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*AQUAMOTION - PT #2* Rated NC-17 ~ By Melissa McMahan

| PART TWO | CHAPTER ONE | Before Play

Te'a was asleep but something woke Mai up and she sat up in her bed. She looked over at Te'a who was all snug in her own bed, then she looked over on the sofa expecting to see Joey but he wasn't there. She figured he was avoiding her since he didn't sleep there the night before either. She also figured she should go look for him on the ship and have it out with him, she got out of bed. She was careful not to wake Te'a up as she put on her robe and left out of the room. She walked along the deck and found Joey reclining in one of the swimming pool lawn chairs. He had a sheet over him and a hat on but she knew it was him. Joey was laying still trying to go to sleep when he felt someone grabbing the hat off his head.

JOEY: Hey you lousy thief, I'll rip you a new... (See's that it's Mai) Oh... It's you Mai, what do you want?

MAI: Look, if you don't want me around why don't you just say so! (Growls) I've been by myself before it's no big deal.

JOEY: What?! (Stands up) No Mai, I do want you around. (Sighs) It's just that... Agh!

Joey dropped to his knees and right at Mai's feet, she bent over putting her hand on his back.

MAI: Come on get up. (Joey doesn't move) Don't ignore me! (Enraged when he still doesn't react) Then I'm gone for good!

Mai is about to blow her cool for good, she truns to storm off but Joey goes after her. Before she knows it he lifts her off her feet into his arms. She protest by kicking her legs wildly and slapping at him, she growls in anger.

JOEY: Calm down, you crazy dame. (He takes her over to the pool) I'll toss you in if you don't calm down.

MAI: Why you big dumb jerk, you better not! (Huffs) Now put me down!

Joey slips his grip on her just enough to make her think he's going to really let go of her. She gasps not wanting to fall into the cold water of the pool, so she hugs him around his neck.

JOEY: Don't worry, I'm not going to toss you in. (Frees Mai) There you go, so do you still want to leave forever or not?

MAI: Joey, that was a bluff. (Sighs) Hum, with Te'a asleep in the room we can't really be alone to talk or anything. (Clears her throat) I don't want to wait until the trip is over, so I was thinking about the next time we dock. (Desperately) How about it? (Thinking the rest) He's solidly built and that boyish charm on top of it... Definitely a plus. (Pats Joey's back) But for every plus, there's a minus and his bad habits are the big draw back. (Looks him over) He's so adorable and provocatively sexy.

Joey wonders what Mai is thinking as she lets out a deep sigh, just as she rubbes her hand on his derriere. He almost jumps out of his skin but her signs are clear to him. He turns his head, she smiles and he gawks at her petrified.

JOEY: Um? (Still in a slight daze) Just what do you have in mind, Mai?

MAI: Don't worry about it until then. (Takes Joey's hand) But we really should get some sleep tonight, come on.

Back in the room Te'a wakes up to find both Joey and Mai gone, she wonders what they are doing together. Just then they walk back into the room and they just lay down while Te'a thinks this over but decides to drop it. It's not long before all of them are asleep. The next morning Te'a wakes up just after that Mai wakes up, she looks over at Joey who has a huge smile on his face and looks so at peace. She turns on the light by her bed and reads one of her fashion magazines.

TE'A: Good morning, Mai. (Yawns) Hey, could I read one of your magazines?

MAI: Sure, you might learn something. (Hands Te'a a magazine with a smirk) Try this one, it's a mega issue.

After both Mai and Te'a are well into reading the magazines, Te'a lets out a loud gasp.

TE'A: I'm sorry, Mai. (Holds the magazine so Mai can see it) That’s not humanly possible! (Blinks) Is it?

MAI: There's only one way to find that out. (Giggles) Got anyone in mind to try it on? (Looks over at Joey) I'm thinking it over and I just might have someone in mind to try it on. (Smirks) That is if he's a good boy.

TE'A: I don't think I'm ready for that, if ever. (Scoffs) Who do you have in mind to do that to, anyone I know?

MAI: Oh you know him alright.

Mai smirks as she points over to Joey who is still sleeping on the sofa and Te'a's jaw drops. At that moment Joey rolls off the sofa unto the floor and wakes up hollering.

JOEY: Ow! (Stands up and kicks at the sofa) I hate this sofa!

MAI: Calm down Joseph. (Stands up) Te'a I think we need to get some breakfast in him, stat.

Later; Te'a, Mai and Joey walk down to have breakfast. When they get to the tables they see Tristan is already there.

TRISTIAN: I figured I better eat before Joey got here. (Snickers) Hey before you eat I need to talk to you, bro. (Waits for Mai and Te'a to sit down then pulls Joey aside) You remember that girl Honey, from the first part of the trip?

JOEY: Yeah, not for nothing but what about her?

TRISTIAN: I know you were teasing Mai and Te'a with being jealous but I think Mai really was.

JOEY: Tristan, of course she was jealous and I knew she would be. (Snickers) That's why I acted like I was interested in that Honey chick in the first place. (Looks back at Mai for a moment) I just wanted to see Mai shake in her pretty little heals. (Walking to the table) Now if you'll excuse me, I'd like to get at some of that food.

Joey sits next to Mai as Tristan joins Te'a across from them. While Mai eats Joey tries to take a bite off her plate but she slaps his hand, this makes Tristan and Te'a crack up laughing.

MAI: I ordered for you, Joey. (Puts her free hand on Joey's knee) So you'll just have to wait until you get it.

