| Neighborhood Improvement: Part 1 |

SHOW TITLE: Neighborhood Improvement - Part One

FULL FRAME TITLE: The Grand Survey of Surroundings

Open on what seems like an endless row of typical tract houses as Charlie narrates.

CHARLIE: (V.O.) In the most ordered areas, with it's numbing routine and dull pace.

Stereotype towns people in the park, a family is having a classic looking 1950's style picnic.

CHARLIE: (V.O. - CONT.) Where you would not expect anything, other than the most boring people to be.

Two old men sit on a park bench they seem to be bored as they feed the ducks. Charlie continues to narrate.

CHARLIE: (V.O. - CONT.) But sometimes in the most unlikely places dreams can still come true, if your lucky enough.

Two women one white and one of African decent, are trying on wedding dresses. From the window Charlie is revealed outside walking by behind the ladies.

CHARLIE: Hey anything is possible, right?

FULL FRAME TITLE: The Clothes Minded

Charlie walks past a shoe store where other woman are but then he stops in the window of the next shop. He looks in, there Tonya is at the counter and a big grin comes across his face. He opens the door and as he steps inside, he can't help but looks as if he's invaded the feminine shrine of Aphrodite. He snickers at a sign that says,"Bras half off." Just then a group of sales ladies raise a stern eyebrow at him. The most uptight looking one cuts him off as he walks toward Tonya.

SALES LADY: Young man, I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

CHARLIE: Hey I just came in because I saw a friend of mine from the window. (Waves his arms) Hey Tonya?!

Tonya is shocked to see Charlie there, her shock then becomes anger as she marches up to him.

TONYA: Charlie, what the hell are you doing in here?!

CHARLIE: I saw you from outside so I thought I'd come in and say hello.

TONYA: Look, just go outside and wait for me. I'll be out of here in a moment, I have to get my bags.

Charlie shrugs as Tonya walks back to get her bags at the counter, then he step outside to wait for her. (Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet plays in the back ground) SLOW MOTION ANGLE ON Tonya as he watches her from the window again, as she in a flurry of long brunette hair turns to walk towards the door. It stops as she walks out to join him.

CHARLIE: What you got in the bags Tonya?

TONYA: Why do you care? (Silence) Sorry Charlie but this is my private girly stuff.

CHARLIE: So it's not like I haven't seen that stuff before.

TONYA: Yeah, I'm very sure you haven't. (Scoffs) Anyway I need to go somewhere, alone, so I'll see you later.

Tonya gives Charlie a wink before she turns and struts down the sidewalk, it's clear how smitten he is by her as she does so. Cut to; Tonya jogs along the pond at the park, she stops when she notices Charlie sitting on a bench.

CHARLIE: I see you're out here running and sweating like a pig.

Charlie runs his finger tips down Tonya's thigh and flicks off her sweat from it with a sly chuckle.

TONYA: You could stand to run a little bit of that lard off yourself. (Smirks) Lay off the nachos and the fried food.

CHARLIE: Excuse me?! (Offended) Are you saying I'm too fat?! Is that what you are trying to say to me?

Tonya puts her foot on the bench and stretches herself making Charlie too petrified to talk anymore.

TONYA: A little but I could whip you into shape dearest.

CHARLIE: Um?! (Gulps) What do you mean by that Tonya?

TONYA: I mean you get up and run off some of that blubber with me.

Charlie stands up and looms very close to Tonya.

CHARLIE: Come on, it's not that you think I'm fat. (Scoffs) You're just saying that to be around me.

TONYA: You're trying to say that I'm too scared to be by myself? (Charlie shrugs) Like I'm some frail little flower, who needs a male to protect me? (Points at him) So you're going to act like some macho text book hero to save me from the big bad world? (Pokes him) Is that what you're saying?!

Charlie obviously knows Tonya is misreading his intentions, so he so obviously plays along with the situation as it is.

CHARLIE: Yes you caught me. (Faux laugh) Can't get anything past you can I Tonya?

TONYA: Not much gets by me. (Smirks) I know you're just trying to be helpful but I can take care of myself.

CHARLIE: Tonya, I... (Struggles to maintain his composure) I care about you.

Charlie becomes dazed as Tonya leans forward and kisses him on the cheek lightly.

TONYA: I know you do but I'm still going to make you run with me.

CHARLIE: Oh and how do you plan to do that?

Tonya swats Charlie on the butt really hard and his eyes grow large from the shock of it.

TONYA: Get going or else!

CHARLIE: Yes ma'am.

Charlie runs as Tonya follows behind him. Cut to; Jasmyn, Dominic who is hugging Allison are standing around talking when Tonya and Charlie walk up. They are sweating and panting like a crazy, this makes the others chuckle.

JASMYN: Hey it's Tonya and Charlie. (Slightly perverted tone) Whatever have you two been doing?

TONYA: I made him jog as I ran behind him to make sure he did. (Smirks) I got to go in a take a shower.

CHARLIE: I'll join you Tonya. (Tonya's jaw drops) I mean I need a shower too.

DOMINIC: Hold on, my dad is off this weekend and he wants to go camping with us.

JASMYN: That's right and he said we can take our friends with us.

