| Thunder Bolts and Shrink Rap |

SHOW TITLE: Thunder Bolts and Shrink Rap

FULL FRAME TITLE: It was a dark and stormy night...

INT. Tonya's bedroom, she's tossing and turning in her sleep from the rain outside. Lightning strikes then thunder a beat later, this wakes her up. Cut to; Allison is sleeping peacefully when Tonya walks in her room, she can't bring herself to wake up her cousin and exits. Cut to; Charlie sleeping on his side in his bed, lightning strikes as he rolls over on his back. He hears something else, the sound of someone messing around outside, he gets out of bed.

CHARLIE: Jana that better not be you!

Cut to; Anton sleeping through the loud sounds coming from around the house. Cut to; An indistinguishable female shape hunched over trying to pick the lock on the sliding glass doors. Charlie steps into frame, he goes over and turns on the light on Tonya just as she jimmies the door open.

TONYA: Nice pajama's Charlie, sorry I woke you up but I don't want to be alone right now. (Sighs) I hope you don't mind?

CHARLIE: Nah, I've had enough sleep tonight anyway. (Pulls Tonya inside and shuts the door) So I might as well let the girl next door in for the rest of it.

Indigenous he stands there eyeing her, she pretty soaked.

TONYA: I'm so wet!

Charlie gulps taking what Tonya said in a perverted way.


TONYA: Don't just stand there Charlie, get me a towel so I can dry myself off with it!

Charlie snaps to Tonya's orders, he runs off to get her a towel and comes back with it. She rubs the towel over herself as he watches her with much interest.

CHARLIE: Anything I can help you with?

TONYA: Yes, I'm drenched. (Sighs) Need to get out of these clothes!

CHARLIE: Do you any help with that?

TONYA: Once I get them off, you can put them in your dryer for me. (Hands Charlie the wet towel) And this while your at it, thank you.

CHARLIE: Sure Tonya. (Nervous laugh) Go ahead and strip.

TONYA: Oh I'll need to borrow your robe or some of your clothes while mine dry. After all I can't prance around here buck naked and embarrass you to death.

Charlie cannot believe what he has just heard Tonya say but before he can react she goes into the bathroom.

CHARLIE: At least I'd die happy.

TONYA: (From the bathroom) What? Oh never mind I'm out of my clothes now anyway!

A beat later Tonya's arm holding her wet clothes, comes out of the bathroom door that's ajar. As Charlie takes them he catches a small glimpse of Tonya's naked back in the bathroom mirror. Then she shuts the door again, just before he can see her butt and thus breaking the spell.

CHARLIE: (Yelling into the door) My robe is in there hanging from the shower nozzle Tonya!

TONYA: (From the bathroom) Oh I see it now, thanks!

Charlie walks out to the garage and puts Tonya's clothes on top of the closed washer. He tosses in her top, then her shorts and the towel she used. It dawns on him her undergarments were not with her clothes, he walks back from the garage. He walks into the now empty bathroom and sees nothing. Cut to; Tonya sitting on Charlie's bed when he opens the door and is stunned to see her there in his robe.

CHARLIE: Um, so you're in here? (Stepping in and shutting the door behind him) In my bedroom, on my bed, in the middle of the night.

Charlie makes a high pitched whine when Tonya pats the empty space right next to her on the bed.

TONYA: Come sit next to me, after all I did come over here to talk to you.

Charlie does as he's told and when he sits down, the robe Tonya is wearing falls off one of her shoulders revealing her black bra strap. He gulps and there's a uncomfortable silence between them for a beat. Evidently the sexual tension between them is getting worse, then he clears his throat as if it will help some how. It doesn't help that the electricity goes out right then, thus the air conditioning with it, the robe falls open just enough for her bare leg to be exposed.

CHARLIE: Oh no! (Growing tense) Well the power is out and there goes the cool air!

TONYA: Don't worry about it, I'm sure the power will come back on soon enough.

Tonya's bare leg suddenly rubs up against his and another gulps comes from him as his leg shakes slightly.

CHARLIE: Um? (Unbuttons his pajama top) It's a scorching night! (Taking off his pajama top) All this moisture from the precipitation isn't helping either.

Tonya nods in agreement, she becomes apprehensive as lightning strikes illuminating the room for a moment, abruptly followed by the thunder.

TONYA: I hate this kind of weather, the lightning and the thunder! (Grabs hold of Charlie's arm) I didn't want to be alone in my bed tonight in this mess!

Tonya exhales and lays her head on Charlie's bare shoulder, he lets out a low growl.

CHARLIE: Damn, it's steamy in here! (Panting) It seems to be getting hotter each minute that passes!

TONYA: The kind of heat that gets inside your body, mixed with all the humidity from the storm! (Breathy) It's like a fiery steam bath.

Tonya looks up at Charlie, their noses mere inches from each other, both slightly panting.

CHARLIE: Yes. (Sighs) It is rather sultry in here.

TONYA: I apologize Charlie, me barging in on you like this in the middle of the night. (Clears throat) Essentially asking to stay the night with you.

Charlie takes a here-goes-nothing breath before he places his index finger on Tonya's slightly parted lips.