Mai plays it cool by eatting with her right hand while she slides her left index finger along Joey's leg. However he blows it by twitching uncontrollably, then a waitress puts a breakfast platter that would choke a horse under his nose. He digs in as usual and downs it before anyone else is done with their smaller plates.

JOEY: That was good, I'm full. (Everyone looks at him in disbelief) Hey, it happends sometimes. (Mai wipes the crumbs off his face) Hey Mai, I don't need to be babied. (Scoffs) Jeeze, I can do that myself

Mai smirks as she grabs Joey's knee under the table again and gets a wild glint in her eyes.

MAI: Aren't you tied of doing somethings by yourself, Joey? (Smiles) Sometimes an extra hand is just what you need. (Whispers into Joey's ear) Some experts believe that food is a substitute for sex. (Snickers) I know I believe it's true.

TRISTIAN: Hey, just what are you telling him? (Chuckles) Just what do you believe is true Mai?

MAI: Only that's Joey's appetite is part of a bigger problem. (Full of innuendo) It's much bigger than he realizes it is too.

Joey decides it's pay back time as he grabs Mai's knee in retrun, she smirks while she gives him a very coy look.

TE'A: Maybe he has a tapeworm. (Snickers along with Tristan) He eats everything else so why not?

Continuing to talk to one another Te'a and Tristan pay no attention to anything going on at the other side of the table. Joey starts to blush as Mai takes his hand in hers and guides his hand up her thigh. He bites his bottom lip trying to control himself, she smirks. Then she forces his hand up her skirt along her thigh and he soon realizes she not wearing panties. His jaw drops and he becomes paralyzed except for the blush on his face that gets darker red. She leaves his hand right where it is and she puts hers back on his knee and squeezes it. She snickers as his leg shakes while her hand slides up his thigh but she stops just short of his crotch. Her fingers giving his thigh a light finger massage that not only turns him on but tickles him as well. He fights the urge to bust out into laughter which produces instead choking sounds, this gets the attention of Tristan of course.

TRISTIAN: Joey, I think you ate your food a little too fast. (Scoffs) You look like you're about to explode.

Joey can only grunt as Mai's hand brushes against his crotch, she then grabs him firmly.

MAI: Tristan's right, you do seem a bit swollen. (Snickers as Joey gasps) I wonder what we could do about that, Joseph?

TE'A: Drink your ice water Joey, that should help.

Joey's free hand shakes when he reaches for the glass of ice water slowly as Mai unbuttons his jeans. As he takes a sip from the glass she slowly starts to unzip his pants so that it won't make a sound. He starts breathing hard expecting her to do more but she doesn't. Instead she reaches up and takes the glass of water from him before he can spill any of it.

MAI: I think he's had enough but you need to lay down for awhile. (To Te'a and Tristan) You two finish your breakfast, I'll take good care of him. (Scoffs) Don't worry about Joey, he's in good hands.

Mai moves Joey's hand from her thigh before she stands up, he grabs his jeans so they won't fall off of him when he stands.

JOEY: Eh, yeah. (Embarrassed but excited) I'm sure I'll feel much better once Mai is done with me.

Mai pulls Joey out the doors and back down to the room, once inside she starts kissing him. His pants fall to the floor while he grabs her and guides her slowly to her bed. She moves to his earlobe and he moans as she moves down his neck. Then there's someone a the door interrupting them. He grits his teeth when she gets up and put's the covers over him.

MAI: Hmph! (Huffs) Just act like you're in pain.

JOEY: Who needs to act? (Groans as Tristan walks in) Tristan, what are you doing here?

TRISTIAN: I wanted to see how you were. (To Mai) How is the mop-head?

MAI: He'll be fine, don't worry about him. (Pauses) I'll be here to take care of him.

JOEY: I'm just going to stay in bed and after that I bet I feel better than I ever have in my life.

TRISTIAN: I sure hope so or you'll miss out on the fun tomorrow, we'll be docked all day.

Tristan turns on his heal and waves as he walks out. Joey immediately pulls Mai back on the bed after the door shuts.

MAI: Joey?! (Sighs) We can't do much here, not without our friends interrupting us and...

Joey kisses Mai thus interrupting her, she stops him but not for long.

JOEY: Come here. (Kissing Mai until she pushes him away in a huff) Jeeze, alright already! (Growls) Things are starting to turn blue, you know. (Grins) We don't have to stay here, there's always the janitors closet.

MAI: No, I've found there's storage area by the pool. (Smiles) We could go there but we still couldn't too carried away in there due to it's location. (Sits up) Trust me, someone would hear us but we could have some privacy.

JOEY: Then what are we waiting for? (Stands up) Show me where it's at.

Mai and Joey walk down the deck of the ship, next to the pool is the storage room. Once they open the door there's a short hall that leads to a small room, she turns on the light. There among the stacks of metal chairs tables and so on there sits a couple of twin sized folding beds. One is unfolded and she sits crossing her legs, he turns off the light and the only light left is coming from a panel of little round muti-colored buttons from a piece of equipment on the wall.

MAI: Even though we can get too carried away here, I'm about to make you very happy Joey.

Joey rushes over to Mai, what she's does with her tougue in his mouth is making his whole body stiffen up.

JOEY: Whoa! (Thrilled tone) That was incredible! (Wondring) Mai, not for nothing but where did you learn to do that?

MAI: There's more in fashion magazines than beauty and make-up tips.

JOEY: Oh? (Kicks his shoes off) So are you going to show me what they all are?

Mai helps Joey off with his shirt, she rolls him over onto his stomache. He is about to say something when she strarts kissing his spine, she ends up licking the back of his neck. He whimpers and moans, she giggles knowing what's she's doing to him.