TONYA: Allison are you going? (Allison nods) Then I'm going.

CHARLIE: I'm going too, right Dominic? (Dominic nods) Great!

FULL FRAME TITLE: Consequential Damages

Inside the Bradford's R.V. everyone is sitting bored but Charlie who has Tonya sitting on his lap. Then the R.V. stops, they pile out. George Bradford gets out of the drivers seat to join the gang but Dominic and Jasmyn are not too happy about it.

GEORGE: I tell you kids there isn't anything like camping out under the stars like they did in the old west.

JASMYN: Except when you have a house on wheels instead of a horse and wagon.

GEORGE: No pumpkin, the R.V. is for me, you lucky kids get to sleep in the tents.

The whole group lets out a condescending groan as the tension rises.

DOMINIC: But dad?! (George ignores him and goes inside the R.V.) Great, you know what this means?

JASMYN: It means that dad is going to sit inside the R.V. watching sports on his backside and he'll ignore us as usual.

Suddenly everyone's mood changes with this statement from Jasmyn, they thrilled about not having George watching over them like a hawk. The guys mood changes back to unhappiness as Tonya's natural bossiness takes over.

TONYA: Okay people listen up, we have chores to do. (Points to Eric) Eric gather up some wood for our campfire, Charlie and Dominic you two pitch the tents. (Points to Anton) You set up the portable shower and Allison can cook something for us. (Points to Jasmyn and Violet) You two can use some sheets and rope to make a dressing area between four trees.

The girls get to work but guys stand there shaking their heads in disbelief at Tonya.

CHARLIE: Excuse me sweetheart but what are you going to do, I mean besides bark orders at us?

TONYA: Unload the bags if you must know. (Menacing tone) Now go complete your chores!

Charlie and Dominic walk towards the back of the R.V. while Tonya walks away.

DOMINIC: Damn it! (Harshly) I can’t believe I am being ordered around by that shrew! (Huffs) She's easy on the eyes but not on the ears. (Sighs) That woman definitely has her panties in a twist and a long stick up her butt.

CHARLIE: Hey?! (Aghast) Her temper seems to be kind of bad but...

DOMINIC: Kind of bad? (Scoffs) It's like Genghis Kahn and Attila the Hun sharing the body of Mata Hari.

Charlie shoots Dominic a sour look as he starts to say something but Tonya's enraged yelling something in the background interrupts him. They decide to see what her problem is, they look over at her as she yells at Eric.

TONYA: Now tell me, how the hell are we going to burn a fire with wood you found floating in the river?! (Points away) Go make yourself useful and find some that is dry! (Eric runs away in fear) Don't make me really lose my temper!

DOMINIC: You mean it gets worse? (Tonya hears this, turns to face him and Charlie) What's your problem now?

TONYA: My problem is that you slackers are trying to get out of doing chores. (Matter of fact) You want to know if it's gets worse? (Smirks) Just try me. (Huffs) I got news for you, anyone who doesn't do their share gets my wrath.

DOMINIC: Like what? (Scoffs) Are you going to grow a little mustache and goosestep us to death?

TONYA: Look, we have only a so much time before the sun goes down to get everything done. (With disgust) However If you don't feel up to doing your share of the work, I guess I'll have to do it while you just sit here and watch me.

DOMINIC: Sounds good to me. (Jasmyn walks up) Just call me when the food is ready.

TONYA: Dominic, just sit there and watch me then. (Wistfully) But if you don't work you don't get to eat.


DOMINIC: Shut up! (To Tonya) Fine if that's how you're going to be, what do I have to do?

TONYA: Well after you boys set up the tents, go help Eric with the fire. (Sighs) After all, he's not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed.

JASMYN: Hey I checked out the area, we have a water hook up alright but the bad news is it's just cold water.

CHARLIE & DOMINIC: Cold water?!

TONYA: Yes and knowing that all you guys will be taking a cold shower. (Smirks) It will make us girls feel a little better about sleeping so close to you. (Wags her finger at Charlie and Dominic) Now get to work before I have to stomp a mud hole in your candy asses. (The guys walk off) Are you finished Jasmyn?

JASMYN: Yes. (Smiles) But Tonya, you have to teach me how to handle my brother and the other guys like you do.

TONYA: There's nothing to it really. (Smirks) Just don't let them get away with anything.

JASMYN: Huh? (Ponders what Tonya said) How do you do that?

TONYA: The biggest thing any guy has, despite what they think, is his ego. (Smirks) Easy enough to manipulate and bend to your will if you know just how to bruise it but not quite crush it.

JASMYN: Whoa! (Sharply) Cool! (Pauses) But how can you do that to many guys simultaneously, like you do?

TONYA: You're just as innocent as I used to be about the opposite sex, granted I still have a few things to learn about them. (Actually embarrassed but tries to act like she isn't) Um, the things I don't know, I'm not in any big rush to find out.

JASMYN: Wait? (Grimaces as if she's referring to a terminal illness) Don't tell me that you're still a virgin?

TONYA: (Huffy) And why is that so hard to believe?

JASMYN: Well... (Stops herself) Never mind but hey, that's okay. (Blushes) So am I.

