DISCLAIMER: The characters from YU-GI-OH / Duel Monsters are both & of their creaters & owners. The characters were used without permission in this piece of FAN FICTION. This story line script is my own creation and no copyright infringement was intended and no money was made, believe me I'm broke. Yeah, yeah!!! Part 1 of this story is PG-13 but part two is not so be warned. Luckly I wrote part one with a hanging ending so anyone who only reads part one should not feel too cheated.

*AQUAMOTION* Rated PG-13 ~ By Melissa McMahan

~ Characters Used - Yu-Gi, Grandfather, Joey, Mai, Te'a, Tristan, Ryou (Bakura) & some extras~

| PART ONE | CHAPTER ONE | The Clothes Minded

Joey ran into Yugi Motou's Grandfather's shop holding a letter and jumping around all excited about something. Tristan and Yugi wondered what was going on with him as he got out of breath.

TRISTIAN: Hey bro, what has you so excited?

JOEY: I won! I won! (Hands Yugi the letter) Here check it out.

YUGI: You won an vacation cruise? (In disbelief) And it's all expenses paid?

JOEY: That's not all, I get to bring as many people as I want along with me.

GRANDFATHER: Everyone but me I'm afraid. (Grunts) But Joey I'm glad you won the contest you entered.

Someones shadow covers the door, the nob turns and the door opens slowly. Yugi's grandfather walks in the back room while Joey ponders, the shadow figure looms close behind the three friends.

JOEY: Entered? (Confused) Come to think of it I never entered a contest so I wonder how I ended up the winner?

MAI'S VOICE: That's because I entered your name in that contest.

Joey felt his knees weaken, that was Mai's voice and he turned to her.

JOEY: Mai? (Scoffs) I don't get it. (Shrugs) Why you would enter me in a contest?

MAI: I entered all of you in the contest as well as myself. (Smirks) I figured one of us would win it and we could all go together. (Blinks her eyes) Besides after everything all of us have been through, I figured why not?

TRISTIAN: Figures. (Smirks) I have to hand it to you Mai, you sure do have a knack for covering all the bases.

JOEY: Tristan, that's the biggest understatement I ever heard. (To Mai) We should all be mad at you for using our names without our knowage, you know? (Sighs) But I'll forgive you since I won.

YUGI: So do I. (Smiles) Mai was just being nice to her friends.

TRISTIAN: I don't know. (Scoffs) She was thinking of herself too, she knew she'd still get to go if one of us won.

JOEY: Hey, I won and I say she gets to go. (Huffs) And if you don't forgive her then you don't!

TRISTIAN: Okay, okay, I forgive her. (Pushing Joey away) Now back off, you nimrod.

MAI: Well boys, I guess I'll see you on the boat then. (Smirks) Ciao for now. (Exits)

JOEY: Thanks a lot Tristan, for making me look bad once more in frount of Mai. (Huffs) When you know how she is!

TRISTIAN: Okay, I confess. (Matter of fact) It's hysterical hearing you two go at each other, I mean both of you are just so stubborn. (Snickers) You know always trying to best one another, going on and on.

Joey growls with a mixture of anger and denial as he storms off. Then Te'a walks in with a smile on her face.

TE'A: I talked to Mai outside about Joey. (Looking around) Hey she said he was in here, where did he go?

TRISTIAN: Aw, he's letting off steam. (Smirks) You know how he is when Mai's been around him.

TE'A: They sure do know how to push each others buttons, don't they?

TRISTIAN: A mule would give up before them. (Snickers) The two of them on that boat is bound to be very entertaining.

Te'a and Tristan share a laugh over the two blondes. Meanwhile; Joey walks along a street passing shops but he stops in his tracks when he sees Mai's head of blonde hair in one of them as she walks to the back. He opens the door and as he steps inside, he can't help but notice that it reaked of flowers. He looked around everything was so very girly, from the many shades of pinks and lavenders to the white lace curtains in the windows. He never felt so out of place anywhere in his life, a sales lady rasied a stern eyebrow as she walked up to the roguishly dressed male who had invaded this feminine shrine.

SALES LADY: Young man, the park is down the street.

JOEY: Uh, no. (Scoffs) I'm looking for a girl.