MAI: Now lets get you out of those jeans.

Reaching around to Joey's fly she's pulling his jeans down after a few moments with only his boxers left to go.

JOEY: I can't believe we're actually doing this. (Mai swats his derriere hard with her hand) Ow!

MAI: Roll over on your back. (Joey obeys) That's a good boy, Joseph.

Mai makes him moan from kissing, nibbling and licking his bare chest. Every so often she blows across a wet spot and the pure sensation makes him moan a bit louder than usual. She takes a here-goes-nothing breath before she goes to pull his boxers down. His big brown eyes tightly close while he feels her slowly pull down the last bit of clothing he has on. She was tormenting him, she sensually ran her fingers only up and down his bare legs. Then she grabs his hand in hers, this makes him really wonder until she starts sucking his pinky and the rest of his fingers. Frustrated he reaches out tentatively and touches her thigh but she pushes him back down. She then moves her hands to his hips then they slide down to his derriere.

JOEY: Yes! (He persists) Bring it on!

MAI: Ahem, impatient boys don't get dessert. (Joey lets out an exasperated groan) Or perhaps not even the main course.

JOEY: But so far all I'm getting is appetizers. (Growls) It's kind of exciting but...

Mai shuts Joey up when he feels her warm breath on his tummy, he whimpers timidly. Then gratifying his ego she performs fellatio on him. It makes him cross big brown eyes and he bangs his fist on the mattress. She begins to flick her tongue down his shaft as his timid whimpers and moans become high pitched squeals, then she stops.

MAI: I think you're enjoying this a little too much. (Sighs) Keep it to a low rumble or someone is going to find us for sure.

Mai goes down on Joey again this time swallowing him as her tongue moved up and down the base of it. As he throbs he can only let out a low growl, while she licks him up. Afterwards he starts to catch his breath and calms down he's able sit up.

JOEY: Whoa! (Impossibly cheery) I didn't know anything could feel that good.

MAI: I didn't know you could hit that high of a note. (Giggles) If you think that was good, you haven't seen anything yet.

Joey squinting while blushing, soon he's dressed and he walks out with Mai. She goes back to the room first and walks into the bathroom where Te'a is taking a shower. Mai starts brushing her teeth and Te'a hears it over the water.

TEA: Who is it? (Sticking her head out from the shower curtain) Mai, where's Joey? (Mai shrugs) What happend?

MAI: We took a small walk, did a few other things. (Smirks) Needless to say that he feels better.

TE'A: He does? (Mai nods) Good because there's a dance party on the ship tonight and you know what that means?

MAI: I know what you're getting at, Te'a. (Sighs) Believe me, I... (Joey walks in interrupting her) Joey?!

TE'A: Get out of here!

Te'a tosses one of the ships sample sized bottles of shampoo at Joey but he ducks.

JOEY: Alright, already! (Walking out talking under his breath) Someone has P.M.S.

TE'A: I heard that! (To Mai) Could you go too?

Mai leaves the bathroom without another word, then she turns to see Joey on her bed.

JOEY: So she kicked you out too, huh? (Clears his throat) Why don't we go do something fun? (Blushes) You know?

MAI: I do know and not yet. (Scoffs) We're all going to party. (Happy sigh) I just love parties! (Yanks Joey to his feet) So put on your dancing shoes tonight, Joey.

JOEY: Eh, I don't want to dance. (Smiles as something occurs to him) Um, unless it's the horizontal mombo?

MAI: You won't get one without doing the other. (Smirks) Don't worry, you don't have to get all dressed up.

Te'a marches out in her robe and makes a bee line to Joey, she pulls his ear.

TE'A: I told you not to come in without knocking. (Wags her finger at Joey) What part of that don't you understand?

JOEY: Don't worry Te'a, I didn't see anything.

TE'A: That's not the point! (To Mai) You talk to him, right now I'm too mad.

MAI: Come on, Joey? (Takes Joey's hand) Let's give her some privacy.

Joey grins as Mai takes him from the room to the deck, she sees Tristan watching them from behind a big potted plant.

JOEY: Do we have time for... (Mai interrupts him with her hand) What?

MAI: Shh! (Whispers) Tristan is spying on us. (Joey starts to look back at Tristan) Don't look at him. (Loudly) Since Te'a's in a bad mood maybe we should go for a walk.

JOEY: Yeah that's a good idea, Mai.

Tristan follows behind Mai and Joey but since they know he is they stand at the rails. She looks out at the ocean but Joey's eyes are glued to her, she notices after a moment. She stretches this even makes Tristan grin and she knows it would.

MAI: The view sure is incredible, isn't Joey? (Full of innuendo) Don't you want to plunge yourself inside and get wet?

Joey blushes but Tristan can't take anymore, he walks up behind Mai.

TRISTIAN: You two seem to be spending a lot of time alone together. (Snickers) What's going on?

JOEY: Can't we hang out together without you thinking... (Trails off and turns red) That we're, you know?

Tristan keeps trying to make Joey slip up as Mai gets a wicked idea, she looms over Tristan as he takes a step back.

MAI: That's it! (Yells) If you don't cut it out I'm going to make you wish you had!

TRISTIAN: Oooh! (Laughs) What are you going to do Mai, scratch me with your designer nails?

MAI: Oh you'd like that, wouldn't you? (Accusatory) You wouldn't mean down your back, would you?

TRISTIAN: Hey, I didn't say that! (To Joey) You know I didn't mean it like that, don't you bro?

