| Neighborhood Improvement: Part 2 |

SHOW TITLE: Neighborhood Improvement - Part Two

FULL FRAME TITLE: Until Further Notice

Tonya sitting by George Bradford, she holds the fishing pole as he drinks a beer. That is until she catches a fish and he looks at her in disbelief, she takes the nice sized fish off the hook and puts it in the cooler.

GEORGE: Wow, that's a good sized fish. (Dumbfounded) Did your father teach you how to fish?

TONYA: No, he was a business man. (Pauses) I've never fished before, Mr. Bradford.

GEORGE: That's just great, I haven't caught one all day and you get that big one.

TONYA: Sorry. (Hands the pole to George) I'm going to go back to camp and pack up my stuff.

George cast off his fishing pole again as Tonya walks away from him and right into Charlie inside the tree line.

CHARLIE: Tonya? (Impatiently) Um, I need to talk to you.

Tonya doesn't say away thing as she grabs Charlie by the hand and pulls him deeper into the forest. Then they sit facing each other on a patch of grassy ground, they are all alone.

TONYA: Excuse me if I smell like fish. (Charlie stifles a laugh) I was fishing with Mr. Bradford.

CHARLIE: Okay. (Pauses) Anyway, about last night...

TONYA: Charlie, we don't really know each other. (Overly defensive) I'm not going to fool around with you.

CHARLIE: Could I please get a word in edge wise, before you have me dragging you off by your hair to a cave?

TONYA: I'm not sure I'd put it past you but I don't like to do anything just to satisfy other people's expectations.

CHARLIE: No, you do things to taunt other people's expectations and then you yell at them because of it.

Huffy Tonya tries to slap Charlie but he catches her arm, then he pulls her into closer.

TONYA: I'm warning you, if you don't let go of me I'm going to hurt you.

CHARLIE: Ooo! (Suave) Hurt me baby.

TONYA: Happy to oblige. (Gras Charlie's ear) Are you going to behave or not?

Charlie tries to kiss Tonya but she pushes him underneath her on the ground. She holds his arms down and he's enjoying it.

CHARLIE: Oh I see, you're more domineering than I thought. (Obviously horny) Whatever you have in mind I'm up for it.

TONYA: I noticed that when I got on top of you. (All business) Now you listen to me, it's not going to happen.

CHARLIE: Then why are you on top of me?

Tonya moves off of Charlie without a word, she then walks away without looking back. He's stunned by Eric climbing down with the ease of a monkey, then he stands up to confront him.

ERIC: Dude before you say anything, I was here first.

CHARLIE: And why didn't you let us know you were up there?

ERIC: Hell, I thought I was going to get a free show. (Snickers) I did get a nice view of Tonya's very firm butt.

CHARLIE: Don't be looking at her like that.

ERIC: Sorry dude but her body is just too diabolically sexy, it causes helpless males to look at her.

CHARLIE: I know I'm powerless to resist it's force. (Shoves Eric) But I still don't want you looking at her like that.

FULL FRAME TITLE: Pardon Me, Dear Madam

Allison comes into the tent where Tonya sits Native American Indian style with reading an old book of Shakespeare plays.

ALLISON: Where have you been? (Tonya snaps her book shut) I've been looking all over for you.

TONYA: For any particular purpose or just to gab? (Puts the book downs) What is it cousin?

ALLISON: It's about me and Dominic. (Tonya grimaces big time) Oh come on?

TONYA: Sorry Allison but I'm far too depressed to listen about you and stick boy making out or whatever.

ALLISON: Oh. (Pauses) That's okay, I guess I'll talk to Jasmyn instead.

TONYA: Please do, I'm trying to read, "King Lear" in peace. (Allison is bewildered) It's a William Shakespeare play.

ALLISON: Oh. (Sits down) What's it about?

TONYA: I'll keep this short and simple, there is this king and he has 3 daughters but only one really loves him. (Annoyed by Allison's blinking eyes) The other two plot and scheme not only for all they can get but they also plot and scheme against each other. (Gesturing) The confused king cannot please the greed of these two and to top it off he's going mad. (Rapidly) Alas that's not the worst part for by the time he realizes that his two daughters were just out for themselves and that his other daughter is the only one who really love him. (Exhaling) She dies, he has her up in his arms and his sorrow comes out.

Allison stands up and opens the flap to the tent but pauses for a moment.

ALLISON: Tonya, you need a boyfriend.

Tonya's jaw drops as Allison exits out of the tent. Cut to; The back of R.V. Allison's head is leaning against Dominic's shoulder, Jasmyn is sitting on the other side of her brother. Across from them Anton, Tonya, Charlie and Violet who sit quietly doing their own things. Charlie keeps looking at Tonya who is reading her book. Eric is sitting in the floor next to Violets legs, he slumps over asleep on the floor and Tonya not only notices that but Charlie looking at her as well.

