (Sighs) I just wanted to be friends with him, that's it.

VIOLET: Oh I'll tell you what you do girl, you snap out of it. (Snaps her fingers at Tonya) Don't give me that tied routine speech about you two being just friends because that don't wash. (Scoffs) You're just friends with the rest of us, since you don't go around giving us all lip locks and other more intimate moments like you have Charlie. (Sighs) You know why you're so anxious about getting together with him? (Matter of fact) You think there might be some other guy out there that's waiting for you, that's more like you are. (Mollified at the idea that there might be) There just can't be anyone like you on the whole planet. (Dryly) I mean really what are the odds of that? (Takes a deep breath) Here's a little insight into a very complicated girl I know named Tonya Nimon. (Smiles) She tough and stubborn because of the things she been through in her life. (Sighs) Yet she's also she's a bit sad and lonely deep down inside. (Firmly) Let me tell you something else, the only thing you're missing out on is a chance to be happy. (Clears her throat) The guy would do anything for you, including kill or die himself! (Mutters) Oh hell, he even puts up with the crap you've dishing out on him all along and there's not one person in their right mind that would disagree with me on that.

With that Violet walks off leaving Tonya overwhelmed, she then looks over at Charlie who is once again being bothered by Jana.

CHARLIE: You are so completely unbalanced Jana! (Yelling loudly) Get away from me, you hideous loser!

Tonya walks over to Larry and grabs him roughly by the arm.

TONYA: Now you listen to me! (Menacing) Jana is your friend and she is bothering my friend, that is bothering me! (Jerks Larry towards Jana and Charlie) Go get her away from him before I kick your little candy ass all over Texas!

LARRY: (Out of fear) Yes Tonya, right now! (Tonya growls at him) Please don't hurt me?

Tonya watches as Larry makes a beeline to Jana, they exchange words while Charlie sneaks away from them and over to Tonya.

TONYA: What?

CHARLIE: (Thinking) Must speak... Have to speak to Tonya. (To Tonya) Um? (Thinking) I can't say anything to her anymore.

TONYA: At a loss of words? (Puts a hand on her hip) After school we'll have a conversation but until then run along.

Tonya waves her hand up at Charlie to get him to leave her alone but then Jana and behind her Larry walk up to her.

JANA: Look you rampalian wretch I have had enough of you! (Tonya scoffs at her) Don't you do that to me, you shrew!

TONYA: Jana unless you want my rampage, I suggest you take you pathetic mewling some place else. (Menacing) Now!

JANA: No! (Squeaks in protest) I'm not going anywhere and you can't make me you vixen! (Huffs) I'm not through with you!

TONYA: Oh yes you are. (Shoves Jana onto Larry's arms) But maybe Larry's not.

LARRY: Well since you're in this position? (Purrs suggestively) Growrrrr!

JANA: Give it a rest Larry. (Sighs) Just help me up and keep your hands to your self!

Larry pushes Jana back up to her feet but then she marches off, across the way Violet and Jasmyn have been watching this.

JASMYN: I think we might be off to a good start putting the nerds together.

VIOLET: Yes but I'm not sure about Tonya and Charlie.

JASMYN: Yeah, she's really pissed off at him. (Speculating) What did he do anyway? Try to undress her or something like that?

Violet bites her bottom lip so she won't say anything. Cut to; The cafe where Charlie waits for Tonya at the same table he's was at in part one. He's sadly stirring a
coffee as Tonya drags in. She sits down across from him and out side of an old man they are it as far as patrons.

CHARLIE: I was starting to wonder if you were going to show up or not. (Sighs) I was about to go home.

TONYA: So sue me for being a tad late. (Smirks) Impatient aren't we?

CHARLIE: Impatient? (Scoffs) It's was 18 minutes and twenty four seconds!

TONYA: Oh, counting the seconds are we? (Sarcastically) Were you expecting someone else? (Crosses her legs) So you did wait for me, didn't you?

CHARLIE: Yes, I waited for you, Tonya. (Exasperated) You didn't think I would, did you? (Tonya shrugs) Are you glad that I waited or should I just go?

TONYA: Tsk. Tsk. (Smirks) Oh, you want too much. You know? (Sighs) I thought it would spoil our friendship and it has.