Joey only stands there with a blank look on his face as Mai smirks at Tristan.

MAI: I'll leave you two goofballs alone to analyze that. (Exits)

TRISTIAN: I swear Joey, I didn't mean any of that the way Mai took it.

JOEY: Don't you think I know that? (Scoffs) Mai was just yanking your chain and you fell for it.

TRISTIAN: Yeah, I guess I did. (Pained expression) Man she's something else, isn't she?

JOEY: Tristan, you have a real knack for pointing out the obvious.

Tristan doesn't say anything but he chuckles after a few minutes. Later; Joey looks for Mai but can't find her anywhere, he then walks into the ships ball room. Among the lights, music and other people are his friends but he still doesn't see her. Then as he turns to leave, emerging resplendent is Mai and for a momnet he can only drool over her, then shakes himself out of it.

JOEY: Wow! (Mai musses his hair) Mai?! (Blushes) Not now, everyones here.

A slow romantic song plays in the background as Mai and Joey look into each others eyes.

MAI: Then they can watch you take me on the dance floor. (Joey groans) Come on Joseph, don't you want to take me?

JOEY: Jeeze, enough already. (Takes Mai's hand) Let's just get it over with.

Mai wraps her arms around Joey's back but he just stands there petrified. Te'a is dancing alone closer to the others.

MAI: I hope you don't say that in the morning when we go off alone together. (Scoffs) I sure hope you move more too.

The romantic song ends and a fast beat raunchy jazz song starts. Mai moves away from Joey and starts dancing by herself, she does an eyes-closed perfect step with the beat dance and people start to watch her. While moving her body to the music she lets loose, hair flying and it almost becomes burlesque. Others form a crowd clap and cheer her on but Joey can only watch her in a daze. Then she takes his hands and the two face each other for that brief moment before she pulls him into her dance. His feet start moving to the music, he gets into a hip swivelling rhythm that she copies. The two share a rhythm and share smiles as the song changes to a tango. She raises an eyebrow before pressing her body into his and he's not sure how to do the tango so she leads and he's getting into it. He gasps as her leg lands on his shoulder with ease but she breaks away as the song plays on. At the end she crushes into him and slides down his leg, everyone claps for them. They go to sit down with their friends who are most impressed by their performance. Then people watch Te'a who is also a perfect dancer.

BAKURA: Mai, may I have a dance with you?

MAI: Um? (Looks at Joey then back at Bakura) Sure, why not?

Bakura and Mai go off to the dance floor as Joey glares with a jealous fury. His eyes scan their every move but their not really even touching each other. In fact she gets fed up with Bakura, when their dance styles clash big time. He goes to dance with Te'a they definitely dance better together. However before Mai can come back to sit next to Joey, Tristan has gone out to dance with her. But Tristan can't keep up with Mai at all and ends up tripping on his own feet, this makes Joey laugh. He decides to walk out and save her from Tristan's lame dance skills. He holds out his hand to her but she just looks at him.

JOEY: Come on, dance with me.

MAI: Is that a request or a command? (Joey shrugs) No thanks, I've had enough after Tristan. (Yawns) Bedtime for me.

Mai leaves Joey standing on the dance floor alone as the dance lights swirl around him.

| PART TWO | CHAPTER TWO | Pretty Tied Up

The next morning Mai wakes up, she see's Te'a's still asleep in her bed and Joey's crashed out on the sofa. She gets up then walks over to him, he snores and mumbles in his sleep. She blows in his ear but he only laughs a bit, she then runs her fingers in his hair. This makes him moan a bit, she kisses his forehead.

MAI: Joseph?! (Joey's eyes pop open) Come on, it's time to get ready to go.

Joey doesn't say anything but his mind pulsates with ideas that Mai could have in store for him. He goes to the bathroom to shower while she starts putting things from her suitcases into her knapsack. Meanwhile; Joey flexes his muscles in the bathroom mirror with only a towel on but Mai strolls in catching him, she laughs at him.

JOEY: Hey what are you doing in here? (Mai kisses him to shut him up) I see you can't wait.

Mai smiles as she gets behind the shower curtain before undressing. Joey can't believe she's taking her clothes off but he can't see anything, he looks at the cream colored shower curtain wondering what he should do. Her arms come out to place her clothes on the toilet seat before she starts the shower running. Hot steam soon fills the air in the room and he knew she was taunting him as usual. Then her head popped out, her hair wet and slicked down.

MAI: I'd ask you to join me but I don't want Te'a to walk in on us. (Smirks) Why don't you wait for me?

Joey waves at Mai as he leaves the bathroom, awhile later she walks out with towels wrapped around her. She gets one of her suitcases and goes back to the bathroom. He just sits on the sofa watching Te'a sleep, she seems so at peace. Then Mai comes out exchanging her suitcase for her knapsack, she looks like she's got something in mind.

JOEY: Shh! (Whispers) We have to be careful not to wake Te'a.

Mai and Joey walk out and head for the docks but Bakura notices them, he decides to see what they are up to. He follows them down to the business area of the island, he loses them in a crowd of people. They stop in frount of a cheap motel, he's shocked when she's so nonchalant about walking into the office to get a room. Feeling a warm blush across his face when she walks out with a room key and motions for him to come on with her index finger. He tightens his gut while he walks towards the room, she goes in before him and by the time he makes it inside she's sitting on the bed. The room is small so the king size bed takes up most of the space. There's an old T.V bolted to the wall, a bathroom and a small area next to it with a clothes rack and table. On the table is a radio that's playing soft romantic music, she just had time to turn it on before sitting on the bed. He gulps as he shuts the door, he gawks at her but he can't bring himself to move. She pats the empty space next to her on the bed, he manages to sit down but he's fidgeting nervously. This was a great boost to Mai's ego as she watches him so overcome that he's choking on his own breath. She takes his hand in hers and then feels the muscles on his arm cautiously.