TONYA: Charlie, can I see you alone in the back room for a moment? (Everyone else ooh's and aw's) To talk!

While everyone looks on Tonya and Charlie walk to the back, they walk in then she shuts the door.

CHARLIE: Alright, we're alone now what is this all about?

TONYA: Oh don't give me that, you know precisely what this is all about. (Scowling) You're perverse looks and perverted comments. (Huffs) The fact that you got so hot and bothered over the fact I held you down to the ground.

CHARLIE: You bet you're sweet ass, baby.

Charlie grabs Tonya and tries to kiss her but she moves away.

TONYA: Look I understand you're a male but you have a choice. (Dryly) Either we can be just friends or nothing at all.

CHARLIE: Tonya, I know you don't want to leave it at nothing.

TONYA: Well we'll see but you better learn to control animal instinct.

CHARLIE: Only if you can control your animal attraction yourself.

Tonya hesitatingly looks quite soulful but then she laughs it off as if this is the most ridiculous thing she ever heard.

TONYA: Charlie, if I ever get the urge to do anything physical with you believe me, you'll be the first to know.

CHARLIE: I'll hold you to that.

TONYA: Mmm! (Waspishly) I'm sure you will. (Holds out her hand) So are we friends or not?

Charlie takes Tonya's hand and they shake, then they open the door to the gang as they eavesdrop on them.

ERIC: You two go back in there and don't come out until you've done something dirty.

TONYA & CHARLIE: (In unison) Shut up Eric!

FULL FRAME TITLE: The True Art of Fishing

Walking inside their kitchen Dominic totes his dad George with the ice chest, he sits it on the counter and opens it.

DOMINIC: That's one big fish dad, is that a record for you?

GEORGE: Not mine. (Hesitatingly) That new girl next door caught it, what was her name? (Ponders) Tina, Tammy...

DOMINIC: Tonya? (George nods) I can't believe she caught such a big fish and you didn't catch any. (Snickers) Oh man!

GEORGE: How would you like to be grounded? (Silence) That's what I thought. (Scoffs) Wrap it up and put it in the refrigerator. (Jasmyn, Tonya and Allison walk in) Hey girls tonight's good if you aren't too tied to spend the night, we can cook up that fish but I know you don't want any Jasmyn. (Sighs) Dominic you can make the side dishes.

TONYA: Sounds good to me. (Slaps Dominic on the back) All you need is an apron, eh, Dominic? (Laughs) Anyway I still have some clean clothes. (To Allison) How about you cousin? (Allison nods) Good, then we're all set.

Charlie and Anton walk in with two boxes of pans, coffee pot and such.

ANTON: Eric left, he said he had to see someone about something. (Sits his box on the floor) Well I guess that's it, later.

GEORGE: We're going to cook the fish Tonya here caught. (Without thinking it over first) The two of you can spend the night too, these two already agreed to. (Rummages in a cabinet) Now where did Olga put the spices?

Tonya's jaw drops as she looks over at Charlie, she knows all too well he's going to say yes to staying the night.

CHARLIE: I know Anton wouldn't miss it for anything. (Smiles at Tonya) I wouldn't miss it either.

GEORGE: Aw, here they are. (Puts a few bottles of spices on the counter) That should do it. (Looks at all the teens) Oh and just so it's clear, girls in Jasmyn's room and boys in Dominic's room. (Wags his finger) No fooling around, understand me?

JASMYN: I wouldn't worry about us girls dad, we females can control ourselves. (Violet walks in) Hey Violet?

George walks out with a smirk as the teens stand quite for a moment.

VIOLET: I just talked to my boyfriend and we have a date tonight, so I'll see all of you later.

TONYA: Aw yes, I see you're at the beckon call of what's his name. (Scoffs) If I ever allow any guy start bossing me around like that. (Sighs) I give my permission to put in a straight jacket and be locked in a rubber room.

DOMINIC: So that's what you're into, huh Tonya?

TONYA: No but when it comes to you carrot top. (Pinches his cheek) I'll more than willing to try full out emasculation.

JASMYN: Oh yes, you just burned my brother to a crisp!

DOMINIC: I'm so glad all women aren't like you sis' and you Tonya.

TONYA: What's the matter red? (Scoffs) No cunning conspiracy to link to your caveman way of thinking? (Waspishly) As if a little slap and tickle from some guy would solve all women's problems,. (Smirks) Like a minute or two could do all that?

The guys say nothing as the girls snicker, except for Violet.

VIOLET: Well Tonya perhaps you should try it before you knock it.

Tonya's jaw drops as the guys in the room all snicker.

TONYA: Aren't you going to late for your date Violet? (Annoyed sigh) Don't let us keep you.

Violet grins and waves as she leaves, Tonya crosses her arms in a huff.

DOMINIC: Gee Tonya, are you so mad at her because she hit a nerve?

Tonya glares at Dominic before she grabs his ear and he yelps in pain.

