Shoe Box

As leaves blowing into the gentle breeze
Softly singing their sign of autumn song
The whisper that calls after summer ends
Before kisses of winter chills to the bone

Last night in a dream I sang you a song
A long forgotten tune from days gone by
While sailing down a clear running stream
As evening sun painted the morning dew

Where the wild flowers grow with wonder
And between the full moon of lunar madness
Out in the field where the honey bees sting
You can hear the willows crying in the wind

You can follow your dreams and desires
But be warned to avoid drowning in them
The crown is too heavy to wear everyday
And the warm nights are fading away fast

The hedgerow dies in the heat of the sun
Blood spills upon the face of the moon
The seas cry to the sky as they dry up
When the end of time has come to pass

Time to wake up and pack your bags
And kiss this world good bye forever
Fire will rain down upon all of the land
As the stars all burn their last ash of light

The hope of what use to be turns to dust
Useless and empty as an old shoe box

Written by Melissa McMahan Copyright

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