TONYA: Oh? (Sarcastically) Well I would have never guessed that about you.

Jasmyn and Tonya laugh about it. Cut to; The gang sits around the campfire, everyone but Tonya and Jasmyn has a marshmallows on a stick. Instead Jasmyn has a carrot on her stick and Tonya has a pot on a rack by the fire.

CHARLIE: What's in the pot, Tonya?

TONYA: Coffee. (Regarding Charlie's marshmallow on a stick) You can have your piece of goo.

CHARLIE: You don't like marshmallows?

TONYA: I don't like gelatin either. (Smirks) If you knew what was in most of the junk food you eat, it would turn your stomachs. (Dominic puts his marshmallow in his mouth in protest) Jasmyn, are you sure he's your twin brother?

JASMYN: Yes and now you know why I'm a vegetarian. (Takes a bite of her carrot) Because he's a meathead.

DOMINIC: Why don't both of you put a sock in it?

JASMYN: I'm going to the tent, I'm tied. (Stands up) How about the rest of you?

Violet and Allison stand up and follow Jasmyn to the tent, leaving Tonya the only girl left at the campfire.

CHARLIE: So Tonya, can I have a cup of your coffee when it's done?

TONYA: It will be awhile. (Stands up) In the mean time I'll be the first one to use the shower. (Smirks) I'll be on the look out for you perverts who might want to try to sneak a peek at me. (Sweetly) If I catch you, I'll poke both your eyes out.

Dominic scoffs but Anton is scared by Tonya's threats, Charlie and Eric watch her as she saunters off with cat-like grace.

CHARLIE: Mmm! (To himself) Must restrain myself! Must restrain myself! Must restrain myself! Must restrain myself!

ERIC: Voom-va voom! (Slyly) Am I right or what? (This is met with a blunt silence) I'll take her if nobody else wants her.

CHARLIE: Forget it, Eric! (Panicky) Um! (Skirting) As Tonya's friend I couldn't allow you of all guys to go out with her.

DOMINIC: Translation, Charlie wants her. (Charlie looks away blushing) It's getting to you, it's it? (Taunting) Thinking about Tonya in that cold shower, the water rolling freely all over her naked flesh.

CHARLIE: Damn it Dominic, cut it out! (To himself in a flinch) Must control my thoughts! Must control my thoughts!

ERIC: How about how some parts of her body are reacting at this moment to the blunt coldness?

Charlie chokes as he notices Tonya wrapped only in a beach towel walking towards them, he's awestruck

TONYA: I was naked in the shower before I realized I forgot the soap. (Laughs) Excuse me a moment would you Charlie?

CHARLIE: Um! (Ricky Ricardoish) Aye, aye, aye, aye, aye.

Charlie gets a silly grin on his face as Tonya leans over him to grab her bag behind the log he's sitting on. Sitting the bag next to him she rummages through it, triumphantly pulling out a new bar of soap. She leaves the bag and walks off with the soap as he watches, Eric notices him staring at her walking off. Dominic and Anton exchange a look that needs no translation, they're on the same wavelength regarding this situation.

ERIC: Hey? (Snaps his fingers) Charlie? (Snickers) Why don't you just go see if Tonya needs her back scrubbed?

CHARLIE: That's enough! (Huffy) None of you understand, so I'm not going to bother trying to explain it to any of you.

ANTON: Uh, huh. (Scoffs) It's simple, you want Tonya to be as crazy about you as Jana is.

ERIC: Nobody could be as crazy as Jana is. (Shutters) What a space case.

CHARLIE: Thank you, Eric. (Scoffs) If I tell you, then all of you have to swear that you won't say anything to Tonya.

ERIC: What the fact that you want to get her horizontal?

DOMINIC: I think she already knows that and if she doesn't, she's very naive. (Cynically) But good luck with that, dude.

CHARLIE: You don't understand how I feel about her. (Enthusiastically) I mean if I get a chance to be with her that would be a bonus, no doubt. (Dreamily) But I'm in love with everything about her, even her temper and stubborn feminist ways. Even the way she storms off in a total fit of rage, she so beautiful when she's angry.

Anton just sits still with a totally shocked look on his face, while Eric and Dominic sit in stunned silence for a beat.

ERIC: Whoa! (Hesitatingly) I knew you liked her but... Wow!

DOMINIC: He'd have to love her if he could look past her harsh and nasty temper.

CHARLIE: You only see what's at the surface, you have to look past her hard shell. (Obviously overwhelmed with feelings of love) Underneath that anti-social scorn, she's just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

Anton, Dominic and Eric all start to say something but they stop when they notice Tonya walking towards them. Then Charlie notices her too, she's in her leopard print robe and her long hair blowing in the breeze.

TONYA: By the time I get dressed for night and make it back here that coffee should be done. (Grabs her bag) That is if any of you still want any of it? (Eyeing the group of males suspiciously) Okay, what's going on here?

ERIC: We're just waiting for you to strip, Tonya. (Chants) Take it off, take it off, take it off.

CHARLIE: Don't talk to her that way you scumbag!