SALES LADY: Young man, I will not allow you to bother the ladies in this shop in hopes that you might get a date with one of them. (Points to the door) I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

JOEY: You got me all wrong, I'm looking for a friend of mine named Mai. (Pauses) She's tall, lustrous blonde hair.

SALES LADY: That's half the women who come in here. (Snotty) If you don't give me more details, you need to leave.

JOEY: She's very beautiful, long legs, wears lavender boots with a purple outfit. (Sighs) She's got a really big pair of... Eh! (Blushes) Violet eyes. (Sees Mai head again) Hey, she's over there.

SALES LADY: Her? (Points to Mai and Joey nods) Oh you're right she does have a really big pair of eyes.

JOEY: Yeah, eyes. (Crosses his arms) She's something else alright, there isn't another girl like her anywhere.

The sales lady notices the look on Joey's face as he watches Mai's head walking around a few feet away from him.

SALES LADY: Well you're more than welcome to let her know you're here.

The sales lady watches Joey closely as he walks towards Mai. Walking around a rack of sexy nighties he gets her attention but as she gasp, he notices she's only wearing a tiny leopard print bikini. She saying something but he can't focus on anything else while he gawks at her with a huge grin on his face. She's fed up and grabs him by the shoulders, shaking him out of it.

MAI: Joey, did you hear what I just said?

JOEY: Um, you said something?

MAI: Yes, I said go away. (Huffs) This is a ladies shop, can't you see that?

JOEY: I see a lot more than that. (Adoring) Nice bikini you're "almost" wearing. (Like a cat) Me-ow!

Mai sighs as she grabs Joey by his collar and forces him to sit on the red velvet sofa by the dressing rooms. He didn't mind because when she bent over to wag her finger at him, he has too good of a view to care that she's mad at him.

MAI: Look just sit here and be quite until I'm ready to leave.

Joey's blushed while Mai walked to the dressing rooms. When she walks out dressed he notices she has an arm full of skimpy outfits, she puts back two but walks to the counter to pay for the rest of them.

SALES LADY: You're gentleman's description of you failed to mention your real beauty, even after I prodded him.

MAI: Excuse me? (Gestures towards Joey) Joey Wheeler a gentleman?! (Scoffs) You haven't seen him eat.

SALES LADY: My point is dear, that any male who can see past physical beauty such as yours. (Matter of fact) It means that he has deeper feelings for you, he might be afraid to tell you how he really feels. (Smiles) But it shows in his eyes.

MAI: Most of the time he's a crass lout but... (Looks Joey over) He does have a big heart and he can be very sweet at times.

SALES LADY: A vase is only a lump of clay until someone gets their hands a little dirty.

MAI: Is Joey paying you that much? (Smirks) What are you a sales lady or a match maker?

SALES LADY: If there's one thing I know for my many years of working here, young lady. (Pointing at Mai's items) There isn't a female alive who buys this type of lingerie unless she wants someone to see it at some point in time.

Mai tries to think of something to deny what the sales lady said but she just can't, then Joey walks up next to her. The sales lady puts Mai's items in a bag and hands it to her. She waves at the couple as they walk outside and he waves back at her.

JOEY: Can I see what you got in the bag, Mai? (Blushes) Or better yet can you model them for me like you did the bikini?

MAI: Why don't we just rent a motel room, rip each others clothes off and see how long it takes us to break the bed?

Joey's in shock for a moment but he catches on she is just joking when she scoffs and rolls her eyes.

JOEY: Um, okay but what motel? (Smiles) A nice one with a huge hot tub or a sleazy one with a vibrating bed?

Joey makes a vibrating sound which makes Mai laugh, thus putting his own outrageous twist on her joke.

MAI: Why not one with a mirror over the bed?

JOEY: Well far be it for me to deny a lady of what she really desires. (Very perverted tone) Oh baby!

MAI: Mmm, well I need to go now. (Musses Joey's hair) See you later.