CHARLIE: And I basically don't mind you essentially asking to. (Softly) Anything you want is fine with me.

Charlie moves his finger from Tonya's lips and there is a tense silence between them for a beat. He's doesn't know what to do but she smiles at him.

TONYA: Thanks for letting me stay up with you tonight but I don't know what we can together in the darkness like this.

Charlie gulps as Tonya leans around him and leans back on his bed pillows, sitting up looking at the back of his head.

CHARLIE: I sure can think a couple of things. (Rubs the back of his neck with a sly grin) Please feel free to do whatever you want Tonya.

TONYA: I hope this doesn't sound terribly forward but could you sit back here next to me?

Charlie cannot believe what he has just heard Tonya say, after a long pause he slowly sits back next to her.

CHARLIE: Okay. (Looking over at Tonya) The heat in here is making me dizzy, maybe even delirious.

TONYA: Oh you poor boy. (Standing up) I'll crack open this sliding glass window just enough to get some cool air in here for you.

Tonya turns just long enough to crack open the sliding glass window that leads out to the small balcony. She turns back around to sit back down but in the process the robe slides open just enough for Charlie to see a glimpse of her black bra and panties. She catches it and adjust it to cover herself up again but he's already seen enough to be excited by it. He reaches for one of the pillows and puts it in his lap, obviously to hide his problem. She gives him a puzzled look over his action but lightning illuminating the room distracts her, then the thunder makes her cringe.

CHARLIE: Tonya are you alright?

TONYA: I'll be fine, it's just that I hate storms. (Troubled) Especially alone at night!

Lightning illuminates the room again while the storm increases and as the thunder crashes, Tonya wraps her arms around Charlie in a fit of emotion. He doesn't move and is staring straight ahead trying his best not act on his urges. Sitting there shirtless feeling her arms and chest against him, his leg starting to shake the slightest bit, he's also feeling some of his scruples slipping away fast. Bashfully he takes her up in his arms as well and they hug but it's on the edge of becoming more.

CHARLIE: I'm sorry. (Finding hard to say anything else) I'm really sorry.

Bewildered Tonya backs away from Charlie, then realizes just how affectionate this whole situation has gotten. Trying her best to conduct herself with the utmost maturity, she stands up from the bed.

TONYA: No I'm sorry Charlie. (Clears throat) I'm sure my clothes are dry by now, so I'll go down and put them back on now.

CHARLIE: Um, I'll be down in about ten or so minuets, I need to use the can.

TONYA: That was a little bit more information than I needed to know, Charlie. (Directing Charlie) I'll see you down stairs when you're done then. (Exits)

FULL FRAME TITLE: Lingering Shadows

INT. Bathroom where Charlie stands at the sink drying his hands on a small towel, he tosses it to the floor. Then he catches his own reflection in the mirror, he's looking at the young fellow looking back and flexes his bare shoulders. The lights come back on as he tousles his hair to make himself look more sensual and winks at himself. Practicing how he wants to rejoin Tonya down stairs, he begins his dialogue with himself.

CHARLIE: Tonya, did you miss me? (Deflated) While I was upstairs taking care of the problem you gave me and talking to myself in the mirror like a dork? (Suavely) Hey sweetheart, anything I can do to make you feel better? (Deflated again) That's so lame! (Sighs) What was I thinking? (Flexing his bare shoulders again) I better just rely on my virile good looks and charisma to win her over. (Smirks) I'll just wing the rest as I go along and just hope it goes well.

Now that Charlie's given himself a little pep talk, he's ready to rejoin Tonya downstairs and exits the bathroom. Cut to. Tonya now dressed in her own clothes lays Charlie's robe across the back of one of the chairs in the dinning room. While his footfalls come down the stairs, she jumps and it's clear the storm still has her on edge. The power goes back out, they stare at each other slack jawed mere inches from each other for a beat. But then lightning strikes and they join hands, the thunder clap makes them both squirm around closer to each other. Their adrenaline is pumping, due to the escalated storm sound like a run away freight train outside. They hug each other tightly and she's on the verge of tears but not crying, just making a few whimpers. Pressing her body and wrapping her legs around his body, forces him to get pinned to the wall. They simultaneously sink to the floor, she's now in his lap with her legs on each side of him and if they weren't dressed this would look sexual for sure. The sound of hard driving wind blowing everything asunder, this is making her crush into him as much as she can manage.

TONYA: Don't let go of me Charlie! (He makes a high pitched sound) Please just hold me!

CHARLIE: Okay. (Wraps his arms around Tonya) There's something I want to tell you, just in case!

Before either Charlie or Tonya can say anything else Anton has come down stares and causes them to brake apart. He dives down next to Tonya, she's between them but clinging to Charlie. Anton notices this and gives Charlie a thumbs up, just then the storm dies down to a normal rain.

ANTON: It's calming down out there!

Tonya stands up and looks around, she walks out the front door without a word. Anton and Charlie look at each other in wonder.

CHARLIE: What is with that girl? (Scoffs) She comes over here all freaked out and drenched, to wake me up so she won't be alone. (Getting aggravated) Then she all but flirts with me but it was pretty close to it let me tell you. (Shrugs) Yet she just leaves without a word as soon as the rain calms down.