Before Tonya can react to Eric, Charlie gets up and slugs him across the jaw. His sunglasses fly off for parts unknown, then they wrestle for a beat. Until Tonya breaks them apart by mashing up against Charlie and as he becomes seriously aware of their contact.

TONYA: Calm down, Charlie!

Charlie is hyperventilating so much he can't talk, as Tonya makes him sit next to her and Eric looks for his sunglasses.

ANTON: Eric, you should know by now to stay away from Charlie when his blood is up.

TONYA: His blood has been up since I've known him, has he always been this way?

DOMINIC: Neh, most of the time he's easy going but one thing makes him smolder. (Makes an inappropriately suggestive hint) Only when he's stimulated by a certain... (Laughs distastefully) Ahem, oh lets just say situation.

TONYA: I get it. (Sighs) He has a hero complex but he doesn't understand that some females can take care of themselves.

CHARLIE: Everyone just zip it, alright? (To Tonya) Could you please go on and get dressed for the night, since you were going to do that anyway before all this started? (Coolly) I need a word alone with my friends.

TONYA: Sure, whatever but only if you promise not to knock each others blocks off while I'm gone.

Charlie, Anton, Eric and Dominic nod in agreement. Tonya hesitatingly walks away from them, as Charlie watches her.

CHARLIE: Look I don't want her to know until I decide it's the right time to tell her. (Sourly) I do not want her to hear it from any of you dillweeds. (Points to Dominic) Like one of your not so sly remarks, Dominic.

DOMINIC: Yeah. (Chuckles) I know how you want to tell her too, over candle light and romantic music.

CHARLIE: Something like that, so all of you have to keep quite about it. (Sighs) When she comes back all of you scram.

Anton, Dominic and Eric all nod in agreement. Then Tonya returns wearing only her nightie, it just covers her pretty well but it's still not too much challenge for the imagination to get past. Charlie freezes, turns red and swallows hard as she sits down right next to him.

TONYA: I think that coffee should be done by now.

DOMINIC: None for me thanks. (Stands and yawns) I think I'll hit the bricks.

ANTON & ERIC: (In unison) Yeah, me too. (They look at each other for a moment)

TONYA: Are you sure, the girls already bailed on me. (Disappointed) We could all stay up talk?

DOMINIC: As much as I like this side of Tonya and would like it to continue. (Smiles) I'm afraid I'm going to have to take a rain check but Charlie can keep you company if he wants to. (Jabbing gesture towards Eric and Anton) Come on you two.

ANTON: Yeah, right behind you. (Waves) Good night.

TONYA: Good night. (Eric grins) Eric Don't forget to take off your sunglasses.

Eric follows Dominic and Anton as they exit. Suddenly Charlie finds himself alone with Tonya as she pours them both a cup of coffee. She hands him the cup and as he takes it their hands meet for a moment, he smiles at her.

CHARLIE: Thank you, it looks really good. (Takes a sip of coffee) Damn, it's strong!

TONYA: Yes it is. (Pauses) It's a nice night isn't it? (Looking up) Big full moon and all the bright stars. (Sighs) Very nice indeed.

CHARLIE: Oh yeah. (Smiles) Nice night, great company and coffee that could take the red paint off an old barn.

TONYA: I guess it beats being at the mercy of Jana Ault's forced company, huh?

CHARLIE: Ugh! (Winces) Why did you bring up that particularly hideous breed of loser for?

TONYA: I'm curious about it, that's all. (Fishing) Don't you find the attention she gives you the least bit flattering?

CHARLIE: Sh-yeah, right! (Scoffs) If I got that kind of attention from another girl but not Jana, she's all wrong for me.

TONYA: Aw! (Nudges Charlie) So do you have another girl in mind you'd like that kind of attention from?

CHARLIE: Maybe. (Gives Tonya a very coy look) Why do you find this so fascinating, Tonya?

TONYA: Well you said I was your friend and as such, we should be able to talk things over don't you think?

Tonya drinks her coffee with pure gusto as Charlie watches her for a moment.

CHARLIE: Well turn about is fair play. (Pauses) Has there ever been or is there anyone you had or have chemistry with?

TONYA: Sure. (Charlie frowns) I had that class with a whole class rooms full of people and more than once.

Tonya chuckles as Charlie lets out a long sigh.

CHARLIE: You are the most interesting person I ever met to say the least. (Cautiously) I lo... Like you. (Slowly) A lot.

TONYA: I like you a whole lot too, brown eyes. (Musses Charlie's hair) I'm not made of stone after all. (Smiles) It's a little weird having real friends but I think, maybe I can get use to it.

CHARLIE It's totally uncharted territory for you since you had only a few friends in your old neighborhood and none at your old school.

TONYA: Don't remind me. (Candidly) Looking back on it, I didn't have anything in common with any of the girls at that school, that's why. (Pauses) There were three type of girls at that school, the ones who only had boring goals in their lives. (Smirks) Get married, have kids and then die. (Matter of fact) The girls who wanted to shack up with other girls, you know what I mean. (Charlie nods and she clears her throat) And then there was me, now that I'm gone there is only the other two types. (Smirks) At least with public school there is more types to choose from.