MAI: Don't move. (Musses Joey's hair) Lay on the bed and close your eyes. (Stands up) I'll be right back.

Joey wonders what Mai is up to as she goes into the bathroom with her knapsack in tow. He kicks his shoes off and lays on the bed with his eyes shut, after a short while he heard her open the bathroom door. He hears her heals clicking on the tile floor but he has a funny feeling in his gut about what she has in mind. She notices that the lights are on a dimmer switch so she dims the lights just enough for mood. He heard her heals walking closer to him but he felt ice cold steel on both his wrist.

JOEY: Hey?! (Opens his eyes) What are you doing to me?!

Joey looked at his wrist, Mai had put a pair of handcuffs on him. However then his focus fell on her, she was dressed only in a purple leather teddy and her boots. He froze with a blush, his mouth open and his eyes bugged out.

MAI: Well if it isn't the look you gave me when you first laid eyes on me. (Giggles) I've missed that look.

Joey's mind is at full throttle and his body trembling, while Mai puts her knapsack on the otherside of the bed.

JOEY: Was this supposed to scare me or something? (Scoffs) Good joke, you had me for a minute. (Mai opens her knapsack) I hope you're going to look for the key to get these things off of me.

MAI: Oh I have you alright. (Evil snicker) But I hope you last more than just a minute. (Picks up her rose whip card from her Duel Monsters deck) You should have figured out by now that just like my Harpies Ladies in my deck, I also come fully accessorized. (Smirks) Now you be a good boy and do what I say or you'll find out what else I have in my knapsack.

Joey isn't sure if Mai is joking or not, he lets out an uneasy laugh. That is until she reaches in her knapsack and from inside it she comes back brandishing a leather whip.

JOEY: Oh no you don't! (Strugles with the handcuffs, getting disgruntled) What are you schemeing?

MAI: Relax, I'll only use it if you don't behave yourself. (With a sadistic glint in her eyes) You need discipline and who better to give it to you than me? (Snaps her whip in the air) You're my prisoner, that means I can do whatever I desire to you.

JOEY: Nah, huh! (Putting his feet up to protect himself) You keep that thing away from me!

Mai kisses Joey but at this point he isn't sure what to think, he's scared out of his mind but very truned on at the same time. His big brown eyes dance in the bright blue colored neon lights blinking just outside the window from the motel sign. He had never fantasized about being beaten by any girl much less Mai. His fantasy about Mai was always more romantic but now that that had been blown right out of the water. It made since when he thought about the cards in her Duel Monsters deck However since he beaten her in their battle, he thought maybe he could end up in control of this situation too. He got to his feet and looked her right in the eye, she smiled as she shoved him back on the bed. His feet still on the floor he tries to stand up again but she climbs over him and straddles him to the bed.

MAI: Don't worry, I won't bite. (Tosses her whip aside) Well that is, not unless you really want me to.

JOEY: I'd like this game better if these handcuffs were on you instead of me. (Sighs) But that's not going to happen is it?

A very mischievous laugh rose from Mai as Joey's eyes narrowed and he huffed in total frustration.

MAI: That's right, it isn't. (Smug) Now you're going to obey my commands, aren't you?

JOEY: What?! (Mai wears an expression of intolerance) Come on Mai, this isn't fair.

Mai smirks as she raises Joey's arms over his head and he finds himself helpless at this point.

MAI: Are you pleading for mercy? (In an alluring tone) I think you can learn to beg a whole lot better than that.

Joey starts to say something but Mai leans over and kisses him. She moves down to a spot on his neck that makes his legs twitch so uncontrollably he sounds like he's trying to tap dance. He whimpers after taking in his predicament of what he might have gotten himself into with her. She then runs her index finger down his face to the tip of his nose and down to his chin.

JOEY: When you free me I'm so going to get even with you.

MAI: By the time I'm done with you Joey, you'll be far too tuckered out to do anything but rest. (Musing) Look at you Joseph, you're totally helpless. (Tempestuous) So you be a good captive or your captor will have to punish you.

JOEY: You should remember what dueling me is like. (Smug) I always get the best of you in the end.

Joey's mind started coming up with all sorts of wicked ways for getting Mai back for this. She strokes through his dark blonde hair with both her hands, moving it out of the way of his big brown eyes. He fidgets uncontrollably casting a curious wide-eyed glance up to her, she peers down at him with her sparkling violet eyes in return. She shakes her hair down and her eyes narrow as she licks the upper conner of her lips. He becomes perplexed as he bites his bottom lip, wondering what she's about to do to him. A rock song comes on the radio with a fast tempo and she begins to move her body against his deliciously to the beat of the music. A vigorously fluid motion lap dance, rousing him into a frenzy and begins meeting her movements with his own. He manages to lift himself up to kiss her for a moment before she forces him back down. She leans in and kisses his mouth lustily, drawing quick breaths as their lips part for a moment. Tentatively caressing his body with hers, he surrenders himself to her will totally.

MAI: Are you still going to get even with me after I free you? (Joey nods) Well Joey, until then, you're at my mercy.

JOEY: Or the lack of it. (Sighs) How about you free me now, my arms hurt. (Begs) Please, Mai?