TONYA: Did I hit a nerve? (Frees Dominic) Then no more arguments out of you buster!

The girls walk out snickering with Tonya last in line, as Charlie checks out her rear end.

CHARLIE: Mmm, mmm! (Turned on) Man she has a whole lot of oomph in walk-a-way.

DOMINIC: Well yes but just because you like something doesn't mean it's good for you.

FULL FRAME TITLE: Beggar's Banquet

Mr. and Mrs. Bradford at each end of the table eating, each sex of the teenagers on one side of the table from the other.

GEORGE: Jasmyn honey, you don't know what you're missing. (Takes a bit of fish) Mmm!

JASMYN: Give it up dad, I've been a vegetarian since I was five and I'm going to stay one as long as I live.

DOMINIC: You're a freak! (Takes a big bite of fish) Normal people eat meat.

JASMYN: Well brother dear, if you're normal. (Mischievously) I want to be as bizarre as possible.

Tonya finishes up and walks away snickering at the joke Jasmyn made.

GEORGE: Alright, that's enough. (Sighs) Me and your mother want some alone time tonight, so none of this from either of you. (Pauses) All of you stay upstairs unless you go into the kitchen or out the kitchen door.

All the teenagers try to hide their laughter because they know what the Bradfords are going to do tonight.

JASMYN: Spare me. (Takes the last bite of her vegetables) I have dibs on the first shower. (Exits)

Mr. and Mrs. Bradford both finish their food at the same time, then they get up to leave the rest of the teens.

GEORGE: Good-night kids.

George walks out with Olga and the teenagers snicker.

FULL FRAME TITLE: La Sweet Charity

Jasmyn exits the bathroom in only a towel and sees Anton shirtless and about to take off his pants but he pulls them back up.

JASMYN: What are you doing in here? (Picking up his glasses on her bed) In my bedroom?

ANTON: Dominic said I could get dressed in here because you take so long in the bathroom.

JASMYN: Well evidently my bother was wrong, wasn't he? (Slight sexy tone) Where is he anyway?

ANTON: Um? (Smiling nervously) He's in his room with the rest of the guys playing some game.

Jasmyn moves closer to Anton, there's a sexual desire that passes between them for a moment in a bond of heavy breaths.

JASMYN: Oh? (He towel starts to slip off) Oops! (Smirks) I almost lost my towel, you wouldn't want my towel to fall off would you? (Anton gulps nervously) But I guess you can't see much without your glasses, huh?

ANTON: Not enough. (Jasmyn puts his glassing on so he can see) That's better.

JASMYN: Now that you can see, you can find your way out the door. (Waves) Bye, bye.

Jasmyn tosses Anton his clothes and he walks out, Tonya and Allison gawk at him before going into her room. They surprise Jasmyn who is in her towel and holding her nightie, she yelps. The two cousins exchange a look that needs no translation.

TONYA: Jasmyn, I know it's really none of our business but would you care to explain?

JASMYN: Explain what?

TONYA: We just saw Anton coming out of your room, without his shirt on. (Allison nods) Then we come in here and find you in a towel. (Notices as Allison points to something off-screen) Did you two take a bath together or something.

JASMYN: I took a bath, alone and this is the towel I used. (Sarcastically) Do you want to have it tested? (Scoffs) Oh please, I came in here and found Anton dressing in my room after my bother told him he could.

Again Tonya and Allison exchange a look that needs no translation. Their obviously on the same wavelength, namely disbelief as they turn their focus back to Jasmyn.

TONYA: Oh come on? (Smirks) Is that the best story you can come up with?

Jasmyn stares at Tonya, dumbfounded for a moment and then apparently thinks of something to shut her up.

JASMYN: Alright you caught me. (Sarcastically) I was in the middle of my bath when suddenly there at the door stood Anton. (Vigorously) Our eyes met and it was clear that we both wanted the very same thing.

TONYA: Is that when he took his shirt off?

JASMYN: Okay. (Pauses then goes back to acting) Then the pounding in my heart raced in my ears as our lips parted and we inched our faces closer together. (Hams up the act) Our hot and eager breath met in a shiver of anticipation, then we pressed our lips in a hot burning kiss. (Getting turned on) We were so overwhelmed me with an ecstasy that he lifted me up in his arms from the water and took me to my bed. What happened next was beyond what words.

TONYA: Okay, I get it, you can stop now. (Scoffs) There wasn't any hanky-panky with you and Anton but I can tell you wouldn't mind. (Jasmyn makes a mock aghast gasp) As pleasurable as you made this little piece of fiction sound, I know you've thought about him that way. (Points in Jasmyn's face) Huh? (Egging Jasmyn on) Uh, huh! (To Allison) Right cousin?

Allison grins in agreement, while giving the thumbs up to Tonya.

JASMYN: Wh... (Acts offended) Are you both out of your minds?! (Mock gasp) Me and Anton Garvin?!