CHARLIE: True. (Unable to resist) There is the cheerleader/jock crowd, the brainy, heads, skids, preppies, loners, hicks, delusionals, semi-political, nerds, brutes, slackers, class clowns, posers, the major cool of course and the list goes on.

TONYA: So do you. (Scoffs) It's the in and the out crowd, plus whatever, I get it. (Matter of fact) I don't care that much what most people think of me, so my social standing will have to be determined on a one on one basis.

CHARLIE: A one on one basis, huh?

Charlie attraction to Tonya then becomes hotter as he leans in for a kiss but she stops him just inches from her lips.

TONYA: I didn't mean that kind of one on one basis. (Insisting) We're supposed to be friends and not anything else.

CHARLIE: Um? (Staring intently at Tonya) It's not what you think, I was just was just being friendly.

TONYA: By trying to kiss me? (Charlie winces from being busted) You should see yourself. (Smirks) You look like a five year old that just got caught with your hand in the cookie jar.

CHARLIE: Tonya?! (Embarrassed) Are you deliberately trying to see how red you can make me?

TONYA: Well that wouldn't be too much of a challenge now would it? (Smirks) You want me, don't you?

CHARLIE: I didn't say that but you parade around in that nightie in front of me and the other guys, you got to expect...

TONYA: I got to expect what? (Charlie doesn't say anything) I wear less when I have my cut offs on and the other guys didn't try to molest me, as a matter of fact they left. (Mad) Perhaps you're just a pervert, you ever think of that?

CHARLIE: Well perhaps you're just a tease you ever think about that?

Tonya and Charlie's eyes are on each other as they move closer to each other. Their eyes burning with a mixture of anger and raw temptation, their movements tighter but not close enough to kiss each other. Then suddenly Violet walks up in a shorter nightie and they face her. The three of them eyeing each other in an uncomfortable silence for a beat, then he groans.

VIOLET: Should I go or is it cool?

TONYA: You can stay if you want to hear us argue, have a cup of coffee and enjoy. (Making a point) It's ironic that you decided to show up when you did, in your nightie. (Smugly) Careful or the pervert here might think you're just a tease.

VIOLET: Uh, huh. (Smiles knowingly) Well if there is one thing I don't do, it's I never get involved in a boy and girl fight. (A little nervous) But as a friend perhaps I can help both of you work this out?

CHARLIE: Tonya flaunts too much skin and I don't think she should. (Crosses his arms) Well I mean if some sexual predator sees her, what then? (Preoccupied with Tonya for a beat) Huh?

TONYA: Oh I'd get away from him, trust me on that. (Chuckles with merciless evil) I can reek havoc when I have to. (Smug) Besides the only sexual predator around here for miles is you Charlie and I can handle you with no problem.

CHARLIE: Oh really?! (Smirks) Then why don't you handle me then?

Violet stares at Both Charlie and Tonya in disbelief for a moment.

VIOLET: Fascinating. (Sighs) But first Charlie, I have to ask, were you at all aware of any sexual urges while you were fighting with Tonya? (Tonya chuckles giving the answer) I'll take that as a yes.

CHARLIE: Since I'm a guy and not gay, then of course I... (Stutters as Tonya stares at him) I am... Ah... Ah..

Charlie trails off into a mumble that can't be understood and he blushes.

VIOLET: Aw! (To Tonya) I don't even know where to start with you girl. (Smirks) I'm going back to the tent, goodnight.

As Violet leaves Charlie and Tonya look at each other, then they both look away. He blows his hair out of his eyes and she grins. She gets annoyed when he takes her hand and starts kissing it up, until she moves her hand back in a shoo motion. She is a little conflicted but fighting with herself to maintain control of her emotions and it's showing.

CHARLIE: You're looking a little pale. (Leans towards Tonya) What's the matter?

TONYA: Don't tell me these amateur theatrics are actually your idea for wooing a girl?

CHARLIE: Wooing? (Snickers) Okay Tonya, what should I do? (Smiles) Continue my amateur theatrics in a lame attempt to, as you put it, whoo you. (Scoffs) Or should I just take you in my arms and have my way with you?

Charlie gazes at Tonya longingly as he reaches his hands to touch her but she is very dismissive about this.

TONYA: Try it and you won't have any arms. (Grabs his hands) Care to test me?

CHARLIE: Have you ever kissed a boy on the mouth or had one kiss you like that? (Amorously) With or without tongues?

TONYA: Shut the hell up or I swear I'll...

CHARLIE: Have you ever been felt up? (Tonya shoves him) Under the blouse, over the bra then to panties-vill we go?

Flustered Tonya glares at Charlie for a moment but then she raises an eye brow and an evil look comes across her face.

TONYA: I know why you want to know, so you can put your hand down your pants. (Smirks) Because that's all the action you've ever had, am I right? (Charlie blushes) Oh except for the little kiss I gave you on the cheek in the park.

CHARLIE: That was a low blow. (Tonya chuckles) Let me rephrase that, you... Um?

Charlie makes a few sounds as he tries to think of some way of putting it that doesn't sound bad.

TONYA: Forget it. (Smirks) Look I'm going to go to sleep now, so good night pervert.

Tonya stands up and as she does Charlie gives her body a good once over.