ANTON: Well look at it this way Charlie, you got to spend some time alone with her.

CHARLIE: This is true. (Smirks) Maybe soon I'll get a kiss from her on the lips.

FULL FRAME TITLE: None of my pain and woe can show through

Close up of Tonya's blue eyes as they shut, in a pan back a bit, she is looking in the bathroom mirror. Looking right into her own blue eyes, a single tear forms and falls from her eye lash. Close up of her tear, it seems to float in the air in a surreal way as it falls and then slashes on a surface in a slow motion. Cut to; Jana comes out of her house, ready to face the world and she fiddles with her left side ponytail. Gives herself a long squirt of breath freshener, just as a smarmy little boy on his bicycle laughs at her as he passes by. She looks at him snootily and heads on down the side walk the other direction. In her own eccentric way she knows exactly where her heels are going as she heads towards the park. Impishly she giggles as she notices Charlie sitting alone on a park bench, she tries a sexy walk close by him that gets zero reaction. A reserved smatter of laughter comes from a family who saw the whole thing as they walk in front of her, from one side of the frame and exit on the other. Charlie still pays no attention at all to her, he's in deep thought obviously as his face is totally impassive. The atmosphere is awkward but more so when Tonya and Allison walking up, the girls all stare at each other stubbornly. Much tension is about as Charlie finally notices the girls and is a bit mortified, he knows something is about to happen. A flustered Jana stomps her foot and huffs in Tonya's direction like a mad bull, for a beat. But when Tonya takes a step towards Jana, the nerd girl panics. He gives a little satisfied giggle as the uneasy atmosphere changes, the girls stand off across from each other like a scene from an old western.

JANA: You! (Wags her finger towards Tonya and Allison) I don't know who you two witches are but Charlie is mine, so go on and get lost!

TONYA: One thing about us witches is to know which kind your messing with. (Points to Allison) Now my cousin here she's a good witch, she won't hit you with the broomstick like I will. (Sardoniclly laughs) Now why don't you run along home now before you get hurt?

JANA: I'm not afraid of you! (Huffy) I'm willing to fight for my man!

As Tonya scoffs at Jana's outrageous behavior Dominic walks up taking Allison's hand.

TONYA: Get a clue, he isn't interested in you! (Gestures towards Allison and Dominic) And as you can see for yourself, my cousin has a boyfriend.

DOMINIC: That's right Jana so you leave Allison out of this or else you'll deal with me! (Kisses Allison) Don't let her bother you baby.

JANA: Well in that case, I guess my only dilemma is you girl. (Points to Tonya) And like I said before, I'm willing to fight for my man!

CHARLIE: Then why don't you go find a man who wants you and leave me alone?

JANA: Oh Charlie. (Laughs and sorts) You don't have to pretend cherished one, you're simply timid about love.

Charlie stands up and stomps his foot about to lose his cool but Tonya stands between him and Jana.

TONYA: Hey Charlie is my friend and he doesn't want you bothering him. (Matter of fact) So as his friend I will make sure you stop bothering him.

JANA: Friend? (Scoffs) You're merely desirous to maraud my Charlie but I'll keep you from that (Yells) You barracuda!

DOMINIC: Human translation of what nerd girl just said please? (Charlie and Allison shrug) We're at a loss here!

TONYA: This lunatic thinks I want to deflower and otherwise molest Charlie. (Smirks) But people who are purely friends don't do that to one another.

Charlie is destitute hearing Tonya say that, he slumps over like a deflated tire.

DOMINIC: Well they could but their friendship wouldn't be very pure that's for sure.

JANA: Oh shut up! (Shakes her fist) Look, if you want to be my mans friend I suppose I could let that go but there better never be anything else!

CHARLIE: Jana how many times have I got to tell you that I am not your man, I'm not even your friend. (Bellows) Damn it, I cannot stand you!

TONYA: There you go straight for the source! (Takes Charlie's arm) We'll all go now so you can think about that alone. (Snotty) Bye-bye!

Jana panics seeing Tonya's hand slip down Charlie's arm until they are holding hands. She leads him along behind Dominic and Allison, thus leaving Jana alone. Birds sing as the group head out of the park together, Tonya is still holding Charlie's hand. Tonya realizes finally that fact and lets go of him abruptly, they look at each other for a beat. She tilts forward and gives him a kiss on the cheek real quick, much to his surprise. She steps back and looks at him for a moment, she smirks. Cherishing the blush his face is left with, other than the bright shade of red lipstick print where her lips were. Once she walks past him a tad he touches his cheek not realizing that he's leaving a smug of red down the side of his face in the process. Allison holds Dominic back who is obviously wanting to chime in and make fun of them for it. They look at each other but she kisses him to make him forget about bothering the other couple. Charlie rushes up to Tonya where she rubs the red off his cheek with her finger, again they look at each other for a beat.

CHARLIE: Whoa! (Nervous laugh) What was that little kiss for?

TONYA: For being such a good friend to me. (Sighs) What does it gall you that I know so much about you?

CHARLIE: Well you don't have enough information to know every detail about me, yet.

TONYA: Don't underestimate me, Mr Woods. (Smirks) You're pretty easy to read.

