Gone Away

It's amazing how some guys with a word and a smile

Some how manage to get inside so many girls pants

You think it's so funny floating from flower to flower

One day it's going to catch up to you and soon I'll bet

Getting your rocks off with any piece of pie you can

You only see these women as just a bed hop toy

When someone has had enough of your games

They are going to put buckshot in your backside

Peanut butter guys who spread your seed around

Are only trying to prove something they never can

Because their the only ones who think their a man

Line them up, knock them up and you're gone away

Maybe you've fooled a lot of silly little girls mister

Got so many kids by so many of them it's a shame

But there are real women you'd never be to handle

So take your shorter stick and keep it in your hand

By Melissa McMahan

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