CHARLIE: Oh yeah. (Waves at Tonya) I will and I'll see you in the morning. (Sarcastic and slow) Nymph-O-maniac.

Tonya scoffs as she shakes her head, then she waves back at Charlie.

TONYA: Only in your dreams. (Exits)

CHARLIE: For now anyway sweetheart.

Charlie gets up and walks away, then a moment later George walks up then notices the coffee pot, he takes it and leaves.

FULL FRAME TITLE: Entirety Premature

Violet, Jasmyn and Allison wake to find Tonya gone. They walk out of the tent to find all the guys sitting around the campfire talking. As they walk towards the guys they have stopped talking but they join them anyway.

CHARLIE: Where's Tonya?

VIOLET: You mean you don't know? (Snickers) Then I guess she went off somewhere by herself this morning.

CHARLIE: All I know is that she went to the tent last night and then I decided to turn in myself.

JASMYN: Do you think we should go look for her or what? (Allison shakes her head) Okay.

DOMINIC: I think Charlie should go look for her alone. (Snickers) Then he can tell her that he's in love with her.

This statement from Dominic makes all the girls give Charlie a sly look.

JASMYN: We were right! (High fives both Allison and Violet) So are you going to tell her?

CHARLIE: When the time is right but like I told the guys I don't want anyone else telling her.

VIOLET: She won't hear it from me. (Allison shakes her head) So I guess that leaves you, Jasmyn.

JASMYN: If you don't tell her then it's certainly not my place to tell her. (Scoffs) Even if I think she has a right to know.

CHARLIE: I'll tell her, I'll tell. (Gulps) Just not now, it's too soon. (Stands up) However I will go look for her.

DOMINIC: We'll stay out of your way.

As Charlie walks off the others grin at him. Cut to: When he emerges from the tree line and stops in his tracks, he's transfixed. (Psychedelic style India sitar music plays in the back ground, through out the scene) From Charlie's POV Tonya stands on a mound next to the lake in her black bikini, against the sparkles of the sunlit water and she's like a statue for a moment. Then she stretches, revealing her astonishing body in slow movements. With a fluid feline grace she goes into advanced yoga movements become weird that seem blatantly sexual, some of her movements become more erotic, almost obscene. Yet not really dirty at all but exercise, nothing more than that. He's spellbound as only a big goofy grin crosses his face and unknown to her, she has mesmerized him totally. She jumps into the water and plays in it like a mermaid, he walks out to her.

CHARLIE: Hello. (Tonya turns to face him in shock) You look like you're having fun.

TONYA: How long have you been here?

CHARLIE: Long enough. (Smirks) Why, are you so worried I might have seen something you didn't want me to?

TONYA: Look, I came out here to be alone and you invaded my privacy. (Huffs) I don't liked being spied on.

CHARLIE: You mean now or when you tie yourself up like a pretzel? (Longingly, almost orgasmic) You're soooo lim-ber!

TONYA: Well that's none of your business and I'm very angry at you for watching me.

CHARLIE: I guess you'll have to get even with me then.

Charlie snickers until Tonya yanks him in the cold water with her and dunks his head under the water. From the reaction she has a moment later he's not in her grasp any longer, her arms come above the water line to show that. Looking around she is clearly getting worried but a moment later her eyes grow wide and she lets out a squeal, he splashes up.

TONYA: You pervert! (Slaps at Charlie) You'll pay for that!

Tonya lunges towards Charlie and he tries in vain to dunk her, she ends up struggling against his back instead. She triumphantly dunks him under the water again, then she exits out of the water and laughs as he come back up again.

CHARLIE: That does it! (Huffy) I'm going to get you for dunking me twice!

TONYA: You'll have to catch me first. (Starts backing off) Think you can?

CHARLIE: Oh yeah! (Getting out of the water as Tonya jogs) Come back here?! (She's running away) You just wait.

Charlie runs after Tonya who is way ahead of him, she stops and turns to him.

TONYA: You'll have to run faster than that if you want to catch me. (Runs towards the tree line) Eat my dust!

Tonya laughs as Charlie tries to catch up but he stops in a clearing in the forest, he looks around but nothing. He sits against a rock cliff to catch his breath but a moment later her black bikini top lands in his lap from the top of the cliff. He holds it up and looks at it before he stuffs it in his pocket, then he starts to climb up the side of the small cliff. He hears her chuckle and this makes him really angry, his hand makes it over the edge of the cliff. As he pulls himself up he looks around but again she's nowhere to be found but he finds her bikini bottoms left in the bushes, he snatches it up.

CHARLIE: Dirty rotten... (Trying to catch his breath) Devious evil scheming... (Angry huff) Ruthless, manipulating tease!

Tonya makes her way back to camp with only her hair as a cover of her naked body and she manages not to be seen by anyone as she goes into her tent. Cut to; Charlie walks into camp and finds Tonya dressed sitting by the camp fire.

TONYA: Well what took you so long?

CHARLIE: Oh you just wait girly, I'll get even with you for this.

TONYA: I think it will be fun to see you try. (Smirks) So may I have my bikini back that I saw you put in your pocket?

CHARLIE: You saw me? (Pauses) Then if you want it so bad... (Gestures) Why don't you come and take it from me.