Joey waves at Mai before she truns to walk away. He always noticed how her body jiggled like a mold of firm grape gelatin but he also realized he was to the point where he was in need of an ice cold shower. Later; Mai was asleep in her bed, she was dreaming she laid naked on her tummy in a field of wild flowers. It was a perfect scene however as she rolled over so the sunsets warmth could heat her bare flesh, there was a shadow blocking the rays from her. Her eyes focused on the object casting the shadow across her body, she saw it was Joey looming over her. She woke up with a loud gasp, she sat up in shock. Meanwhile: Joey was in his bed dreaming about her but with a smile on his face, he rolls over and hugs his pillow. In his dream she's wearing the same tiny leopard print bikini as she crawls on her hands and knees across the floor towards him. She lays at his feet like a tamed cat would but as he reaches down to caress her face, she slowly climbs up his leg to his side. Her lips pressed tighly to his and her hands exploring his body, he wakes up when he hears knocking at his bedroom door.

JOEY: Eh, yeah! (Yawns) I'm coming, hold your horses.

When he stands up he has on just a pair of army green boxers, he cracks the door and looks out to see Mai standing there.

MAI: Joseph, aren't you going to let me in?

JOEY: Hold on, let me get back in bed and you can come in.

Joey dives into his bed covering himself with his sheet, one conner is over his head. Mai walks in, she giggles at the sight before her and she uncovers his head. She gasps when she sees his bare shoulders and legs when he kicks them out.

MAI: You're not naked are you? (Joey shakes his head no) Uh, well then. (Clears her throat) I decided since you won, you owe me. (Joey groans) That's right, so I have a few chores I want you to do for me.

JOEY: Like what? (Scoffs) You want to put a yoke on my back so I can plow the back forty?

MAI: Ahem, like I'd be a farm hand? (Smirks) Get dressed, I've got much for you to do before we leave in the morning.

Joey drops his head on the bed as Mai opens his chest of drawers and pulls out some of his clothes for him to wear.

JOEY: Hey don't be putting your hands in my drawers without asking me first.

Joey realized what he said and turned red, this made Mai gushed with laughter.

MAI: If a girl has to ask you first, you'll never get anywhere with her. (Turns away) I'll be waiting for you, so make it snappy.

Joey watches Mai as she slinks out the door. Meanwhile; Te'a sees Bakura and decides to talk to him.

TE'A: Hey Bakura? (Studies him closely) You are the real Bakura or are you?

BAKURA: I hope so. (Laughs) You know I've been wanting to talk to you about something but....

TE'A: What? (Bakura touches her chin) Is there something on my chin?

BAKURA: Just my hand. (A slight smirk before he pouts) Maybe someday I can tell you but not now, I'm sorry.

Te'a is confused when Bakura just drops his head and walks away from her, then Tristian walks up to her.

TRISTIAN: Wasn't that Bakura? (Te'a nods) What's up with that guy now?

TE'A: I wish I knew. (Shrugs) He wants to tell me something but he didn't. (Sighs) He seems so sad, poor thing.

TRISTIAN: Te'a you have too big a heart. (Smiles) Don't ever lose that.

TE'A: I won't, in fact I think I'll find Bakura and invite him along with us.

Before Tristian can react to Te'a idea, she has walked away from him and out of his sight. Meanwhile; Mai and Joey walk in her place, she grabs him and drags him into her room. She sits him at her make-up table bench and he grins at her but it soon fades as she hands him a clean rag. He looks at it then at her and scoffs, wondering what she has in mind for him.

JOEY: Listen Mai, not for nothing but what do you want me to do with this thing?

Mai reaches in the closet and pulls out a bottle but Joey doesn't know what it is at first. She hands him the bottle then, she lifts her left leg up and places her foot between his legs onto the bench. He's not sure what to think about her actions but he's willing to go along with her for now. He reads the bottle, it's shoe polish, he then looks at her knee that's right in his face.

MAI: Now polish my boots, I want to be able to see my face shining in then when your done.

Joey tries to say something but he's too choked up over having Mai's leg so close to him. He looks down at her boot and gets to work on it, she seems pleased with the job he's doing. He tries not to look up her body but his eyes seem to have a will of their own. After all she could have taken her boots off but she didn't, this was some sort of test and he knew it.

JOEY: Um, so Mai? (Feeling another blush over coming his face) What else are you going to make me do while I'm here?