CHARLIE: Friendship? (Scoffs) You kept saying we were just friends but then you would throw yourself into my arms. (Mater of fact) Then you accuse me of wanting too much? (Totally frustrated) I haven't slept a wink all this happened and now you're saying nothing is left but my affections for you? (Tonya says nothing) My emotions seem to make little impression on you, if any? (Sighs) You're like a cat, you play with me as if I were a mouse and you dig your claws into me.

TONYA: I thought you would be glad to see me. (Stands up) I'm sorry I came and sat down across from you now. (Sighs) I will get some coffee and then leave.

CHARLIE: Don't go. (Takes Tonya's hand) I've missed you. (Begs) Don't go, please? (Sighs) Look, I don't want to offend you but I'm a bit nervous here.

TONYA: Well I'll stay long enough to have my coffee then perhaps by then, you'll give me a reason to stay longer.

Charlie watches Tonya as she goes to order her coffee, a man with flowers comes in from the street. Charlie gets a bouquet for her from the man and returns to his seat. When Tonya comes back she notices the flowers on the table, she moves them over without a word.

CHARLIE: I love you, Tonya. (Takes a deep breath) Life without you means nothing to me.

TONYA: Oh, I forgot to thank you for the flowers. (Coldly) Bravo on one of the oldest cliches ever.

CHARLIE: You've gone too far. (Angry) You're not going to play with me anymore!

TONYA: Don't shout at me, Charlie. (Smirks) I'll play with you if I want to and you'll take it. (Charlie stands and starts to leave but she takes his arm) But you haven't much trust in me, have you? (Demanding tone) Sit back down. (Matter of fact) If anyone leaves, it will be me.

CHARLIE: You drive me crazy you know that? (Sits back down) I can't figure you out! (Sighs) You never loved me or you couldn't do this to me!

TONYA: Don't tell me how I feel Charlie, because you haven't got even the slightest clue! (Clears throat) Very distressing. (Mischievously) I please you. (Smirks) I amuse you. (Smirks) But you can never tell what I'm thinking, can you? (Charlie shrugs) You on the other hand I can read pretty much like a book.

Charlie fixes Tonya with his half-lidded , pouty-lip look as she drinks her coffee. This is awkward but he waits until she's gulped it all down.

CHARLIE: So why are we here? (Sotto) You don't have to sleep with me, not that you want to do that but I wouldn't kick you out of my bed if you did.

Tonya can't help laughing at this statement but this only confuses Charlie.

TONYA: Oh you'd like that. (Lustfully) Whatever you desire? (Taking a deep breath) Get me on my backside and have your way with me, until another female comes along to take my place. (Bitterly) Then it will be like Tonya Nimon who?

CHARLIE: I don't want to see any other females! (Huffy) How the hell could you possibly think there could ever be somebody else? (Worried) Why?

TONYA: Because my mother said she loved my father but that was a lie. (Sadly) She never loved anyone, not him or me or even herself.

Charlie jaw drops when he realizing what Tonya denial and her defenses are really based on, finally. He looks at her sincerely for a moment as she sits aloofly.

CHARLIE: That's it, it's been there all along but I couldn't ever see it until now. (Pounding on the table) You're protecting yourself because you mother left a crater sized emotional scar inside of you. (Perturbed) You keep people from getting too close to you because of it, you're afraid of getting hurt if you do.

TONYA: Shut up! (Fuming) How dare you? (Coldly) I'm not afraid of anything, nothing! (Despondently) Don't ever bring this up again.

Tonya is very upset and starts to drum her fingers on top of the table violently.

CHARLIE: Sweetheart, you can't do that to yourself. (Sighs) As much as I hope it's me, you'll have to let someone into your heart at sometime. (Affectionately) Even if you hate me I still care about you, I love you. (Takes Tonya's hand) I can't just sit back and watch you stay broken like this, I won't.

TONYA: Stop it! (Testy) You don't know what you're even talking about, so just leave it alone!

