MY QUOTES (Yes these did came from me originally)

1 "Some friends are just enemies you haven't made yet."
2 "One way to lose a good friend is to rush to judgement apon hearing bad rumors about them"
3 "The body that beer and donuts makes is a big fat one"
4 "If someone pats you on the back a little too much they might be looking for a place to put in their knife."
5 "I would say it's been nice but sorry, I'm just not that much of a liar."
6 "Do they ever shut up on your planet?"
7 "I'm going to live until I die."
8 "I'm having a Beavis day. There's some Butt-Head trying to slap me around."
9 "If I offended anyone, how about that?"
10 "Not even Stephen Hawking's could figure out why this person stays on the payroll."
11 "You must be very poor... You can't even pay attention."
12 "When this person mouth opens, it seems that it is only to change feet."
13 "I've seen this person out witted by a paperclip."
14 "You bring a lot of joy when you leave a room."
15 "You! Get off my planet!"
16 "I would like to go hunting with you sometime."
17 "This was a total waste of make-up."
18 "You should go far and the sooner you start, the better."
19 "If it doesn't matter why did you bother telling me in the first place?"
20 "You would argue with a signpost."

21 "Earth is full. Go home to your own planet."
22 "You have a knack for making strangers immediately."
23 "Some drink from the fountain of knowledge but you only gargled."
24 "You should donated your brain to science before you ruin it totally."
25 "You would be out of your depth in a parking lot puddle."
26 "When your IQ reaches 50, we should sell."
27 "If you were any more stupid, you'd have to be watered twice a week."
28 "I would follow you anywhere but only out of morbid curiosity."
29 "Don't let the dastards ruin your life."
30 "I wouldn't go as far as to call you a pest... Ahem, but then again if I was you I wouldn't expect me to ever call you period."
31 "Hover vac's may suck too but at least that is the job they were made to do, what's your excuse?"
32 "I don't believe in evolution but thanks to you, I'm starting to believe in Devolution... Because everyday you become that much more of an ape."
33 "Are you going anywhere with your point or are you just making it run around in endless circles?."
34 "There can be only one reason why this person has become this stupid. It's obvious that all the gray matter in their brain has dissolved ."
35 "You are very creative in new ways... You always find a new way to be more of a pest to other people who work here."
36 "Disco thankfully, is as dead as Adam and Eve."
37 "Did someone abuse you as a child or what?"
38 "It's food fit for a king. Here king, here king!"
39 "It's so phony that it's started to ring"
40 "You know if your ego gets any bigger the earth might just float out of it's orbit and into the sun."
41 "No matter how big your problems are there are aways people who are worse off than you'll ever be."
42 "Choke your chicken and pluck it."
43 "
Not the brightest crayon in the box now are you?"
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