Charlie has had it, he takes a menacing step forward in a frantic motion he grabs Tonya's hands in his.

CHARLIE: Perhaps you're the one who has underestimated me? (Timidly) There is a whole lot more than meets the eye about me.

TONYA: I don't think so. (Smirks) Like I said before, most everything about you is practically stamped on your forehead.

Tonya smacks Charlie's forehead lightly right after her statement but he laughs this off.

CHARLIE: You cut to the quip of things, don't you? (Tonya nods) Well that takes a helluva lot of nerve to assume you know every little detail about me. (Disappointed tone) I'm a very complex guy!

TONYA: No. (Incredulous) You're not but you have a complex, in the form of a thin veil of suave macho you try to disguise your true self with. (Suddenly fishing) Granted there seems to be a few things I can't quite figure out about you but it won't be long before I figure that out too.

Charlie puts his hand up between them as if he's interrupting her but he really hasn't.

CHARLIE: So you think you got most of me nailed down. (Smug laugh) Don't you, sweetheart?

TONYA: Oh absolutely. (Winks) And don't worry it won't be long before I figure out the rest.

CHARLIE: Um? (Thinking) Is that what she is really thinking or is she yanking my chain?

TONYA: Well anyway, I have to be somewhere soon so maybe I should collect my cousin now.

Tonya walks over and roughly separates Allison from Dominic, then pulls her along like a mother would a child. Charlie watches thoughtfully after Tonya as she walks past him. However Dominic is not too pleased by what just transgressed with the girls and it shows as he walks up to Charlie.

DOMINIC: Hey why did Tonya drag Allison off like that? (Exasperated) Where the hell are they going anyhow?

CHARLIE: I don't know but do you want to follow them and find out?

DOMINIC: That's not a bad idea Charlie.

FULL FRAME TITLE: Freudian slip.

Cut to; An office building complex Tonya and Allison walk inside and go to the bank of elevators. Tonya pushes the button for "up" and they wait for it. Cut to; Charlie and Dominic enter the doors looking around for the girls, see them they hang back. The girls get on an elevator and the guys watch to see what floor it stops at, the row of numbers stops at number 8. The guys waste no time getting on the next elevator up and Dominic pushes the button for the 8th floor. Cut to; Tonya and Allison disembark followed in another elevator buy Charlie with Dominic as they sneak around a wall to spy on the girls. They watch as the girls go into an office down the hall and they start walking closer to see what it is.

CHARLIE: It's probably a dentist office or a optometrist or something like that.

DOMINIC: Maybe so. (Looking at the letters on the door) A psychiatrist office? (Shocked) What the hell?

Charlie is obviously taken aback by this too as Dominic points to the door. REVEAL; It spells out, "Doctor of Psychiatry Thelma Lynn Cooper."

CHARLIE: Wait? (Dumbfounded) Jana is allowed to be among sane people but Allison and Tonya are in a shrinks office?

DOMINIC: I wonder what Freud would say about this? (Scoffs) Dude, it behooves us to find out what the hell is going on here.

CHARLIE: Well we can't just walk in there and ask them why they are here. Maybe it's somebody in their family or something like that.

DOMINIC: That makes since because Allison's mom is a doctor. (Sighs) That's got to be it.

CHARLIE: Hey don't you have some spy equipment on you?

DOMINIC: As usual. (Smirks) I think the mini suction cup device is called for in this case.

CHARLIE: Doesn't that only work on glass?

Cut to; Allison is reading a typical magazine anyone would find in a waiting room. Cut to; POV though a window Tonya sitting in front of the female psychiatrist they are talking but nothing is audible. Cut to; Dominic and Charlie disguised as window washers pull themselves up the side of the building on a scaffold. They reach the level of the 8th floor window where they have a good view into the office and Tonya. Dominic hands the suction cup device to Charlie, then he goes about shoddy job of trying to clean the window. Charlie fumbles with the device to spy on Tonya with, getting the ear piece just right he focuses on the private conversion inside.

TONYA: No I am not! (Sighs in frustration) Look I didn't want to come here in the first place, this is nothing more than a big waste of my time!

Inside the office Tonya obviously doesn't wish to be where she is at and she's getting intensely agitated and angry.

THELMA: Please calm down Tonya. (Pauses) You're looking for any distraction to avoid dealing with your issues, even if it is to resort to rage.

TONYA: That's because I don't know why all of you are making such a big deal out my problems I have, everyone has their share of them.

THELMA: Your parents were murdered and you were the one who found them. (Clears throat) That is not a typical problem for a girl your age.

TONYA: No but there is nothing I can do about it is there? (Hostile) Talking about it isn't going to bring them back from the dead, it's not going to catch whatever scum it was that killed them either! (Sighs) Everyone wants me to talk about it and that's the last thing I want to do!

THELMA: So you feel that people are being insensitive if they simply wish to discuss how this subject effects you?

TONYA: Yes! (Growls out of frustration) I wish everybody would just leave me alone about it and focus on finding who killed them instead.

THELMA: I see. (Writing something on her pad) Well how about if we talk about something else then?

TONYA: Must we? (Scoffs) Well okay then, it's been hot this summer hasn't it?