MAI: Aw, poor baby. (Pulls a key from her cleavage) I could, if you can give me just one good reason to trust you?

JOEY: Because you're going to have to let me go at sometime. (Grins) Oh and by the way, nice hiding place you got there.

Mai groans as she unlocks the handcuffs on Joey, she moves to put the cuffs in her knapsack. He uses the moment to his advantage as he pulls her down on the bed and climbs on top of her holding her arms down. She muttered something through clenched teeth but it was more huffed breathing than anything else while she strugles with him. Triumphantly holding her just where he wants her, he gets that usual smug expression on his face when he gets his way. It's obvious how she longs to slap it right off of him too. But even with every bit of her savage fury, she finds herself helpless underneath his sturdy muscular body. She goes limp long enough to catch her breath, then she let out a piercing squeal and he just shakes his head at her.

MAI: Why you disobedient dolt! (Huffs) I'll teach you want happends when you don't behave yourself! (Again strugles with Joey but once more in vain) Forget my whip, you're going to get something worse that will make you beg me for mercy!

JOEY: I think you're wrong. (Chuckles and winks at Mai) See I told you I always get the best of you in the end.

MAI: Joseph Wheeler, you royal pain in the... (Joey interrupts her with a small kiss) Why you arrogant dork I'll...

Again Joey interrupts Mai but with a longer kiss, her eyes ablaze but this time she doesn't say anything. He's suspicious because it's really hard to ever get her to close her mouth, so he pulls her arms over her head just to make sure. He breaks into a self-satisfied grin while she furrows her brow and aggressively she sides her taunt shapely legs around his back. She tries to force him to let her go by squeezing his waist between her thighs but it backfires on her, he's enjoying it.

JOEY: That's it, cupcake. (Snickers) Take all your worked up frustration out on me.

He fastens her with a sexy, half-lidded look that makes her surrender herself totally to him.

MAI: I give up. (Sighs) Now will you please let go of my arms before I lose all feeling in them?

Joey slides his hands down Mai's arms to her hips and holds them firmly. Then pantomimes sex with her while breathing fiercely, she instinctively she grinds herself into him. He raises up enough to look down at her, she arches her back.

JOEY: Uh, huh. (Caressing Mai's legs) You're skin is so silky. (She moans) Is this what you want? (Coyly) Huh Mai?

MAI: Yes, you goofball. (Sighs) It's what you want too.

Joey doesn't respond for a moment but decides to gently lift her up into his arms to see what kind of goofball would do that. She suddenly feels shy as they lock eyes, feeling a vulnerability to his touch. Somehow he always knew how to reach her weak spots, even when she mischievously teased him. He cautiously runs his hands from her back to her hips again but she can't wait for him to make a major move. Suddenly she anxiously kisses him until she makes him weak in the knees, they fall on the bed and are all over each other. He rolls her over on her stomache and gives her a soft swat on her derriere.

JOEY: That's for the handcuffs. (Mai giggles) Now you hold still, please don't move.

Joey takes Mai's boots off and tosses them on the floor. He slides his hands past her derriere to her leather teddy, he goes about the task of undoing every one of the hooks that hold it on her body. He then moves to her straps, slowly pulling them down her arms and once past her arms he pauses for a moment. He blushes as he starts to pull it down her derriere and then her legs. In awe he gazes at her backside then he undesses himself as fast as he can. She rolls over on her side revealing the glorious of her body, he's so awestuck that when he takes a step closer to her he trips over his pants and lands on the floor.

MAI: Joseph, are you alright?

JOEY: Nothing is broken if that's what you mean. (Crawls on the floor) Just give me a minute, that didn't feel good.

MAI: Come on up here, if you're able and I'll make you feel better.

JOEY: Oh man! (Climbs on the bed) Let me just lay here for a minute, Please Mai?

Mai doesn't say anything but she holds Joey into her arms, she notices his shoulder is red where he hit the floor.

MAI: Looks like you're going to have a nasty little bruise on your shoulder.

Joey just looks at Mai with his mouth agape until she kisses his check, then he gropes the air towards her. He hesitates a moment gazing at her, then they simultaneously stand on their knees facing each other on the bed and their hands touch each others. They lock fingers with both hands an slowly he leans in to kiss her, the light blonde waves of her hair meeting the darker blonde strands of his that always hung in his face. Suddenly she moves against him as he flinches feeling her body react to being pressed against his. Their hands move apart with their lips for a moment, they share a look that says it all. His hands searching across the contours of her sides and come to a rest firmly on her hips. Her hands were on his abdomen, her eyes fastened frantically on his body. Mesmerized, his eyes devour her while building up his courage to touch her with more physical intimacy but she's frustrated waiting so she takes his hands in hers. Surprise as she moves his hands along her breast, she pants and lets him touch her body on his own. Joey automatically started to move his hands down her frame. She has to hold onto his arms for support as her knees grow weak and his mouth fondles her chest, she moans pleasurably he flicks his tongue over her nipples. Gasping, she pushes at him to make him stop and he did so with worry.

JOEY: What's wrong, Mai?

MAI: Nothing, Joey. (Quick breaths escape from her) But I need to take five.

Joey decides to make her putty in his hands instead, a wicked gleam in his big brown eyes makes her protest. However as his lips touch her neck, she surrenders to him. He gathers up her blonde hair in his hand and guides her head into a deep kiss.

JOEY: Say it, Mai? (Mai is confused) Come on, tell me how you really feel about me and without slinging any insults. (Waits for an answer, it's not forthcoming) This isn't a negotiation but let's see if I can get out of you a better way. Huh?

