Lurking in my shadow
how he likes to crow
watches me from afar
I am his fly in a jar

A predator's obsession
I am not a possession
No doubt he is amused
by the way I'm abused

Deeming me as a slave
with the pain he gave
with his twisted trait
dictates my every fate

Predator on my trail

(Faster beat)

I don't know who you are
but I feel your cold eyes
never know when you're near
then you spy on me again

What is it you really want
you have already framed me
they pointed their fingers
and you took it all from me

Demon from the depths of hell
someday you will be through
I'll turn the tables on you
if you slip up and you will

Your dark words came across
like a dead man with prayers
you curtly wrote my verdict
as they passed their judgment

Phantom it was all your fault
hammered in my coffin nails
and I cannot get away from you
I know you're still stalking me

Lyrics By Melissa McMahan

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