Mai doesn't say anything as she looks at his work, she puts her foot down and then puts her other foot between his legs.

MAI: Good work, Joseph. (Sighs) Let's see how well you do this one. (Watches Joey as he goes to work on her other boot) There's a scuff mark on the heal I expect you to buff.

JOEY: Okay. (To himself) I know what else I'd like to buff.

MAI: When you're done go wash your hands and come back here.

Joey works on Mai's boot but he can't keep his eyes from checking out her body. He knew he had to maintain control of himself or she'd have too much power over him. She moved her foot and looked over his work, he stood up. She opened the other door by the closet door, it was her private bathroom and he slowly walked inside to wash his hands. He was amazed nothing was out of order, even a well used bar of pink soap was in it's own little place in the bathtub. The mirror on the wall was spotless, no toothpaste or water spat marks. Even her toothbrush was in a clean cup next to the sink, so what other reason was he there for he started to wonder. He walked out and looked at her bedroom again, the bed wasn't made but almost everthing else seemed to be neat and clean. He caught onto her as she sat brushing her hair and looking at him in her make-up mirror when she thought he wasn't looking at her. This was more than just a test, she was playing a little game with him to see how much of her taults he could take. He went over to her bed and within a few moments had it made, he then sat down on the egde watching her. After a few more strokes through her hair she put the brush down and looked over at him.

JOEY: Mai, why did you have me come over here really? (Scoffs) And don't tell me you want me to clean up around here because this place is spotless. (Mai crosses her legs and bats her eyes at him) Well?

MAI: That's the point, I need to pack for the trip. (Sighs) The room will be a mess after my bags are ready to go.

JOEY: Oh, yeah. (Embarrassed) I didn't think about that.

MAI: I think I know what you were thinking. (Stands up) You'll find my matching luggage in the attic under an old shower curtain, be careful not to drop anything. (Walks up to Joey) See if it needs to be dusted or not and place it in the floor in here.

Mai grabbed Joey's hand and pulled him up to her, their bodies touching. Feeling a rush from her body heat, he was tongue tied. He still tried to talk but the only sound coming from him was from his throat, in the form of a very loud gulp. She stretches herself up agaist him and ardently started to hug him, his reaction to this was shock so she just backed away.

JOEY: I... I'll go get your luggage now. (Clearing his throat) Um, if you show me where the attic access is.

Mai walks to the hallway and Joey follows behind her, she points above her head. She steps back as he pulls down the door with the ladder and climbs up. She walks back to her room where she lays across her bed on her tummy, she hears him walking back down the attic steps. Then after a few moments he goes back up again, she lifted her foot bending her knee as she heard him climb down again. The attic door made a huge slam as he shut it and walked in on her with two pieces in his hand. As he sat it all down he avoided looking at her, he went back and as he picked up the two smallest pieces she sighed.

MAI: Joey when you come back I need to ask you something.

Joey slowly walked back to Mai's room, he sat the pieces down and then looked over at her. She knew he was uneasy about the hug she had given him before but she wanted to prove something to herself and to see how he'd react. Rolling on her side with coo she stretches herself into a pose, the combination is hypnotic and very sensual. His jaw drops as he blinks his eyes, he's unsure he isn't day dreaming. She really lays it on thick as she pats the empty space on the bed next to her. He slowly goes over and sits in the empty space on the bed but he won't look at her.

JOEY: Um? (Fidgets uncontrollably) You needed to ask me something?

MAI: Um, hum. (Runs her fingers down Joey's spine) I sure do.

JOEY: Wh... (Voice cracking) What is it?

Joey's back starts twitching but he still won't look at Mai, so she blows in his ear.

MAI: Joey? (Clears her throat) What's the matter with you Joseph, don't you like girls?

The mere question seemed to make Joey jump out of his skin, making his passion surge through his body like a rushing river. His blood pounds in his ears as he deliriously looks down at Mai and his resistance fades fast. With a savage thrust he instinctively takes her up in his arms and kissing her with furious abandonment. Her body truned to mush under his wild embrace, at that moment she was amazed to discover how hot his kiss was and how he made her melt. As he moved his head away from her's they gazing into each other's eyes for a moment. He lets go of her, falling to his hands and knees in the floor. She manages to sit on the edge of the bed to see about him, he's hunched over breathing really hard.