Heat floods through Mai's body like a firestorm as Joey reaches between her legs and ardently touches her muff. Her breath staggers as he touches her most sensitive spot, she gasps. Stimulating this hot spot on her further she lets out a squeal as her clit becomes swollen from his touch. She finally collapses on her back then he plunges his finger into her, he showes her no mercy as he performs cunnilingus on her too. A whispery sound escapes from her lips but she mumbles under her moans.

MAI: Oh Joe... Joey! (Pants) Oh Joseph?!

JOEY: That's my name, don't wear it out. (Snickers) So did you want to tell me something, Mai?

Mai still doesn't say anything so Joey takes in upon himself to slide his leg between hers, he grabs her arms and pulls her up. She struggles helplessly against him as he bounces her on his knee, it's driving her crazy. She manages to turn the tables on him as she slides down his thigh from his knee and embraces him for a moment. She rolls off onto her hands and knees, he grabs her by her hips. She backs up grinding herself against him, he can't take anymore and he rolls her over on her back. She lifts her legs up putting her heals on his shoulders as their bodies meet. He quivers and she starts to gyrate her hips, he's in exquisite agony for a few moments. He grabs her legs and takes control from her, triumphantly he thrusts into her again and again. Watching the effect he's having on her thrashing body, he stops for a moment and fondles her to the point were she's only making small expectant sounds. He stops and she just catches her breath, then he plows into her again. A rush built up inside her that let go all at once like molten lava and red hot steam from a volcano as she laid there like a rag doll.

MAI: Jooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy!

Joey grits his teeth trying not to lose it, it's almost too much for him but he manages to back off to catch his breath. Trying to believe what just happend isn't just a wild fantasy he's going to wake up from.

JOEY: Wow! (Stunned as it sinks in) Man, oh man! (Suddenly in cheery bewilderment) Heh-heh!

MAI: I'm not done with you, Joseph. (Stifles a moan) No, definitely not.

Before Joey can totally gather himself Mai sits up with a huge grin on her face, she maneuvers him to the middle of the bed. He's powerless as her thrusts set the pace, obtaining all that she needs and desires from him. He watches her avidly while her lips trembling from another wave inside her but this one rolls out slowing like an ocean tide. This comes as a shock to him but an extremely pleasant one, she arches her back and looks straight up at the ceiling with a loud moan. He grabs her hips but this only excites her more to the point where another wave came over her, he can only gaze up at her with splendid curiously.

JOEY: Jeeze, Mai?! (Under hard pants) I must be the luckest guy in the whole universe!

Mai only smirks with an evil glint in her eyes, she draws a deep breath and proceeds to ride Joey like a horse. His mouth forms a silent "wow" as she goes at him with everything she's got, he goes into a spasm beneath her on the bed. With a deep moan he rips at the fitted sheet on the mattress while they each get an intense rush at the same time. He lets out a satisfied spout as Mai collapses against his chest, their bodies lathered in hot sweat.

MAI: That was so amazing! (Satisfied sigh) Uhm, hmm!

JOEY: You can say that again.

Mai looks at Joey and giggles, then she rolls off him onto the bed snuggling next to him.

MAI: When I first met you, Joey. (Lays her head next to Joey's) I first saw you as an ameture duelist who I could beat but when you beat me I couldn't believe it. (Sighs) Are you always so good at everything you do right from the start?

JOEY: Apparently Mai, yes I am. (Snickers) I kicked your butt in Duel Monsters and... (Mai slaps his chest) Ow!

MAI: Thank you so much for saying that like ten thousand times, you jerk! (Upset) I'm trying to share my feelings with you and all you can do is gloat about beating me at Duel Monsters. (Very blunt) Could you please hear me out since I was about to stroke your ego? (Sighs) I was going to tell you how always suprise me but in this situation, you've really impressed me.

JOEY: Oh yeah? (Sweetly) Well I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make you happy, Mai.

With a smug look on his face Joey dramatically runs his finger through Mai's hair.

MAI: Joey, I love you.

Joey quivers as he looks at Mai bug-eyed.

JOEY: Wha... (Gasping) You what?!

MAI: Agh! (Yelling) I said, I love you!

JOEY: You do?! (Astonished) Wow!

MAI: Joseph you dork, of course I love you. (Sighs) Do you think for one moment I'd let you touch me if I didn't?

JOEY: Um? (Ponders this for a moment) No, probably not.

MAI: That's right, I wouldn't. (Smiles) The truth is that despite you're bad habits, I give you full marks for charm and bravery.

JOEY: Uh, same here. (Pauses) I see your good points despite the fact that your a sarcastic, kinky, control freak.

MAI: Well you're a poster boy for a dumb blonde stereotype.

JOEY: Well you're too materialist and exceedingly shallow.

Mai and Joey both huff at each others insults, then she looks over at him and her anger fades.

MAI: You are so sexy when you're angery and so adorable when you're not.

JOEY: You know how I feel about you. (Blushes) I feel the same way about you as you do me, excuse me a minute.

Mai crosses her arms and watches Joey as he walks towards the bathroom.

MAI: While your in there, you probably need to take a cold shower. (Huffs) Since you can't tell me that you love me back.

Joey mummbles something as he goes into the bathroom. Mai hears him start the water, she gets up and walks into the bathroom. She steps inside the shower with him, they start to soap each other down.

JOEY: I've never had this much fun in the tub before.

MAI: This place doesn't have a hot tub or a vibrating bed but it does have something almost as good.