TONYA: Well we didn't hear you say no. (Pauses) You're still not saying no.

JASMYN: I never said I wanted him, so why are you on my case about this? (Quickly changing the subject) How about we go down to the kitchen and get something to drink? (Desperate) We even have straws.

TONYA: Alright. (Follows Jasmyn and Allison out the door) I'll have some juice but we know you really want to wrap your lips around the straw of a tall drink of blonde. (Chuckles) Huh?

Jasmyn waits for Tonya to clear the door, then slams it shut and her bedroom goes dark from it.

FULL FRAME TITLE: Personal Violations

The guys are bored laying around unable to sleep, then Charlie gets to his feet.

DOMINIC: Where are you going?

CHARLIE: I need to take a leak.

Charlie proceeds on to the bathroom where he goes about his business. But then he hears giggling coming from Jasmyn's bedroom and wonders. Cut to; Jasmyn's door opens and the girls walk out, they sit around in the loft area.

TONYA: That's really funny Jasmyn, your brother is such a goofball. (To Allison) Are you still interested in this guy?

Allison nods, this cause Tonya and Jasmyn to exchange a look that needs no translation.

JASMYN: Allison why haven't you said anything? (Allison shrugs) Did my brother suck out your tongue?

ALLISON: No. (Pauses) I was just wondering which one of them is in the bathroom.

Charlie comes out of the bathroom, thus answering Allison's question.

CHARLIE: Hello ladies, what are you doing out here?

JASMYN: Talking but I was about to suggest a game. (Smirks) Would you like to join us?

TONYA: If you don't want to, that's alright too.

CHARLIE: Sure. (Sits by Tonya) So what game are we playing?

JASMYN: I suggest a board game so we can pair up. (Quickly) I call Allison! (Smirks) She doesn't talk much.

CHARLIE: That leaves the two of us paired up, huh Tonya?

Tonya doesn't say anything but she averts her glares at Jasmyn who gives her a sarcastic look back. Cut to; Jasmyn is nowhere in the room, Allison is asleep on the sofa but Tonya and Charlie are still playing Scrabble. They are laying across from each other in the floor, her leg bent at the knee with her foot up in the air and him gawking at her cleavage. They are combatants but both are using words in a subtext way, the words telling of their most vulnerable . Close up; The word "suffering" is crossed with the word "fixation." Backing up; The words "misery, passionate, trauma, romance, dilemma, possibilities, scandal and succubus" crisscross the board.

TONYA: Have you had enough or are you itching for more?

CHARLIE: Not tonight, Tonya. (Yawns) I'm too tied but we'll settle this tomorrow.

TONYA: Oh you are so on but why don't we do something a little more challenging other than this simple little board game?

CHARLIE: Fine with me sweetheart. (Scoffs) But whatever do you have in mind for us to do?

Charlie bounces his eyebrows as Tonya stands up, her nightie clings to to her flesh in the most erotically attractive way.

TONYA: A little one on one. (Charlie grins obviously thinking something dirty) I noticed a basketball court over at the park.

CHARLIE: You want to play basketball against me? (Scoffs as Tonya nods) Just the two of us?

TONYA: That's right, unless you're afraid? (Charlie can't control his laughter) Are you afraid of me Charlie?

Charlie stands up and faces Tonya, he moves ever closer to her.

CHARLIE: I think you want me to be afraid of you. (Smiles) Get some sleep sweetie, I'll see you in the morning.

TONYA: I'll bring my basketball, you just bring yourself.

FULL FRAME TITLE: Courting Trouble

Charlie shows up at the court first but a moment later Tonya shows up. In red high top sneakers just like his and holding her basketball. His fixation on her as a breeze blows back her long brunette hair, he smiles at her.

CHARLIE: Well, well, well so you really do own a basketball? (Smirks) Let's see if you know how to use it.

Background music something like Queen's "Body Language" plays. Tonya bounces the basketball at Charlie hard and he catches it, they start to size each other up. As they play she keeps taking control of the ball and getting baskets, this is getting to him. He takes the ball away from her and gets a basket, this makes her mad. She decides to use her feminine wiles to get him to drop the ball and bends over to rub her ankles slowly, it works of course. She moves like a cat taking the ball and getting it into the basket, he glares at her. He rushes her and gets the ball but she has encircled him around his hips, they both start to fall to the ground. The ball rolls away as he wrestles her down as she goes for the ball, their faces only inches apart.

TONYA: Let me up! (Charlie doesn't move) You better get off me right now!

CHARLIE: You know you're incredibly sexy when you get angry... Grrrrrr!

Tonya wraps a leg around Charlie's legs and forces him over, she stands over him.

TONYA: You don't know when to give up do you? (Helping Charlie to his feet) We are here to play basketball.

CHARLIE: We could try for an action replay. (Leans in to kiss Tonya but she moves away) You never give in do you?