JOEY: Oh man! (Suddenly whimpers) I messed up again, I'm sorry. (Shakes) Please Mai, I'm sorry.

Mai rubs her hand on Joey's shoulder.

MAI: Get up off your knees, Joey. (Reluctantly) I was expecting a reaction from you, not the one I got but...

JOEY: Huh? (Looks up at Mai) Wait a minute, just what reaction were you expecting from me?

MAI: Your usual one. (Crosses her legs) Foot stomps, yelling empty threats, fist shaking temper tantrum.

JOEY: Agh! (Slumps over) But I did answer your question at least.

MAI: You certainly did.

Joey notices that Mai slightly blushes before she stands up and faces away from him. He felt his chest tighten as a stirring deep inside him awoke for the first time. As hard as he tries to hold it in, he's overwhelmed by it, a hot tear flows down his cheek. When he's able to focus on her again, she's busy tossing various things in her make-up case which sits on her dresser.

JOEY: Um, Mai? (Mai looks over at him) I should help you pack some of your things.

MAI: Like what, my lingerie? (Walks over to Joey with a smirk) You'd like that, wouldn't you?

Mai waits for an answer from Joey but it's not forthcoming, he just sits there looking at her boots. Suddenly he felt her hands on his shoulders pulling him upwards and then she pushes him back on the mattress. He's expecting anything but what she did next, she reached out her hands and tickled him mercilessly.

JOEY: Stop it! (Rolling over) Come on, cut it out!

Mai waited until she had a clean shot at Joey's derriere, then gave it a really sharp swat with the palm of her hand. The sting from it not only made him gasp but it made him want her more than ever.

MAI: Got you! (Giggles) Now go make yourself useful, go cook us something to eat while I pack.

Joey groans but manages to drag himself up and out the door. Mai goes back to packing. Meanwhile; Te'a locates Bakura again, she walks up behind him and taps him on his shoulder.

BAKURA: Huh? (Truns to face Te'a) Are you following me?

TE'A: Joey won this contest that Mai entered his name in. (Catches her breath) It's a vacation cruise and he gets to bring as many people as he wants for free, so if you want you're welcome to come too.

BAKURA: I'll think about it. (Te'a hands him a slip of paper) What's this?

TE'A: The date, time, pier number and so on. (Sighs) I hope you decide to come with us.

Te'a waves at Bakura as she walks away from him.


The sun was just peeking out over the deep blue sea amongst a few feathery clouds. The birds chirping all around Yugi, Te'a and Tristan as they walked down to the pier. Behind them comes Mai wearing a big hat, pumps, gloves and a dress that makes her look a little bit like a early 1960's movie starlet. Behind her is Joey loaded down with bagage and Bakura. Joey manages to get on board first where he drops the baggage right at Mai's feet as she boards and another pretty girl on deck takes notice of him. A huge smile crosses this girls lips as she looks him over.

MAI: Joey, are you alright?

Joey holds his index finger up to tell Mai to wait a moment as the other girl walks up to them her name tag says Honey.

JOEY: Yeah. (Takes a deep breath) I'm fine. (Pauses) I'm fine.

HONEY: You sure are. (Mai crosses her arms) You're Joey Wheeler, I can't believe I'm standing here talking to you. (Squealing) I've been your biggest fan since I first saw you play Duel Monsters. (Coquettish tone) You're even better looking in person. (Deep sigh) Please tell me you're staying on the cruise. (Joey nods) That means I'll be seeing you again then.

Te'a, Bakura and Tristan watch this little scene unfold before them but Yugi goes off to look at the waves of the sea.

JOEY: Probably so. (Smiles) Miss... Um? (Blushes as he reads her name on her tag) Hon... Honey.

HONEY: As in sweet as honey.

MAI: Agh! (Thinking) Why do I care, it's just Joey? (Looks joey over) But he's so... (Winces) No I can't go there.

JOEY: Nice to meet you. (Notices Mai's cross look, then looks at Honey) Why thank you, Honey.