THELMA: Yes it has. (Jots something down) How about we talk about your living situation and how things are going with that?

TONYA: Bravo Doc, you hit with the next topic people always bring up next. (Sighs) Everything is going better than I ever imagined it would.

THELMA: Oh? (Taken aback) How is that?

TONYA: Um? (Fidgeting) Frankly that things have turned out a whole lot better than I thought they would be.

THELMA: In particular reason? (Tonya nervously shrugs) Maybe a particular person?

TONYA: Well I have made friends if that's what you mean? (Thelma jots something down) What are you jotting down in there anyway?

THELMA: Just some notes. (Casually getting to the point) Do you prefer any of these friends over the others?

Looking away Tonya avoids Thelma and looks out at the to figures washing the windows, she focuses on one of them with wonder.

TONYA: Sure, one of them I hang out with more than the others. (Wistfully) Nothing is out of the ordinary about having a best friend.

THELMA: No nothing is out of the ordinary with that. (Jots more down) Tell me about your best friend why don't you?

TONYA: Why? (Dismissive) It's not like it's bad thing to have a best friend, so why should I talk about him with you?

THELMA: Him? (Tonya looks back and nods) So your best friend is the opposite sex?

TONYA: So? (Getting upset) Why do people presume that if two people of the opposite sex get along extremely well and everything together. (Scoffs) That means that they have to be getting it on? (Huffs) There is nothing going on with me and Charlie nor anyone else, there never has been!

THELMA: Do you find sex perverse, perhaps even dirty? (Tonya sighs) Well?

TONYA: Since I never done it, I don't know for sure how to answer that. (Smirks) However I think it can go either way depending on the circumstances. (Tensely) I mean there are some perverse, dirty and even evil things about sex. (Hesitates, they cheerfully) Well then there is romantic love which two people have an especially beautiful thing between them. (Getting titillated) A deep passion, like a magical attachment that doesn't even need words to know that it's the real thing.

After writing down what Tonya said Thelma studies her closely there is a slight smile of her face.

THELMA: Interesting? (Clears throat) To back track a bit to your best friend, tell me Tonya just how do you view your relationship with Charlie?

Cut to; Charlie paying razor close attention to what's going on in that office. Cut to; Tonya who is obviously trying to chose her next words very carefully.

TONYA: He's an remarkably nice guy who I can talk to about almost anything, fairy easily. (Contented) Sometimes we don't even have to say anything to each other though. (Matter of fact) That's when you know you found a special friend, right there. (Sighs) When you can just share a moment of silence, without having to think of some ridiculous banter or some other pertinacious crap. (Pauses) You can just have that moment where no actual words are needed sometimes.

THELMA: Let me make a few notes and we will pick up on this in our next section. (While writing) But before your cousin comes in here. (Clears throat) It might be necessary to have your friend Charlie come in.

TONYA: No way! (Irate) I don't want him to know I've been talking to a head doctor!

THELMA: Uh, huh. (Jotting something down) Well we'll see, you can send Alison in now.

Tonya walks out the door in a harsh fashion, afterwards Allison treads in and sits down. In the window behind her Charlie hands the device back to Dominic who then uses it. Charlie hangs back doing nothing but leaning on the rails of the scaffolding, while Dominic goes about his spy work and Allison talks to the shrink.

ALLISON: What do you want to know from me?

THELMA: How are you and your cousin getting along? (Allison shrugs) Any real problems we should address? (Allison shakes her head no) Do you two get along that well? (Allison nods) Anything you'd like to discuss with me? (Allison shakes her head no) I understand your father died when you where very young, how do you feel about that? (Allison shrugs) Don't you want to talk about it? (Allison shakes her head no) You don't have to be shy around me, what you share here stays here. (Clears throat) Nobody will ever have to know about it if you don't want anyone to know.

ALLISON: I just want to go home if you don't mind?

THELMA: No this was only a few moments so we could sum up any problems you might be having now. (Sighs) But if you feel uncomfortable about it, then I won't push it. (Smiles) Just know that if you do have anything you wish to talk about I am here for you and Tonya.

Allison shrugs and walks out without a word. Cut to; Charlie and Dominic on the ground taking off the uniforms of the the window washers, revealing their normal clothes. They head towards a hoagie shop just avoiding Tonya and Allison passing behind them, they go inside the shop.

DOMINIC: That was a close call, I was sure they'd see us! (Sighs in relief) Hey since we're here we might as well eat something.

CHARLIE: That's probably a good idea. (Walking with Dominic over to the long line of people getting hoagies) I think I want a turkey hoagie with the works.

DOMINIC: I'll have a meatball. (Changing the subject back mischievously) So spill it Charlie, what did Tonya say to the good doctor?

Charlie wistfully looks down for a moment then looks back at Dominic who smirks. They talk as the line moves them closer to the counter.

CHARLIE: I have a hard time trying to figure that girl out. (Huge sigh) On one had she was angry as hell when the doctor suggested that she should bring me along sometime. She doesn't want me to know she was talking to a therapist, so that could mean she wants me after all. Yet before that she went on and on about how we were nothing but friends, so I don't know. She's a bit of an enigma, so I feel like a blind man trying to read between the lines of paragraph written in Braille. (Scoffs) I don't know how to handle her in any situation other than just friendship at this point but I want to. (Sighs) I need a plan to take our friendship to the next level.