Tonya glares at Charlie then walks up to him, she starts sliding her hand in his pocket and he is very much enjoying it.

TONYA: Where is it? (Charlie shrugs with a sly smile) Then I guess I'll just have to search you for it, huh?

CHARLIE: Be my guest, sweetheart. (Sighs) Strip search me if you need to.

Tonya gives him the once over then notices his T-shirt tucked in his shorts from the back, she tugs out her bikini.

TONYA: Sorry Charlie but a strip search wasn't necessary. (Slaps his derriere hard, he groans) Now you be a good boy.

Charlie rubs his butt as he watches Tonya walk off. She goes into the forest where she walks upon Dominic and Allison making out on a log. They don't notice her as she storms off obviously enraged about something.

FULL FRAME TITLE: Synopsis of a Rock and a Hard Place.

It's night time but there is a light coming from the guys tent. Cut to: Inside the guys are sitting up in their sleeping bags talking.

DOMINIC: Okay Charlie that's a good start, we're 55/45. (Pauses) I not only got to see Allison's bra strap but we made out, major lip action. (Smirks) A slap on the ass from a girl isn't as good as a lip-lock, you however beat me with the bikini and Tonya's hand in your pocket. (Snickers) Allison kept her hands on my back but she did put her legs on my lap.

CHARLIE: No it's 75/25 because Allison is now your girlfriend and Tonya is not officially my girlfriend. (Sighs) She goes on and on about us just being friends, the only kiss I got from her was on my cheek in the park.

ERIC: You know if Wade had come with us. (Insisting) He would agree with me that a hot chick does not touch a dude on his butt, unless she thinks it's cute or nice or something like that. (With a slight edge) It also means she's also thinking about his package too. (Snickers) Sounds like Charlie might get lucky, huh?

CHARLIE: I don't know, you're talking about a typical girl and Tonya is anything but typical to say the least. (With dread) The scourge of my existence, Jana isn't either but in a bad way unlike Tonya. (Sighs) I can never really tell what Tonya's thinking but she does things that seem like a slight come on but I don't know for sure.

ERIC: Jana looks at you like a piece of meat. (Shutters) She wants to get her tentacles on you so bad. (Frowning) I've seen the crazed, cunning glint in her eyes, it's not pretty. (Everyone makes a disgusted face) But what about Jana is?

DOMINIC: Sh-yeah, dude you have the beauty beast and the ugly beast.

CHARLIE: I understand Jana is the ugly beast. (Angry) But why are you calling Tonya the beauty beast?

ANTON: Are you kidding me? (Scoffs) That girl has a wicked temper.

ERIC: Tonya is kind of like a tiger, she lies in wait for her prey and then she pounces in the most brutal way she can.

CHARLIE: Oooo! (Drooling) Majestic tackiness and feline grace. (Like a cat) Me-oooooooow!

DOMINIC: Allison is a little peach, she's all come hither to me. (Smiles) She doesn't talk much either or talk back.

ERIC: They are both powder fine but they are not the same, except for a few things.

ANTON: True and they are both perfectly chaste, which is good news for the both of you.

CHARLIE: Allison is sweet and perhaps kind of exciting but the waif is way too tame. (Getting excited as he talks about Tonya) Tonya on the other hand is electrifying, enthralling, invigorating, tenacious, sultry, intense. (Exhilarated) Dangerous!

DOMINIC: So Charlie? (Snickers) What are you going to do when Tonya laces up her leather bustier and cracks you with her whip? (Matter of fact) You won't be able to run, because you'll be all tied up and at her mercy or the lack of it. (Charlie grins) Oh really?! (Charlie blushes) Well won't you be adorable with black and blue marks all over your body?

ANTON: I believe Tonya told me it was Oscar Wilde who wrote this quote. (Smirks) "In this world there are only two tradities. One is not getting what one wants, the other is getting it." (Sighs) I'm not sure that's true or not but I know I've never gotten anything I've wanted.

ERIC: Yeah but I meant both Tonya and Allison are teases, I might as well add Jasmyn to that list too.

ANTON: Um? (Stops himself) Well what about Violet?

ERIC: She's done it with her boyfriend, so she isn't just a tease.

ANTON: How do you know Violet had sex with her boyfriend?

ERIC: I go to that old barn behind the park to... (Stops himself) To enjoy all nature has to offer. (Pauses) Anyway, I caught them just after it happened and she told me after he left. (Skeptical) I guess she's happy with that guy. (Clears his throat) Anyway back to the real point. (Pauses) A girl is only a tease if what she does gets you hot and she doesn't follow through on it. (Smirks) See females know that we want them and they taunt us with their bodies, look at their clothes.

ANTON: Like that little line that goes up the back of thoughts one type of stockings. (Sighs) I'd like to follow that line up.

DOMINIC: Nah, my sister likes to wear that kind of stockings and they don't seem the least bit sexy to me.

Charlie and Eric look over at Anton then back at Dominic, then they snicker for a moment.

ERIC: Most of what they wear is to get us hot, no doubt. (Pauses) Ladies styles are made to get us guys up and running.