Tonya leans over to pick up the ball and spins it on just her index finger, Charlie is amazed by this.

TONYA: Nope! (Smirks) And I haven't even worked up a sweat unlike you. (Pleasantly) So get ready boyo, I'm going to beat the pants off of you.

CHARLIE: Oh yeah? (Takes the ball away from Tonya) Well girly, why don't we play for those stakes? Our pants!

TONYA: That's fine with me since I'm winning. And when I do win you'll also have to do whatever I want for a day.

CHARLIE: That's fair but you won't win and when I do win, you'll have to do something I want you to do.

TONYA: I tell you what Charlie, if you mange to beat me, which you won't. (Smirks) But if you get that lucky, I'll give you a little kiss on the chin. (Charlie shakes his head in protest) Alright I'll give you a great big kiss, right on the lips.

Charlie so surprised by Tonya's remark he cannot move for a moment.

CHARLIE: Excuse me? (Dumbfounded) Did you just say what I hoped you did?

TONYA: Charlie if you manage to beat me in this game, I will plant my lips right on yours and I'll knock your socks off.

Charlie stares at her in disbelief, then everything goes black. Cut to; A few moments later, he's lying on a park table after fainting and Tonya is reviving him by light slaps on the back of his hand.

CHARLIE: Tonya? (Sits up) Whoa, my knees never buckled like that before.

TONYA: Relax, the heat must have made you dizzy. (Sympathetically) Are you feeling any better?

Tonya comforts Charlie who indulges in the attention.

CHARLIE: I feel confused actually. (Tonya strokes his hair) Maybe delirious.

TONYA: Do you think you might be in shock, hon?

CHARLIE: No doubt about that! (Sighs) Or dreaming. (Pauses) Only one way to find out. (Very innocently) You want to do it? (Tonya backs up and slaps his arm) Okay so I'm not dreaming.

TONYA: Pervert! (Growls but is very antsy) Why don't you just behave yourself?

With a brave and daring impulse Charlie slides himself down off the table, right into Tonya face.

CHARLIE: Why don't you stop being so rigid? (Pauses) Maybe we should find something to do besides play basketball?

TONYA: I agree, we should get some food in you and finish this game later. (Smirks) Unless you agree that I won?

CHARLIE: Fine, you won. (Anxious) I'll be your slave for 24 hours. (Smiles) Do with me what you will, oh mighty brunette.

TONYA: We'll talk about that over lunch, grab the ball and come on.

Tonya takes a steps as Charlie picks up the ball and follows her. Cut to; Inside an old 1950's styled diner they sit across from each other in a booth with their food but are distracted by the sudden loud conversation in the booth behind them. As two middle aged hens sit down to gossip about things the two teens are first annoyed by these hicks Texas draws.

JOAN: Darian did you hear the latest?

DARIAN: No Joan, what is it?

JOAN: Apparently, Sally Mae caught them. (Darian gasps) Her husband and that tramp Eleanor Graham.

DARIAN: Oh that poor woman. (Huffy) What was he thinking that Graham girl is half his age.

JOAN: Oh please, he's a man! (Scoffs) If a woman spreads herself, that's all it takes for a man.

DARIAN: Oh, shut up! (Smirks) Nobody put a gun to his head, you know?

JOAN: It's the woman who's in control of these situations, unless it's forced of course. (Matter of fact) Then it's a crime.

DARIAN: True. (Pauses then snickers) Hey do you think Edward is any good?

JOAN: Oh my goodness! (Frustrated) Yes, I do!

The two hens continue to gossip but Tonya leans over to talk to Charlie in hushed tones for a moment. Both of them are growing more amused by these two hens.

TONYA: Do you think we should have the waitress bring over some ice for these two or what? (Charlie snickers) Shhh!

JOAN: Oh that Eddie is a charmer alright. (Knowingly) I heard he has nimble fingers.

DARIAN: Think she closed her eyes as their fingers entwined, along with the rest of them?

JOAN: You have such a dirty mind Darian. (Frustrated sigh) Hey do you think they had any foreplay?

The two women cackle like chickens as Tonya and Charlie snicker over these two now perverted conversation.

TONYA: The way these two hens are cackling, I wonder if they are going to lay some eggs?

CHARLIE: Maybe we should hurry up and get out of here before they want us to join them.

Tonya's disgusted as Charlie lets out an evil sarcastic laugh, then she laughs, the two hens behind them stand up offended.

TONYA: Maybe we should turn the fire hose on them full blast.

CHARLIE: No. (Chuckles) That might turn them on more.

JOAN: How dare you laugh at us, you two little hoodlums?!

DARIAN: You had no right to listen to our private conversation!

TONYA: Well the steam was starting to get to us, we couldn't help ourselves.

CHARLIE: Neither could they.

Charlie laughs with Tonya as the two hens start to march out but they stop for a moment.

DARIAN: Well I never!

CHARLIE: But you want to none the less.