DOMINIC: What level would that be? (Scoffs) Out of the parking basement and up to the lobby? (Impatient) Man just kiss her and get it over with!

CHARLIE: I can't just kiss her, that will make her angry. (Humbly) I have to be careful and wait until she wants me to kiss her.

DOMINIC: You're going to wait too long, until she finds another guy to date and you'll become the third wheel.

Charlie cringes at the thought of Tonya with anyone else, then shakes Dominic for saying it.

CHARLIE: That's not going to happen! (Freeing Dominic) I am planning on taking our relationship to the next level as soon as I figure out how to do it.

DOMINIC: You're hopeless Charlie! (Scoffs) You either get in the game or sit on the side lines and watch the score.

CHARLIE: Speaking of scores Allison has let you past first base has she?

DOMINIC: Well at least I've gotten to first base. (Charlie scowls back at him) Truth hurts huh?

Charlie mumbles something inaudible while he moves up to the food counter with Dominic. Cut to; A small boutique Allison and Tonya look inside the windows at the new stuff, just then Jasmyn walks out. They indistinctly girl chat as they walk down the street together, a figure follows close behind them and it's revealed to be Brook Swift. Cut to; It's evening the girls are now at the Nimon's garage apartment they are at the table drinking sodas.

ALLISON: I'm so tied. (Yawns) Would you mind if I went up to bed?

Both Tonya and Jasmyn shake their heads no, so Allison heads upstairs.

JASMYN: Good night Allison. (Allison leaves) So now what Tonya?

TONYA: Well I'm far from tired if you want to hang out here, it's cool. (Pauses) I'm not sure what to do though.

JASMYN: Why don't we go outside and continue talking so we don't bother Allison?

Tonya shrugs as she exits outside behind Jasmyn, they sit on the lawn furniture. Nothing is said for a beat but Jasmyn is looking towards the Wood's fence.

TONYA: Well now that we're out here whatever shall we talk about? (Smirks as Jasmyn ignores her) Jasmyn? (Clears throat) Hello?

Jasmyn finally looks over at Tonya who smiles knowingly back at her.

JASMYN: Oh sorry I thought I heard something. (Laughs nervously) It was probably nothing but a twig falling from a tree or something like that.

TONYA: Uh, huh? (Smirks) It could have been a twig or you could have been wanting to see something or should I say someone in particular?

JASMYN: Huh? (Confused) Just what in particular are you talking about?

TONYA: Oh come off it, don't be so modest about your true feelings. (Smirks) Your brother isn't here, so there's no reason for you to refute the obvious. (Snickers) I've seen the way you look at him when you think nobody is looking, despite the names you call him to his face.

JASMYN: What the hell are you ranting about Tonya?

TONYA: We're both female right? (Jasmyn nods) On our friendship, I'll agree not to tell anyone if you'll simply admit that you at least have a slight lust for him.

JASMYN: Excuse me? (Scoffs) I have no idea what or who your even hinting about, so would you just blurt it out?

TONYA: Sure thing. (Matter of fact) You have a crush on Anton.

Jasmyn gasps in shock at first but then she burst out laughing to try and cover up the blush she has on her face.

JASMYN: What? (Laughing a bit more) Me and four-eyes? (Shakes her head) That's the most ridiculous thing I ever heard.

TONYA: Is it? (Smirks as the following comes to her) What if I that I read your diary?

JASMYN: You read my diary? (Getting very angry) You snoopy bitch! (Growls in anger) So you how long have you known I like him?

TONYA: Just now when you told me you did. (Laughs) I said, what if I told you I read your diary, I didn't say that I actually did read it.

JASMYN: Oh how dare you? (Huffs) Tonya you tricked me into acknowledging it to you damn it!

TONYA: Yes, yes! (Smirks) Indeed I did.

JASMYN: Have you ever thought about becoming a lawyer or a judge? (Worried) Please don't tell anyone?

TONYA: No need to worry, I won't. (Pauses) I know how your brother is and Anton will not hear it from me, you need to tell him yourself.

JASMYN: I can't tell him that I want him! (Almost crying) Besides I don't think he likes me the least little bit.

TONYA: You're right, I don't think he likes you a little bit. (Chuckles) I think he likes you as much as you like him.

JASMYN: Oh sure! (Bitterly) Is that why he picks on me and makes fun of me all the time.

TONYA: Yes that's why he does that. (Scoffs) If you put your mind to it you can prove my theory about him, just like I proved my theory about you.

JASMYN: Well maybe so but there is still a problem. (Sighs rigidly) My stupid brother is still going to be over protective of me.

TONYA: Oh stick boy? (Scoffs) Leave him to me, he's no match for me whatsoever. (Matter of fact) I have a trump and he's stuck with an useless hand.

JASMYN: How do you figure that Tonya?

TONYA: First of all he's dating Allison and if he wants me to stay out of their relationship, then he'll heed. (Smirks) Plus there are other things I can do to him he would not like the least little bit. (Like the reasons are obvious) Hell I could have him begging mercy if I really wanted to.