CHARLIE: Oh? (Confident he's right) Well I do know that I hit the source of your anger and you reluctance. (Mixture of sympathy and smugness) I mean I hit the target, not your family or even the psychologist you've seen could do that for you. (Suavely) So when are you going to drop that icebox routine of yours, because it's just denial baby. (Tonya twist his arm for that remark) Ow! (Pulling his arm away from her) Yeah, I thought so. (Matter of fact) I am absolutely right about you.

TONYA: You wish! (Defensively) You think you're so clever, don't you? (Charlie shrugs) There are still things about me you or nobody else have a clue about!

CHARLIE: That's a fact sweetheart since half the time I can't even tell what you are thinking about. (Smirks) But I like that, it leaves an air of mystery to you and gives me an excuse to chip away brick by brick at that wall you like put around you. (Tonya scoffs) Scoff all you like but you and I both know we've had moments together where that wall started to crack apart. (Gives her a knowing wink) It was about to crumble and fall for good before my mother interrupted us. (She picks up the flowers and hits him in the face with them) Oh I see I hit yet another nerve, didn't I babe? (Chuckles optimistically) Deny it all you want but if my mother had not interrupted us, we would have been in pure rapture. (Her jaw drops) See you know it's true, don't you and since you do why not finish what we started?

TONYA: Why you smug little fungus! (Picks up the flowers and hits him in the face with them again) I have nothing to prove to you nor to anyone else!

Charlie spits out a flower and picks the ones off him that have fallen to pieces while Tonya fumes in anger.

CHARLIE: No you don't have to prove anything to me or anybody else. (Tonya raises her eye brow at him) I mean you're smart and very talented. (Breaking) Still you don't know how badly I want to kiss you right now. (Leaning towards her) How much I want to feel you next to me, I can't help it, just being around you thrills me to no end. Your eyes, the smell of your hair, the heat of your fiery lips when they've pressed against mine. (Takes a really deep breath) And. (Gets embarrassed) Oh man, that body of yours! (Frantic) You know you drive me crazy and you enjoy toying with me because of it.

Tonya and Charlie stare intensely into each others eyes for a beat then she snaps out of it.

TONYA: We should talk about this later. (Stands up) I think I better go before you spontaneously combust. (Walking off) Later. (Exits)

CHARLIE: Damn it! (Hits his fist on the table) What the hell?

FULL FRAME TITLE: The love you crave

It's evening and Charlie is eating with Anton, he looks as if he's going to die of dejection.

ANTON: Well you're depressing the hell out me. (Sighs) I'm going to hit the hay early, I'm tired and I think I might be coming down with something.

CHARLIE: If you do, don't give it too me. (Sighs) I have enough problems without getting sick on top of it.

Anton exits while Charlie eats the rest of his food. Cut to; School poster in the hall that says, "Friday the school liberty is closed for remodeling." Cut to; Tonya joins her friends at the lunch table, they all look at her but say nothing. She sits next to Dominic and Allison which is across from Charlie, they start to eat. Cut to; Last class where Charlie sits right in front of Tonya, she's looking at the back of his head while he focuses on the droning teacher. Cut to; Tonya in the bathroom looking in the mirror as she slowly undresses herself, she's touching herself but stops when she realizes she's gets turned on.

TONYA: Damn it! (Precariously) I can't take this anymore!

Cut to; Charlie walking into his bedroom in his pajamas ready for bed, he stretches his arms out while yawning. When he turns around to turn out the lights he's startled by Tonya's presence at his door but he's sort of use to her doing this type of thing now.

CHARLIE: What do you want from me now? (Clears throat) Do you want to talk to me about our relationship or whatever you want to call it? (Scoffs) Well?

TONYA: Charlie, I resisted this so many times. (Wets her lips nervously ) But I want you.

CHARLIE: You want me? (Not understanding) To do what? (Sighs) Do you have a list of chores for me to do for you or something like that?

Tonya says nothing as she steps towards a puzzled Charlie, she grabs the collar of his night shirt firmly and in a huff. He thinks she's about to beat him up and by the look on her face it's hard to tell for sure what she really wants. He winces putting one hand up to protect his face and the other by his crotch, he knows her well.

TONYA: What the hell do you think you are doing?

CHARLIE: Please Tonya? (Panics) Not the face or the groin, anywhere else you want to hit me I'll take.

