CHARLIE: They don't agree on much but they are best friends.

TONYA: They get into stubborn insult throwing, battle of wits but they are still friends.

ERIC: Their friendship is based on both their wild ideas they come up with.

ALLISON: Their juicy arguments and opposing opinions burn as hot as when they make up.

JASMYN: His twin sister who he's always bickering with.

ANTON: Rocky friendship because Dominic is over protective and Anton's lurking desire of his sister Jasmyn.

VIOLET: Violet believes in some of the things he does but not at the same level.

HANNA: They get on each others nerves most of the time.

WADE: A competition of wills and skills is the main theme of this friendship.

JANA: He thinks Jana is scumbag.

LARRY: He knocks Larry around.

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