JASMYN: I don't know what you mean by that but my brother thinks he's tough so I doubt he'd ever beg for mercy from anyone. (Sighs) There is the Allison angle though, that's probably our best bet. (Full of innuendo) If they end up doing the flat dance he can't nag me about dating anyone anymore.

Tonya retches at the thought of Allison and Dominic having intimate relations.

TONYA: Oh no, please? (Appalled) Do not put the image of your stick boy brother and my cousin doing it, inside my head if you want my help! (Yelps with disgust) That may put me off sex for the rest of my life! (Shudders) I mean it, so cut it out already!

Tonya hears something by the fence then another noise there catches Jasmyn's attention too. Over the fence are Charlie and Anton, both beguiled by each girl.

ANTON: What are you two up to out here this late at night?

TONYA: Why don't you boys come over here and find out?

Without a word Charlie and Anton make their way over to each of the objects of each of their desires. They sit on the empty chairs, Charlie sits as close to Tonya as he can, while Anton sits across from Jasmyn. The girls remotely look at each other not sure of they are on the same page as each other or not.

CHARLIE: Hey how about we find something to do around the neighborhood?

TONYA: Like what when they roll up the sidewalks as soon as the sun goes down? (Shrugs) I so weary of this cookie cutter suburb, it's so boring! (Looking at Charlie) The only thing to do after dark is to hang out with the other people in the town who are just as bored but who have become too used to it.

Charlie seems to take offense to Tonya's statement, he stands up and looms over her. After all undying adoration is all well and good but she's asking for a battle.

CHARLIE: Oh really? (Accusatory) You mean like me, don't you? (Tonya starts to say something) No, no, no, that's all right Tonya. (Snidely) Although I do find it interesting that I get criticized by you for merely living in this suburb longer than you. (Tonya stands up, obviously fed up) Oh you have something to say to me do you?

TONYA: Surely, even you can see there's a colossal difference between living inside a big city and living inside suburbia on the outskirts. (Sighs) No it's not as bad as being a inbreed country bumpkin in some rural small town but it's not like being in the city either.

CHARLIE: Oh, "even me?" (Flabbergasted) You mean, "even a dim witted suburbanite like me?" (Huffs) It's the suburban flux, right Tonya? (Scoffs) Not quite all the cultural advances or the crime rate that a city offers but not quite all the disadvantages of living in the backwoods of some country farm area. I don't have to shuck corn or milk old Betsy in the barn either. But I'm not quite as sophisticated as someone who grew up in on the cold, mean streets of a city. (Huffs) Like you did, so you think you're a little bit sharper than anyone who doesn't have to deal with all the hustle and bustle of city streets.

TONYA: It's the identical boxes of anonymity in the suburbs and the mindlessness activities within the community as a whole.

CHARLIE: Oh? (Sarcastically) Well forgive me if I'm not as up scale or worldly as you and your big city burned out zombie, snobby brethren are.

TONYA: Oh you watch your mouth, you brat!

CHARLIE: What are you going to do about if I don't, spank me or something?

TONYA: Well somebody sure should and take that ego of yours down a few pegs!

ANTON: Ouch! (To Jasmyn, regarding Tonya) That could also go vice versa for her as well. (Jasmyn nods) Charlie's about to blow up at her now though.

CHARLIE: You have no room talking about big egos! (Scoffs) Yours is pretty big too, so just shut up!

TONYA: No, you shut up! (Huffs) You crumb bum!

CHARLIE: Oh is that what passes for wit with big city twits?

TONYA: At least I am witty, which is more than I can say for you. (Mocking Charlie) "Hello I'm Charlie Woods, I think I know everything but I really don't know very much at all." (Normal voice) How about that for wit mister?

CHARLIE: Why ask me, I don't know very much at all remember? (Frustrated) You're so above me little Miss Persnickety!

Tonya and Charlie are now in a stand-off mere inches from each other. Their quarrel becomes increasingly passionate, in more ways than one.

TONYA: Shut up, you little insolent pea brained, perverted infinitesimal dill-hole!

CHARLIE: No you shut up, you hot tempered, yet somehow still frigid little bitch!

Tonya smacks Charlie on the chest for that remark.



Tonya smacks Charlie on the chest again only a bit harder, he grabs her arm in protest.

TONYA: Let go of me before I have to really hurt you!

CHARLIE: Oh hurt me baby! (Smirks) Will you wear high heals and kick me really hard with them?

TONYA: Get out of my yard and go home, before I lose my temper completely then have to go blitzkrieg on your ass!

CHARLIE: Fine I'll go, I wouldn't want you to bust a gasket on my account!

Charlie marches off in anger and Tonya growls in anger.

TONYA: Damn it! (Growls again) He makes me so mad, I could put my fist through a brick wall. (To Jasmyn and Anton) I'm going to bed, so good night.

Tonya marches off as Jasmyn and Anton look at each other in disbelief of what they have just witnessed. Cut to; Charlie joins Anton for breakfast cereal, still showing signs of shell-shocked from his bickering with Tonya the night before.