CHARLIE: Oh yeah. (Orgasmic) When Tonya had on that teeny-weenie bikini and I caught her doing yoga... (Overly excited sigh) She's soooooooooo lim-ber, I want to make some mayhem with her. (Licking his lips) Yummy, yum, yum!

ERIC: Either take a cold shower or go find Tonya and watch the undulation of her body. (Snickers) Then when you've had enough of lusting after her, maybe she'll let you do something about. (Pauses) Move to her side and put a tight comforting arm around her and she'll cling to you. (Vigorously) You say, "Oh Tonya you hot tempestuous tease, take me I'm all yours." (Mischievously) Her hands move to each side of your face and she looks deeply into your eye, her voice full of need. (Heavy sigh) She says, "Oh Charlie, set my lips on fire!" (Flustered tone) She fondly she touches your chest, you kiss her and she responds to the kiss fervently. (Exhaling) Pressing her lips and body against your in a ravenous motion of...

CHARLIE: Shut up! (Huffy) Damn, that's enough! (Straining patience) She already staring in every dream and fantasy I have, I don't need anymore fuel for the fire. (Lays back) So shut the lights off, shut your mouths and go to sleep.

Before anybody can react to what Charlie said, the tent flap opening gets all their attention and Tonya comes in.

TONYA: Sorry to bother all of you, however I couldn't help but notice the light from the tent.

ERIC: Well what is it woman?

TONYA: I want Charlie, that is if you can do without him for a little while?

Charlie nods as the other guys snicker about it but Tonya is clueless.

CHARLIE: Wait for me outside, I'll be right with you. (Tonya exits) Hear that? (A squinty-eyed smile) She wants me.

ANTON: Yes, yes, we'll go to sleep. (Scoffs) I'm sure you want to drool over Tonya without us bothering you.

DOMINIC: Hey don't let my dad catch you two doing anything more than holding hands or all hell will break loose.

CHARLIE: Don't worry, we can find a place out in the forest. (Stands up) That is if I get that lucky.

Charlie exits the text and walks towards Tonya, who is sitting at the camp fire.

TONYA: Okay, Charlie. (Pats the space on the log beside her) Come sit by me.

Charlie sits next to Tonya and moves his head up very close to hers.

CHARLIE: Tonya? (Suave) You wanted me?

TONYA: Uh, huh. (Grabs each side of Charlie's face) Do you know what it is I want from you?

CHARLIE: Ayah. (Gulps) Oh so many things come to mind. (Smiling nervously) I'll do my best for you Tonya.

TONYA: Good. (Gives Charlie a hug) Because we need to have a little talk, okay? (He nods) Thank you.

Tonya goes to break her embrace of Charlie but he hugs her and holds her very tight.

CHARLIE: This is so nice. (Tonya shoves him away) Alright, you want to talk, so we'll talk.

Tonya becomes poised, cool and in complete command of herself as Charlie smiles at her.

TONYA: Fine, I'll get to the point. (Parts her lips in a sexy way for a moment) We have a few problems.

CHARLIE: We do? (Tonya nods) Do you care to tell me what they are? (Smirks) You said you'd get to the point, right?

TONYA: Right. (Clears her throat) The main problem is you're wanting to be more... (A moment of stunned silence) Well the type of friends who... (Hesitatingly) When two friends are members of the opposite sex... (Clears throat) Um, some are just friends and there are some who give into temptation at times. (A bit fazed) You know what I'm trying to say?

CHARLIE: I know the subject matter you're on but I'm not sure exactly what your opinion is on it, so please precede.

TONYA: We are members of the opposite sex who are getting to know each other as friends. (Pauses) Sometimes people in these type of situations end up in bed together. (He raises his eyebrows) I get a strong feeling from you that you're in favor of this? (He smiles and then blushes) See but I don't. (He groans) For this friendship to work, we can't have a meaningless roll in the hay just because... (Sighs) Just because...

Tonya sighs with total embarrassment not able to finish her thought and Charlie isn't sure what to do at this point.

CHARLIE: Look Tonya, we both need to sleep on this and we'll talk about it later on. (Stands up) Goodnight.

Charlie walks towards the tents, then Tonya turns her head and starts to say something but doesn't.


It's barely dawn as George Bradford sits by the river with his fishing pole. Cut to; Dominic and Allison making out by the campfire when a very grumpy Tonya comes out and pulls them apart.

TONYA: I am so sick of walking in on the two of you sucking face all the time. (Huffs) We've got to pack up you know?

DOMINIC: Not for awhile, my dad went fishing. (Sighs) What's wrong with you anyway, Tonya?

Charlie walks up behind Tonya, then gestures for Dominc and Allison to shush.

TONYA: Nothing. (Huffy) Nothing, it's just I wonder if you two ever just talk as friends?

DOMINIC: We talk but then we don't. (Smirks) Your problem is that you talk too much, without ever being stopped.

Tonya proceeds to stick her tongue out at Dominic and he laughs it off, then Allison smiles.

TONYA: Oh you think the stick boy is funny, Huh Allison? (Allison nods) Then I'll go find a place by myself until we leave.

Tonya stands up and walks forward without seeing Charlie who stood behind her all that time.

To Be Continued...

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