Red War Fish Swimming in the Cold Blue Seas

A story of fiction about cold war spies

Written by Melissa McMahan Copyright

The Fiction Cast-

Toshia Quentin - American C.I.A. spy

Todd Beason - American C.I.A. spy

Rusty - M.I.B. Black Bag spy

Scott Bellfort - American F.B.I. spy

Dean Hunter - American F.B.I. spy

Sterling Cosschev - Russian K.G.B. spy

Ives Schwartz - Russian K.G.B. spy

Inara Baumgar - Russian K.G.B. spy


11-21-63 Toshia got into her sports car and turned on her radio, she drove down the streets of Dallas with fury in her eyes. She had heard the buzz in D.C. two weeks ago that the president would be there on the 22ed. Since she was there looking for a K.G.B. spy she decided to check out the roads and all the area around where he'd be passing. She made a turn on Houston street towards the Texas School Book Depository, then turned down Elm street. She went drove under the underpass and then drove back by for one more look around. She drove around to the parking lot to one side of the Texas School Book Depository and exited her car. She saw nothing to out of place, but she had that feeling. As she walked looking at Elm street past the fence it grew stronger. It was getting late and it would be dark soon, she got back into her car and went back to her motel room. She found another spy in her room, she drew her gun.


TOSHIA: Who the hell do you think you are to be here?!


RUSTY: I could ask you the same thing agent Toshia Janet Quentin. (Scoffs) Still looking for that K.G.B. agent or did the C.I.A. find something else their nose doesn't belong in?


TOSHIA: My guess by the way you are dressed and no since of humor at all... You must either be a F.B.I. in which case you are some very deep hot water. (Puts down the gun) Or one of the higher vegetables on the spy ring totem poll here, which means I'm in the very deep hot water. I didn't catch your name?


RUSTY: I'm not F.B.I. (Lights a cigarette) You can call me Rusty.


TOSHIA: Rusty? (Rolls her eyes) It fits you.


RUSTY: Relax, we just need you catch your K.G.B. man before he kills a man, this man.


Rusty shows her a black and white photo of a man handing out flyers, he shows her a few more photos of this man.


RUSTY: You ever hear of the fair play for Cuba movement?


TOSHIA: Uh, huh. Lee Harvey Oswald... He's the one who gave the pinko radio speech in Louisiana.


RUSTY: That's him. (Puffs his cigarette) Your hunt is trying to kill him and we need you to stop him from doing so.


TOSHIA: To keep your hands clean, right? (Pauses) Oswald is a two bit nobody. He went to Russia and married some woman who is also a two bit nobody. He comes back over to the U.S.A. and he isn't even debriefed by anyone, unless it was by...


RUSTY: Oswald is not the nobody that he seems to be, but everyone will soon know everything... Yet nothing about him.


TOSHIA: Hum?! (Scoffs) Not one of you is he? I thought you boys in black liked to stay low key. (Sighs) Perhaps I should...


RUSTY: Find the K.G.B. agent. Nothing more other than you stay away from J.F.K.'s little drive through Elm street for the next 24 hours. We have everything well taken care of believe me.


TOSHIA: I heard the tape from Florida. Nasty little assassination of J.F.K. plan that guy had. (Scoffs) Still think he's gonna get him?


RUSTY: Oh I wouldn't worry about it, well have everything taken care of. (Clears his throat) Just get your man. (Walking out) Now.


TOSHIA: Next time ask before going through my underwear. (The door shuts) Not like you'd find much else you vile bastard.


Toshia gabbed her binoculars and watched Rusty as he crossed the street. He went to the news stand picked up a news paper and read it. Another man came up and they exchanged looks. Rusty put the paper down and the other man picked it up. Looking as closely as she could she saw this man putting something in his coat pocket. He then walked back the way he came, she fell back on her bed.