Tonya scoffs at Charlie for assuming she was going to beat him up, she lets go of his collar and steps back. He drops his defensive stance and looks at her in confusion, he leans forwards to kiss him long and hard. He makes a few sounds of surprise, his face is frozen a mask but she continues kissing him while tenderly starts to run her fingers through his hair. He begins to respond as his knees become weak but manages to slide his hand up her thigh. The dam breaks and he holds her in a tight, trembling embracing clinging to her like life itself. She suddenly stops kissing him both breathing heavy she moves down to his neck, this is driving him totally wild as he whimpers.

TONYA: I've tried to deny it, tried to pretend that I don't want you but not a day has gone by when I haven't thought of being with you.

CHARLIE: Huh? (Checking out Tonya's eyes) Are you sober or did someone slip you something? (Puzzled) Eyes clear, no alcoholic smell on your breath.

TONYA: You of all people should know by now, that I don't like to do what anyone expects from me and I know exactly what you don't expect from me.

Tonya kisses Charlie again but this time very delicate and delicious with infinite sensuality. He grabs her and kisses her and she responds to the kiss fervently, pressing her lips and body against his. Undoing one of his buttons and they eye each other, sharing a moment of devoted connection.

CHARLIE: If this is a dream don't wake me up! (Overwhelmed) You are the most unbelievable woman I have ever met.(Fervently) Your smile, your beautiful eyes, your lips are especially enticing, what it would be like to be with you totally. (Almost obscenely as Tonya wraps one of her legs around him) Oh baby!

Charlie's hands on Tonya's mid thigh area, he slides up them enough for his fingers to start stroking in little circles around the edge of her skirt. He leans in to kiss his lips again, as his condition becomes critical and his hands vanishing beneath her skirt over her buttocks. However only for a brief moment before she takes his hands prolonging the foreplay a bit but she bites his neck and then starts nibbling his ear. She can see the fire in his eyes, he takes her in his arms and kissing her neck feverishly feeding his craving for her.

TONYA: My way or no way. (Pushes Charlie back closer to his bed) Don't argue with me about it either.

Charlie scoffs at Tonya about her demands but she's as serious as a heart attack as she looms close to him growling like a tiger in heat. She lifts him in her arms and carries him to the bed, tossing him down like a sack of potatoes. She lays on top of him holding his arms up over his head, she's got her prey trapped and totally helpless to her will. He still manages to lean in and presses a kiss against her lips again but she breaks from her hold on him for a moment. He struggles against her but she has him right where she wants him and she knows it, a wild glint in her eyes. He fidgets wanting to say something so he does with a big silly grin on his face.

CHARLIE: Is this how you want it, huh? (Smirks) I like it when you take charge.

TONYA: Oh you do, do you? (Tickles Charlie for a moment, he looses it) Was it good for you?

Then Charlie looks forlorn and pathetic but he's going to try pleading to Tonya, he sounds like Karras from the movie The Exorcist.

CHARLIE: Take me! Take me! Take me! Take me! (Breathing hard for a beat) Please?

TONYA: I like it when you beg. (Smirks) And you've not disappointed me yet. (Mischievously) But you better hope you're as smooth as you think you are.

Tonya kisses Charlie and he finally he begins to squirm underneath her, he is lost in her kiss for a moment. Then for a moment he tries to resist her but the heat between them is apparent and increasing. She lifts up slightly just enough to look down at him with a fiery look burning in her eyes, as he notices her tasty breasts strain against her top like they could pop out at any minute. He's stares intently at them he purses his lips sensually as in hopes he could somehow reach them.

CHARLIE: Oh! (In protest) I can't do this anymore!

Amazed by this statement from Charlie, Tonya raises up and they look at each other.

TONYA: Now you're in the best possible position you can be in, so what' s the matter? (Anxious) What's wrong?

CHARLIE: Let's have some action before you do make me spontaneously combust! (Pleading) Please sweetheart?