JOAN: Come on Darian, we'll go someplace else to eat.

TONYA: Let me guess, where there are male stripers?

The two hens leave as Tonya and Charlie chuckle but then they stop, she takes a bite of her food.

CHARLIE: That was fun. (Pauses) So what are you going to have me do for you for a whole day?

TONYA: I have a list of things I need done, you do know how to scrub and mop don't you? (Charlie nods) Good, then you can wash my motorcycle too. (Smirks) Do you know how to wash clothes because I have some that need to be done.

CHARLIE: I see, so you're going to have me be a maid for you. (Frustrated) No other services I can perform for you?

TONYA: As a matter of fact there is. (Sexy tone) We can end the day when we eat a hot meal you made from scratch.

CHARLIE: I should have beaten you in that game, double or nothing.

TONYA: Dream on, I bet you I'm a better player than you are. (Smirks) You would be doing what I wanted anyway.

Thwarted Charlie eyes narrow as he gawks at Tonya as she eats the last bite of her food. Cut to; Charlie is alone with Tonya's dirty laundry, he starts filling the washer with jeans. He halts when he notices her undergarments, he holds up a black bra and sniffs it. It's as if he had just tasted forbidden fruit and he's overwhelmed with an ecstasy. Frustrated, his eyes close and he has a fantasy about kissing Tonya. The bra falls to the ground just before she comes in and taps his shoulder.

CHARLIE: Aaaaggghhh! (Opens his eyes) Tonya?

TONYA: Hey?! (Grabs Charlie's arms) Come on, don't fall asleep on me. (Exits)

CHARLIE: Believe me, if I was on you I wouldn't be asleep. (He picks up all her bras and panties) Aha! Black, red, leopard print bra's and panties. (Snickers) You don't buy this type of stuff unless you want someone to see it. (Picks up a black teddy with a new tag) New lingerie? (Gasps) She plans on doing something with someone, some time! (He notice most of the bra's and panties also have new tags) The two questions are is it with me and if so... When?!

FULL FRAME TITLE: Don't judge a book by its cover

Charlie is in the kitchen not happy about having to cook from scratch and he's made somewhat of a mess to clean up too. He leans on the wall and has a fantasy about Tonya. She's wearing wearing black stocking with suspenders and that black teddy he put in the washer, she has on really high healed pumps. He hears someone walk into the kitchen, he opens his eyes to her she's wearing her sage green robe. Not as he had wished her to be dressed for bed but he's still turned on by her.

TONYA: I need something to drink. (Gets a drink from the refrigerator) So what did you make?

CHARLIE: Something that will melt in your mouth. (Smiles) Why don't you sit down and let me serve you?

Tonya smiles and goes to sit down at the table, he comes out with a plate of food for her a moment later.

TONYA: Damn! (Sighs) You didn't have to cook all of this.

CHARLIE: Don't worry about it. (Goes to the kitchen again)

TONYA: It looks good. (Takes a bite and moans with delight) This is the best thing I ever had in my mouth!

Charlie walks back out with his food and a drink, he sits across from Tonya who eats with sounds of pleasure.

CHARLIE: So are you done with me after this or do you want something else from me?

TONYA: What exactly are you implying? (Takes a small bite of food) Do you think I made you work too hard?

CHARLIE: No but if you need me for anything else, I'm here for you.

TONYA: We could take in an old movie, I have a collection in my bedroom.

Charlie nods with a grin as he gets his hopes up. Cut to; Tonya sits on her futon with him as the sounds of an old horror flick full the room, he looks at her. He tries to figure out what move he should use on her but she ends up with her feet in his lap.

CHARLIE: Oh so now I'm your foot stool? (Tonya gives him a smug look) Oh is that so? (Scoffs) Why don't I just give you a foot massage while your feet are on me? (She likes that idea) Are your feet clean?

TONYA: Yes, my feet are absolutely clean. (Sighs) I took a shower before we ate. (Aggressively) So get busy.

CHARLIE: One of the secrets to a good massage is to let everything in your mind go. (Adorning places his hands on Tonya's feet) Only listen to what your body wants. (Sotto) You know if you take off your robe, I could give you a more thorough massage? (Excited) And if you feel like you need to react to my touch feel free to do so.

Tonya has her eyes closed as Charlie moves past her feet to her legs but she stops him at her knees.

TONYA: Oh no you don't. (Stands up) If you're not going to behave you can leave.

Charlie is fed up he stands up and gets very close to Tonya.

CHARLIE: If you want me to behave you have to first? (Wraps an arm around Tonya) Otherwise I might...

Tonya puts her hand over Charlie mouth to shut him up.

TONYA: You're not going to do anything but go home.

Tonya moves a step away from Charlie and smacks him on the rear end as he turns to leave.

CHARLIE: You are so asking for trouble, you know? (Looms towards Tonya) Some guys would do something about you.