ANTON: Charlie, what was that all about with Tonya last night? (Charlie just eats his cereal hardly) Come on out with it?

CHARLIE: I'm not sure but damn it, it sure was erotic! (lustfully) The friction between us was so powerful and full of pure, limitless passion!

ANTON: Wait back the cart up a minute. (Scoffs) Are you saying you that enjoyed that hideously ferocious argument you had with her?

CHARLIE: Every arousing moment of it! (As if referring to sex) The fiery glaze in her bedroom blue eyes, her hot blood pounding through her veins! (Panting) Her cruel sarcastic zingers aimed right at me and the way she hit me, twice! (Triumphantly satisfied) It was intensely exhilarating and absolutely magnificent!

Anton just sits there watching Charlie eat his cereal with gusto, obviously something comes to Anton's mind as he suddenly gasps.

ANTON: You twisted monkey! (Scoffs) It just dawned on me, that you started that confrontation with her on purpose!

CHARLIE: Oh yeah! (Snickers) I pushed her buttons like an octopus in a hundred story elevator!

Charlie continues to wax enraptured by smutty thoughts of Tonya but Anton wags his finger at him until the doorbell rings.

ANTON: Saved by the bell. (Gets up and finds Tonya at the door) Your timing couldn't be more perfect, come on in.

Anton motions for Tonya to come inside, she does and finds Charlie polishing off the last of his cereal but he acts aloof towards her.

CHARLIE: Oh it's you. (Mock anger) So did you come over here to finish the bickering you started last night with me or what?

Anton profusely rolls his eyes at the absurdity coming out of Charlie's mouth to Tonya, she is very skeptical about his behavior as well.

TONYA: You started that altercation between us last night! (Patting Charlie on top of his head) And as such, I've had my fill of aggravation out of you boy!

Anton sits back down to see what Tonya will do to Charlie.

CHARLIE: Then why the hell did you come over here for Tonya?

Tonya pushes Charlie's cereal bowl aside and sits down on the table where he has a view of her legs as she crosses them.

TONYA: Oh that's easy. (Musses Charlie's hair) I want you to apologize to me.

CHARLIE: Excuse me? (Scoffs) I think you should be the one to apologize to me sweetheart.

Tonya leans her head down moving towards Charlie's slowly, her eyes inviting his and inflaming his desire for her.

TONYA: I wouldn't mean a word of it if I did apologize to you for last night. (Sexily puts both hands on Charlie's shoulders) But what about you?

Charlie is tongue tied tries to say something to Tonya but only frustrated noises are coming from him. She moves her head closer to him, so close he sniffs her hair. His longing for her overcomes him as she ends up sitting in his lap and kisses him on the cheek. She stands up quickly, he snaps out of it but blushes profusely.

CHARLIE: Um? (Clears throat) I regret we had a fight last night. (Tonya wraps her arms around his neck) It was my fault Tonya, I'm so sorry!

TONYA: That's better. (Kissing Charlie's forehead) Thank you.

Tonya stands up straight and offers her hand to Charlie, he takes it in his.

CHARLIE: Friends? (Thinking while kissing Tonya's hand lustfully) Maybe more?

TONYA: Oh yes, of course Charlie. (Backing away from Charlie) Well now that we have that out of the way I'll see you around, friend.

Tonya winks at a extremely turned on Charlie and then she sashays towards the door while he watches her backside, until she exits through the door.

CHARLIE: Oh, mama! (Wolf whistles) Did you see that Anton?

ANTON: Yes, I saw just how she played you like a violin.

CHARLIE: What the hell do you mean by that?

ANTON: Oh man! (Snickers) She was able to turn you into a big whimpering lap dog, begging for anything you could get from her.

CHARLIE: That is not true, so don't ruin this for me.

ANTON: Are you kidding me, she could have gotten you to roll over and play dead Charlie! (Laughs) All she had to do was kiss you on the cheek and forehead, with a bit of body language. (Matter of fact) Then you were a puddle of goo at her slightest touch, she knew she had you right where she wanted you to be too.

CHARLIE: Well I don't see Jasmyn over here doing anything to you. (Stands up) Meanwhile, I'm going to get dressed and follow up on this thing with Tonya.

ANTON: Tonya simply teased you, so you'd give in to her. (Making mock fishing motions) She snared you on her hook and reeled you in just like a fish.

CHARLIE: Hey listen, she can harpoon me as long as her hot lips end up on me somewhere. (Deep yearning breath) She already harpooned my heart.

ANTON: This flirtations with Tonya are really getting out of hand. (Clears throat) It's more then infatuation or even love, you're becoming totally obsessed.

CHARLIE: Oh? (As in checkmate to Anton) What would you call that box of Jasmyn mementos under your bed? (Anton gasp) That's right, I've known about that since kindergarten. (Smugly) Does the word hypercritic mean anything to you? (Anton is silent) It should since you even have a swatch of a dress she had tossed out in the trash. (Driving the point home as leaves) And I know for a fact that you even have kept one of her baby teeth, that she lost on the play ground in 2ed grade.

Charlie leaves Anton alone at a table, clearly he knows he can say nothing further. He beats his fist on the table until his head sinks down on top of it in defeat. FIN.

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