Tonya lets out a long evil smirk that makes Charlie uneasy, she leans in and takes the top button from his pajamas into her mouth. Though already unbuttoned she tugs at it savagely with her teeth until it rips off, triumphantly spits it out. Then she systematically does the same to the other four oversized buttons all the way down while he whimpers. Before he can even let out a gasp she rolls him over on his belly, again getting on top of him to control him and she rips his pajama top off. It seems like a useless rag but she finds a use for it, thus restraining his arms together with it. She traces his back with her lips, licking his spine up a few times and he lets out a shriek from it. Cut to; Anton he's in bed but is now awake from the sounds coming from down the hall from him.

ANTON: No it can't be. (Hearing a squeal from Charlie and a chuckle from Tonya from down the hall) Or can it? (Smirks) Go for it uncle Charlie.

Anton can't stand not knowing what's going on so he gets up and sneaks down the hall to Charlie's bedroom door. Cut to; Back on Charlie's bed Tonya has Charlie rolled back over facing her again, she gropes and claws at his chest hungrily. She leans in to kiss his neck, then down to his chest making him hit a fairly high note.

TONYA: Shhh! (Whispering) You'll wake up Anton. (Sighs) Or worse, your parents. (Seriously) Listen to me, your mother must not find out about this.

CHARLIE: I'm sorry but you're driving me to it. (Gulps) But I'll try to control myself. (Breaks his arms free) Oops!

TONYA: Yeah right. (With something in mind) Well I guess I'll just have to start all over again. (Smirks mischievously) Because it seems I've lost my place.

Tonya kisses Charlie and licks her tongue over his lips, then her tongue vanishes past his lips. He's extremely lost in her hungrily kissing, nibbling and licking from his lips down to his neck. She places her hands on his chest and moves them slowly down, his slight whimpers turn into moans. While her fingers caress lightly over his stomach but then stops and stands next to the bed. He sits up wondering what she's up to, she sees his remote on the floor and with the heal of her boot clicks it on classical opera "Lakme (Excerpt) - Leo Delibes" fills the air. She smiles and continues her seduction by turning her back to him, she draws the straps down of her top. While languorously, revealing her bra straps and creamy shoulders slowly. The top slides down her body to the floor once it's off her arms, the ritual continues as she strips her skirt down her still in booted high heels legs slowly but all of this is tastefully done of course. Her leopard print bra and panties conceals her private parts, yet the skin she's is showing is beautiful in the silvery moonlight from the windows. She turns back to face him and she arches her back slightly, while he devours her with his eyes. She sets her clothes on the floor near the bed where he sits, as he studies her movements and she's enjoys the effect it's having on him.

CHARLIE: Oh you don't play fair, do you? (Breathlessly) Damn but you are the finest thing I ever saw in my life! (Desperately) Your are just too sexy.

Charlie breaks into a self-satisfied grin as Tonya improves some sexually charged Yoga moves. All to the rhythm of "Lakme" still playing in the background, it all becomes a quivering powerful erotic combination. She moves one leg across his lap, he lowers her knee high boot exposing more of her leg. He unhooks one of her garter belts from her fishnet hose and rolls it down to the boot, then he nibbles on her bare knee. He kisses her knee and slowly runs his tongue along her outer thigh, following the trail upwards. He puts his other arm around her shoulders and pulls her slowly into a kiss, this doesn't seem real to her. She finds herself not pulling away, he lowers her slowly until they are lying together on the bed and their affections are being unleashed. He touches her face gently and they kiss again but he's getting too carried away. He leans over leans over to her and kisses her bear shoulder, neck and down to the bare parts of her bosom around her bra.

TONYA: Patience. (Sitting up) I'm not going anywhere.

Charlie puts his arms around Tonya's neck, he throws himself at her and kisses her deeply. A confluence of fate and wills, she starts making muffled sounds of approval. He then reaches down and slides off her knee high boots one at a time, then her stockings follow. She moves her head to his neck and chest kissing him softly, then down a bit lower towards his navel. She breaks away only to take his hand and puts his index finger are in her mouth, rather imitating something else. She leans beside him to give him a final kisses and then wets her lips mischievously, then she reaches down to his pajama bottoms. In awe he gasps in ecstasy, as she gradually moves her head down kissing him down his torso lower and lower. Again all this should be tastefully done, sensual not look too obscene. This is not pornographic material after all, this is more of a dangerous sexual fantasy come true. Close up; He stares up at the ceiling as the power of her touch fills him, overpowering him and then his eyes close tight while pleasurably shrieking. SFX; The sound of a LP record scratch signals that's it, he's done. Bang. Cut to; Anton's eyes fly wide open and his jaw drops to the floor, it takes her several seconds to recover. Cut to; Tonya still in her bra and panties slips on Charlie robe and sits next to him letting out a huge sigh.