TONYA: Some guys or you? (Smirks) You want to give it a try and find out what I will do to you?

CHARLIE: I'm not the type of guy who forces himself on a female but there are guys who do.

TONYA: If you were, you wouldn't be welcome anywhere near me.

CHARLIE: Are you trying to test my patience?! (Upset) You know you are the most difficult not to mention confusing person. (Sharply) Like the enigma of a canvas if Picasso, Escher and Salvador Dali all worked on it.

TONYA: So besides being difficult to understand and confusing to you. (Coolly) You're also making it clear to me that you find me complex and fascinating? (Grabs Charlie's shoulders) You're curious as to how I work inside as opposed to what you see on the outside. (Smirks) That's what will make our progressing relationship interesting, don't you think?

CHARLIE: Relationship? (Ponders this for a moment) So what type of "relationship" are you talking about Tonya?

Tonya looks away as she sits back down on her futon, then with a very insisting tone she speaks.

TONYA: Friendship. (Charlie sits next to her) But I think you need to go now, okay?

Charlie starts nervously rubbing the back of his neck he's wanting to kiss Tonya but she just sits there not looking at him.

CHARLIE: Are you sure you want me to go? (Tonya nods) Alright then. (Stands up) Good night, sweetheart.

Tonya waves at Charlie before he walks out of her room. Cut to; He's stops just from the stairs, Dominic and Allison being very affectionate at the front door. They are too busy kissing, their bodies pressed into each other to notice him.

DOMINIC: Mmm! (Excited) Please Allison?

ALLISON: No. (Dominic kisses her neck) No.

Dominic starts fondling Allison in a PG-13 sort of way, until Charlie clears his throat. They look at him as he crosses his arms in disgust but more at himself than them. He passes between them and out the door, then gives them a salute.

CHARLIE: Carry on. (Walking away he hears the door shut, then turns to face Dominic) You too, huh?

DOMINIC: Sort of. (Sighs) She won't let me do anything but make out with her.

CHARLIE: Oh boo-hoo! (Fed up sigh) The only kiss I've gotten from Tonya was on my cheek, that and a couple of hugs. (Blinks) She did let me give her a foot massage and I ended up feeling up her legs to her knees before she stopped me.

DOMINIC: Way to go, man. (Charlie is a bit confused) Oh come on, Charlie?

CHARLIE: So I gave her a foot massage? (Uncertain tone) Is that supposed to mean something?

DOMINIC: Uh, huh. (Charlie looks at him skeptically) Did she make sounds? (Fake moans) Ohh! Ohh!

CHARLIE: Yeah but that was because he feet were hurting, not because she was not turned on or anything.

DOMINIC: You're so wrong if you think a foot massage doesn't mean anything. (Matter of fact) It's sensual for a man to put his hands on a chicks feet man. (Scoffs) You know it's because you went as far as her knees before she stopped you and why do you think she did? (Pauses) Because it was getting her all hot and flustered man, I'm telling you.

CHARLIE: No, it's because I was getting to close to her draw bridge and she didn't want me to invade her castle.

DOMINIC: No she wants to lure you up to the gates but not let you pass. (Smirks) Not until you've done every task she puts before you. (Points to the ground) Of course after you get down on your knees and beg and beg and beg and beg.

CHARLIE: If I have to but see, she wants me as just a friend for now. (With hope for near future) Many lovers start as best friends. (Smug as possible) I guess I'll just have to keep other guys from her who might be in the way of that happening

DOMINIC: Aw, so that's your plan? (Charlie's lurid and ambitious look says it all) What are you going to do about Jana?

CHARLIE: I think Tonya could win that cat-fight. (Evil snicker) Oh yeah!

Dominic scoffs and opens the gate, he pauses and looks back at Charlie.

DOMINIC: Suit yourself but I don't think that shapely brunette will fight to get you.

Dominic exits the gate soon followed by Charlie. Fade out; The bump and grind of raunchy Blues saxophone music that plays in the background and into the next scene. Fade in; Tonya dressed for bed laying across her futon in a sexy pose through the opening of her window shades, from the POV of a pair of combat binoculars. Backing up; Charlie is holding the binoculars to his eyes watching her until her light in her window goes off and then he sits them down.

CHARLIE: Buenos noches, senorita.

Charlie falls on his bed like a sack of potatoes as he has a fantasy about Tonya. She'd dressed in the sexy teddy he saw when he was doing her wash, she grabs him by his shirt and pulls him toward her.

TONYA: Mmm! (Sexily) I've been waiting for you, brown eyes.

Charlie lifts her Tonya's leg and presses it against his hip, kissing her neck.

CHARLIE: If you want me to stop, tell me now.

Tonya forces Charlie against a near by wall and she is melting into him now, kissing him.

She guides Charlie into a bed covered with red rose petals, they undress each other and get beneath the covers. Atop him, she straddles him and they are about to make love when... His eyes pop open as the sound of a guitar blares, it's morning and he gets out of bed. Cut to; Tonya playing her guitar in the garage when Charlie enters, watching her.