JOEY: What's that Mai?

MAI: A hand held shower massager. (Points to the shower head) See?

JOEY: Hum? (Scoffs) So it is.

Joey gets an idea as he pulls the shower massager unit off it's hook, he puts it on full blast cold and aims it at Mai. She screams as the rapid blast of cold water smacks against her soft alabaster skin and her nipples harden from it.

MAI: You little snot! (Growls) I'm so going to get you!

Mai tries to take shower massager unit away from Joey but he blast her again, this time with warm water.

JOEY: Now I'm really going to get you, Mai. (Ajusting the flow of water) Yeah, that's about right.

MAI: Joey Wheeler, what are you schemeing?!

Before Mai knows it Joey has lowered his aim and suddenly she feels a pulsating sensation of warm water go between her legs full blast. All she can do is let out squeals of pleaser as she drops to her knees before a very amused Joey.

JOEY: Was it good for you? (Shuts the water off) Heh, heh!

MAI: That's not funny! (Huffs) Watch your back hot shot, because soon it's pay back for that!

JOEY: So you say. (Makes kissing sounds towards Mai) Bring it, sweetie.

MAI: Not when you expect it, dork. (Gets out of the shower) Now get ready, we have to go soon.

Later; Joey and Mai walk along the beach arm in arm, on their way back to the ship. When they board and make their way back to the room but notice that Te'a isn't there. He jumps up and lands on Mai's bed, then pats the spot next to him.

JOEY: Hey Mai? (Snickers) Do you want to see if we can rock the boat?

MAI: Joseph, you know Te'a could walk in here at anytime.

JOEY: So we could have been cault by anyone in the janitors closet or the storage area or even the motel.

MAI: Sorry but you're just going to have to wait until the trip is over.

JOEY: What?! (Whines) Why? (Te'a walks in) Hey, Te'a. (Embarrassed grin) How are you?

TE'A: Joey, what's with you and that silly grin of yours?

JOEY: I'm just really, really happy.

Mai winks at Joey and Te'a catches on something is going on between them.

TE'A: On second thought I don't think I want to know. (Rolls her eyes) I'm going to take a bath.

For the rest of the trip Mai won't let Joey touch her and their friends wonder just what is going on with the two of them. Saturday morning at the end of the trip he carried their bags. They walk to a rented hot car, she unlocks the doors and they get ready to go. She burns rubber pulling out of the driveway and driving like a maniac breaking traffic laws, weaves between other cars down the road. Her adrenalin rises, she drives with one hand and starts putting on lipstick with the other. He whimpers as they just miss hitting a truck, he doesn't stop until they park at a beach house. He gets out and tries to calm down but she drags him inside. When she turns on the lights he notices family photos in picture frames. There's one of Mai when she was about eleven or twelve that amuses him most because her hair is in ponytails. She takes his arm and pulls him into the hallway where there are three bedrooms and a bathroom, they go to one of the rooms that screams Mai's taste. Pulling off her jacket she looks right into his big brown eyes with indecent intentions in mind for him. She moves slowly against him, he deliberately falls backwards onto the bed with her on top of him. Kissing tentatively they undress each other fervently, at first everything is done with mutual desire. However as soon as she gets him to drop his guard she reached into the drawer of the nightstand pulling out a rope. Before he knew it she had already tied it around the headboard and had started on his arms, his protest was useless as his struggling was only tightening the rope more. He yelled which made her mad, so she gaged him with a scarf before she moved to his legs that he kicked away from her rope.

MAI: Escape is not an option, so you better be an obedient slave or I'll have to spank you. (Joey rolls his eyes) If that's your attitude how about what I suggested when you cooked up the food I shared on Pegasus' island? (Smirks) I could dress you in a chef's hat and a cute apron. (Another thought) Or maybe what Seto suggested when the two of you dueled and have you sit at your masters feet, my feet of course. (Slightly sarcastic) Perhaps put a leash around your neck and make you beg for my attention like a little puppy? (Chuckles) I was just kidding Joseph, that is about the leash anyway.

Joey doesn't want to take any chances so he decides to obey Mai but he's not happy about it. Soon she has him trussed up spreadeagle and her lips gently caressing down his neck made him desperately groan. He makes various sounds while she paws delicately across the contours of his torso with her finger tips. He felt like he was going to go into orbit while she ravished his naked body mercilessly with her tongue. She slithers over him and he begins writhing in tortured ecstasy. When he goes into a shudder from it she unties him, he's uncontrollably wild with relentless primitive desire for her. Suddenly he has her on her knees and savagely drives himself into the depths of her but he stops as she coo's with delight.

JOEY: Mai, I... I love you too. (Mai looks back at him) But I'm now I'm going to spank you for being a bad girl to me.

Joey gives Mai a few sharp swats on her derriere but this only makes her hotter, rolling over coaxing him with her movements. He goes at her again and afterwards their both so exhausted they fall asleep in each others arms. In the morning they wake up at the same time and they walk to the bathroom. The tub is big enough for the both of them, they play in the bath for awhile but he's too spent from the night before to stay with her. Before he leaves they kiss, then he takes a bus to the game shop. His friends laugh at him as he walks in, he wonders why until he see's his reflection in the display case glass, he groans. There's a hicky on his neck, his shirt is inside out, rope burns on his wrist and his hair is all disheveled.

TRISTIAN: I guess now we know why you were gone all night. (Te'a and Yugi laugh) By the looks of it Mai had you working up a sweat, huh Joey? (Laughs as Joey blushes) Only please don't go into any of the gory details, okay pal?