CHARLIE: Oops! (Embarrassed ) Bummer! (Sighs) Well you could take it as a compliment?

TONYA: I could but I won't. (Clears throat) I think you're just too exited about this, that's all. (Sighs) We both need a little break. (Fondles Charlie's knee) How about you go down and get us something to eat while I go freshen up a bit? (Smirks) Then we can try this again.

Both Charlie and Tonya exit his bedroom but Anton is no longer in the hallway, he pops his head out of his room when he hears the bathroom door shut.

ANTON: I've got no call to be selfish with a show like this. (Snickers) No indeed.

Cut to; Tonya in the bathroom putting a bottle of mint mouthwash back in the mirrored cabinet above the sink. Cut to; Charlie in the kitchen happily getting a romantic snack ready on a tray. He obviously wants things to be just right for his and Tonya's first time, he's whistling as he slathers whipped cream topping from a can on some strawberries and at the last minute decides to add the can to the tray. He also adds a candle and then makes his way out with the full tray in tow. Cut to; Anton's bedroom, whatever he's done he's snickering mischievously about it behind the door. Tonya walks by back to Charlie's bedroom, she meet him from the stairwell and they go into his room together. The classical "1812 Overture" starts to play in the background. He puts the tray down on the chest close to his bed, he is too focused on her to care about food.

CHARLIE: You look exquisite in my robe. (Tonya lets it slip down to the floor and smiles at him) Well yes nice bra and panties too. (Smirks) Food?

Tonya lays lays back on the mattress, reaches past Charlie for the can of whipped cream and motions for him to join her with her index finger.

TONYA: I'm ravenous, what about you? (Charlie shrugs) Oh, come on now Charlie?

CHARLIE: Oh yeah. (Thinking) Look at her, I've found my angel. She's the one. My Tonya. She's perfect! (To Tonya) You are so ravishing.

TONYA: Well then why don't you come here and ravish me then? (Smirks) You know you really want to, you've been waiting for this opportunity.

Tonya grabs Charlie by his arm and pulls him in bed with her, starts caressing his body again. She sprays some of the whipped cream on his chest and licks it off.

CHARLIE: Hey! (Sarcastically) You've stolen my idea, you thief! (They laugh about it) You've already got my heart.

Tonya crawls off the bed and reaches up to unhook her bra, slowly sliding the straps down her bare arms. From Charlie's point of view her bra ends up coving his face, followed by her panties. A shudder runs through him as he pulls the garments off his face, as his eyes grow large obviously focused on her naked body off screen. His eyes get wider with excitement, he undulates his hips wantonly on the bed making it speak. She walks into frame, only her bare back can be seen as she climbs on top of him, his pajama bottoms are still on though. Then a close up of the floor where they fall, then a close up of his hand clutching a pillow as if to kill it. Flashes of her bare flesh her legs apart straddle him, a close angle of her face as she grimaces in divine agony and she finally growls like a tiger with pleasure.

TONYA: Oh Charlie, yes! (Smirks) I've got you right where I want you!

CHARLIE: You are so hot! (Groaning with overwhelming lust) Your body is so magnificent! (Begs) Please show me just how limber are you?