TONYA: Mmm! (Puts her guitar down) Hey Charlie, I was wanting to ask you something. (Cocks her head) When you washed my clothes did you see a pair of red panties?

Charlie fidgets and looking guilty of much worse, as Tonya looks at him with a deadpan expression.

CHARLIE: I... I... (Gulps) Um, maybe they went where ever it is that lost socks go.

TONYA: Could be. (Sighs) You know it's really strange but that happens. (Laughs) If I had to lose a pair, it's a good thing it was not any of the new ones I haven't worn yet. (Scoffs) These were a faded and about worn out anyway.

Charlie hides the telling grin on his face from Tonya with his hand, then she sits on the bench just behind him.

CHARLIE: Um, so what else is going on besides the mystery of the lost red pant... (Chokes) Um, panties?

Embarrassed Charlie looks down at own feet, this makes Tonya laugh.

TONYA: That's adorable. (Charlie looks back up at her) You look so cute when you're turning red.

The possibility of a kiss hangs in the air, until Tonya withdraws and Charlie obviously feels ashamed of himself.

CHARLIE: Maybe I should go. (Stands up) I... I... I'll see you later.

Charlie walks out leaving Tonya for only a moment before Allison walks in on her.

TONYA: Hi cousin. (Clears her throat) Um, I'm sorry if you want to talk or something, I'm not in the mood.

ALLISON: Tonya, you okay?

TONYA: I need to go for a walk. (Walking out) Later.

FULL FRAME TITLE: The Maze of Latent Agony

Fade in: Classical music plays in the background throughout... Something sad but sweet. Tonya walks down a sidewalk but she doesn't know Charlie is following her, he watches where she goes. Off the main road she walks down one with only a few houses and at the end of it is a cemetery. Solemnly she stands at the iron gates at the entrance, the scene is pure intense desolation. Her gaze without expression seems just as void, that is until a single tear falls down her face and it reflects the sunlight. Grim-faced she presses against the gate and no sound comes from her mouth, as she begins to shake the iron gate in frustration. Of course he's noticed this but he cannot bring himself to stop her, as enraged she kicks the brick wall that goes around the cemetery. She throws her back to the wall and slides down it, she can no longer hold back tears. As her agony manifest it's self, her emptiness consumes her and he is terribly moved by her tears. He stands immobile as Tonya gets to her feet walking away with her head hung, again Charlie follows her. Cut to; Once in the park she walks into the bathroom, washing her face from a sink faucet. She tears a brown paper towel from the holder and dries her face off. She looks in the mirror to make sure she looks alright, then walks out the door and spots him sitting on the table only a few feet way from the restrooms. Despite himself can't help using the moment to his advantage, as she walks towards him.

TONYA: What are you doing here?

CHARLIE: I could ask you the same thing. (Tonya stares at him, deadpan) So how are you?

TONYA: Why? (This is met with silence) How are you?

CHARLIE: I'm deeply concerned about you. (Tonya shoots him a glare) I mean walking alone in the park.

Tonya is relieved as Charlie stands next to her and offers her his arm, she puts hers around it.

TONYA: Charlie? (Holding her dignity intact) As a matter of fact I really could use a friend right now.

Tonya and Charlie walk along the sidewalk. Cut to: Shot of the smooth river water rippling as a pebble hits it. The camera pans up the water to show their reflections, they stand on the small bridge close to each other. Cut to; They walk along the edge of the river side by side and end up sitting on a bench together, he leans forward.

CHARLIE: Tonya, I... (Gulps) I... (Soulfully) I'm here for you if you need someone to talk to.

Tonya ponders this for a moment as she looks at the back of Charlie's head, she gives him a small kiss on the back of his neck. His face loosens and quivers just the slightest bit, for this is uncharted territory even for Mr. Suave Attitude. However it is very welcome, he turns and hugs her. The moment is crushed not by her but the yelps of Jana as she roars up to them.

JANA: Charlie you get away from that usurper! (Wags her finger at Tonya) Usurper!

Charlie stands between Jana and Tonya but Tonya is angry, she stands up to Jana.

TONYA: Look you little bratty fungus, I'm sick of your insane behavior. (Points away) Get lost and stay lost!

JANA: I am not insane! (Having a hissy fit) I know that you're after him but he belongs to me!

CHARLIE: Jana for what seems like at least a trillion times, I am not yours. (Disgusted) I do not want to be, so go away!

TONYA: I got a better idea, come on Charlie. (Grabs Charlie by the arm) We'll go. (To Jana) Good bye psycho!

Tonya and Charlie are followed by Jana but they duck behind a row of bushes, thus loosing Jana. He leans in and smells her hair but she takes his hand and they walk off together. Last shot is of Jana stamping her foot as the sun sits on her.


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