Tonya still atop Charlie going full throttle, pulls him close to her body by his arms and he whimpers. She holds his back and starts digs in her red nails in, rakes down his back with them. His back bleeds a bit but he's more turned on by it, his face in pure rapture and his breath labored. Instead of lingering on a scene that threatens to become pornographic, attention is drawn to their silhouettes on the wall behind them. This turns into explosive, torrential sexcapades shortly, it seem more like shadows from hand to hand combat than any sort of intimacy. As the 1812 Overture background music continues to play, the following subtext sexual images roll by establishing the idea of sexual excitement. - Cat stalking a mouse, running and playing with it. Food images: Pie, fried eggs, cream frosting being slathered on a darker cake, etc. Baseball game: Players running the bases, people in the stands eating hotdogs, etc. Flowers popping into bloom. Milking a cow. A horse drinking from a pond. Fire men putting out a house fire. Circus images: Acrobats, lion tamers with whip, etc.Factory images: Man set on fire. Conveyer belts, milk being spouted into bottles, etc. Golf ball going in the hole. Car crash. Train going into a tunnel. Roller coaster. Crude oil metal horse pumps fast. Ocean waves crashing on jagged rocks. Towards the end of the "1812 Overture" Spaceships fighting. Solders running from heavy enemy fire: Guns, cannons, etc. Sky scraper falling down, earthquake, lightning, volcano, hurricane, etc. End the1812 Overture with fireworks and a nuke.

FULL FRAME TITLE: To be or not to be

Close up of Tonya's clothes on the floor, then a close up of Charlie's pajamas leading to his bed. She is lying naked in bed, entwined with him under the covers, her bare leg slides up his as she moves sleepily over him. Laying her head and arms on his chest asleep like a cat, he smiles in his sleep. She opens her eyes blinking them, she rises up and looks down at him. Confused at first but then gasping as he puts two and two together, she obviously becomes enraged.

TONYA: You! (Grabs the pillow under Charlie's head) You just had to have your way with me, didn't you?

Tonya shoves the pillow in Charlie's face as he sleeps but he wakes up and fights her to get the pillow off his face.

CHARLIE: What the hell? (Yawns) Are you trying to kill me? (Confused) What the hell is your problem, Tonya?

Tonya sits up with her long hair covering her naked body as best as it can, as Charlie puts his head in his hand.

TONYA: What the hell did we do? (Panics) What did we do? (Losing it) Oh what?

Tonya puts her hand up to her lips as she losses her breath trying to say more, Charlie looks up from his hand.

CHARLIE: We... Um, you know? (Makes motions and gestures to the fact they had sex) We did it.

TONYA: You got what you wanted last night, you happy? (Looks around the room) Where the hell are my clothes? (Tries to keep her body covered up with her hair) Don't keep looking at my body!

CHARLIE: Sorry, I've already seen it. (Smirks) Sweetheart I know exactly what you look like naked after last night.

TONYA: Charlie, we had interactions last night! (Worried) We had sex!

CHARLIE: Oh yeah. (Gets a huge grin on his face) We sure did. (Smirks) But there's no point pointing fingers. (Smugly) We both know why this happened.

TONYA: Temporary insanity? (Gasps) I'm going to get dressed go home and things go back to the way they were. (Mad) You are in such hot water with me.

Tonya takes the sheet to use to cover herself up with while she picks up her clothes and Charlie has already slipped his pajama bottoms back on.

CHARLIE: Oh, drop the mask Tonya! (Totally gratified) We both know why you came to me last night.

TONYA: No, last night never happened. (Panics again) We will never talk about it

Tonya starts to lay out her clothes to put back on but stops when Charlie is about to cry, she just looks at him for a moment.

CHARLIE: You strip nude for me and were all over me. (More upset) What the hell do you expect? I'm only human. (Puts his head in his hand crying) Don't do this. (Hurt) Last night was the most amazing thing in my life and you want me to just forget it? (Distraught) I can't. I just can't do that after you gave yourself to me. (Pauses) You told me you wanted me. (Grabs her out of pure desperation) I surrender Tonya I'm all yours! (Begs) Please sweetheart, do with me what you will?

Tonya obviously is confused for a moment then suddenly gasps as she recalls something. Charlie's breath becomes short, expectant and she hesitates a moment. Then she moves slowly, then deliberately against him and hugs him fiercely. Notices his back is all scratch up and he has a few hickeys she gave him in the heat of passion. A few flashbacks of their intimate relations flash in her head and her head clears to everything that went on.

TONYA: Oh Charlie? (Feeling guilty) Damn it, I can be a real bitch sometimes. (Kisses Charlie on his chest) Look I freaked out and handled this very badly this morning. (Looks him in the eyes) I don't know how to handle anything in the right way. (Smiles) My mind feels fuzzy this morning, I do know how we ended up together last night. (Sighs) It's starting to come back to me. (Touches his back lightly) Oh wow, I was out of control wasn't I? (He grins) What are we going to do about this situation now? (He kisses her neck and she starts to give in) No we can't do this again and yes, I'm aware of the irony of me saying that. (Tries to fight her urges) It was a mistake, an irrational, misguided mistake. (He weakens her down to the bed with him) We shouldn't.

CHARLIE: Sure we should. (Suave) It has taken everything I had to resist you this long and last night you were just too enticingly to let go.

Tonya snaps out of it and gets out his bed, she picks up her clothes but he takes them away from her.

TONYA: What the hell are you doing Charlie, give me my clothes so I can leave. (Demanding) Now!

Tonya tries to remain cover with the sheet as she chases Charlie around his room to get her clothes back from him. However he opens the balcony door and tosses them over the side, this stunt really makes her irate. She takes a T-shirt and a pair of his shorts from his chest of drawers, she puts then on then bolts from his room. He's not defeated by her actions though, he follows her out. Cut to; Tonya gets her clothes from the ground by not unobserved for Jana has looked over the fence at her. He follows Tonya around back to her place and Jana follows behind both of them but she's out of luck. Cut to; Tonya in the bathroom where she tosses her clothes on the counter top, undresses and gets into the shower. Brief time lapse, she comes into her room in her towel where Charlie is waiting for her. Not taking her emasculating him anymore he forces her against the wall, crushing into her and kisses her. He puts his mouth to her bare shoulder, bites it as they move down to the floor and he gets on top of her. His hand vanishing beneath the bottom of her towel, she moans as he sniffs at her and kisses her neck.

CHARLIE: You smell so wonderful. (Intoxicated by Tonya's fragrance) I want to kiss you all over. (She smiles up at him) Oh you like that idea huh?

TONYA: Well you did say all over didn't you? (Charlie nods) Well get to it immediately then!

Charlie takes the edge of Tonya's towel in his mouth to tug it off her. Cut to; Allison in her bed waking up to the sounds of Tonya's and Charlie's love making from across the way. Her reaction is much like Anton's was as she goes to the loft and hears them more clearly, they are totally carried away with each other.

CHARLIE: (O.S) Oh yeah! (Tonya moans) Let me know how much you like this.

TONYA: (O.S) Oh! (Moans) Oh just like that baby, that feels so damn amazing! (Grunting faster) That's it, that's good. (Wails) Don't stop! Don't stop!

ALLISON: I don't believe this. (Listening intently to Tonya's whimpers of pleasure coming from her bedroom) What could he be doing to her?

TONYA: (O.S.) Yes! (Pleasurably giving orders to Charlie) Take me now! (Growling) Roughly! (Moans) That's it, give it to me!

Allison goes to Tonya's door, she's debating with herself if she should take a peak at her cousin and Charlie or not. However her hand does land on the door knob, the door becomes ajar yet makes no sound in doing so. Cut to; Charlie is sitting alone at a table at the Cafe, a cup of coffee in front of him but he has this enormous grin on his face and Violet comes in. She goes over to the counter and rings the service bell, a waitress motions a moment at her, she looks over at Charlie.

VIOLET: Hey Charlie. (To waitress) Coffee please? (Waits for a moment to get her coffee) Thank you. (Joins Charlie) So I take it you and Tonya made up? (He continues to grin and she get the hint) Wait you two did it, didn't you? (He nods) Damn it's about time! (Smirks) So how was it, I mean she is a contortionist.

CHARLIE: Damn straight she is and a hell of a lot more. (Naughty little snicker) But it wasn't at all like I imagined it would be. (Overwhelmed with blissful gratification) It was so much better than anything I could have ever conjured up, even in my naughtiest and most perverted fantasies. (Violet's jaw drops) You know the best part, Violet? (She shakes her head) You know how Tonya likes to take charge. (She nods) She's even more demanding when it comes to sex.

VIOLET: (Scoffs) I just bet she made you beg her, am I right? (Charlie nods) I knew you'd end up being her gimp.


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