Honey takes a few steps away but blows Joey an air kiss and Mai grits her teeth as Honey walks away.

MAI: Her name is Honey? (Huffs) As in tooth decay. (Yells) What an empty headded bimbo!

JOEY: I don't know, she seemed very sweet to me. (Smug) It's nice to have a pretty female around sometimes.

MAI: What the...?! (Growls) Well what about me?!

JOEY: Beauty definitely a ten but personality wise you're a five. (Mai shoves him) You just dropped to a four. (Scoffs) Besides you're one to talk about names, I mean since your name is Mai Valentine. (Snickers) Like, "My Funny Valentine."

Mai growls as the group laughs at Joey's remarks about her.

TRISTIAN: Hey way to go, Joey. (Smirks) You have a groppie. (Looks at Mai) You're not on the back burner anymore.

MAI: But if he touches her something else might be burning. (Scoffs) I'll bet she's been boarded more than this ship.

TE'A: I have to agree, that girl is even more trouble that Mai is.

MAI: Hey?! (Huffs) I don't throw myself at a bunch of guys like that Honey obviously does.

TRISTIAN: Well that's true. (Looks at Joey) Mai doesn't have to, she just manipulates them. (To Te'a) Then there's you.

TE'A: Me?! (Shocked) I don't do either one of thoughs things.

JOEY: No, you're an ear grabber. (Smirks) But it seems that both you and Mai are jealous of Honey.

TRISTIAN: Yeah, no kidding.

TE'A & MAI: (In unison) What?!

JOEY: Well then. (Sarcastically) I guess the two of you won't mind if I go find her, huh?

Both Mai and Te'a grab Joey's arms as he truns to walk off.

TE'A: Oh no you don't. (Motions to Mai) As your friend I'm not going to let you ruin your life with that girl.

MAI: That's right. (Wags her finger at Joey) Even if it means the we have to tie you up.

BAKURA: I'm not sure Joey would mind that, Mai. (Sotto) I know I woundn't.

MAI: Bakura and Tristan, you two will have to bring the bags along. (Yells) Get busy!

TRISTIAN: Ahem. (Sarcastically) Gee Mai, how can we refuse when you ask us in such a nice way?

Juxtapose- Everyone is in one room and they are all very upset.

BAKURA: So how are we going to work this out?

MAI: Look, I wish I had known that there were only two rooms. (Sighs) I didn't read the fine print, I'm sorry.

JOEY: Yeah, I should have noticed that myself. (Pauses) But there's nothing we can do about it now.

BAKURA: Well there are two beds and a sofa in each room and there are six of us.

TRISTIAN: Yeah, so it's simple. (Pauses) Three of us will take this room and the other three will take the other room.

MAI: Hold it! (Clears her throat) It's not so simple, is it Te'a?

TE'A: She's right, theres two girls and four guys. (Upset) How can we work that out?

MAI: Te'a, I say we take the other room and let them figure out the rest.

TRISTIAN: No way are the four of us are going to squeeze in here. (Points at Mai and Te'a) We'll will draw straws and the one who draws the longest staw is rooming with you two. (To Mai) After all you got us all in this mess in the first place.

MAI: Well? (Pauses) I guess that's fair but the one who wins has to be on his best behavior or else he'll feel my wrath.

JOEY: What else is new?

Bakura cuts three straws the very same size and one longer, he puts them in Mai's hat and all the guys pull one out.

TRISTIAN: Now, lets compare them. (Holds up his straw to Yugi's) These are the same size, so it's up to Joey and Bakura.

Joey holds out his hand and Bakura places his next it in his hand.

MAI: Oh no! (With dread) Joey won? (Whimpers) Again? (Sighs) I can't believe his luck.

TE'A: Oh great, he talks in his sleep. (Scoffs) Mostly about food, of course and he snores.

JOEY: I do not snore. (Huffs) And I dream about more than just food.

MAI: Of course you do. (Smirks) But I hope you enjoy the sofa, Joseph.

JOEY: Hey, why do I get the sofa?

TE'A: Because I know I'm not sleeping on it. (Scoffs) And you know Mai isn't going to give up a bed for a sofa.

MAI: You got that right. (Smirks) Now come on, we have chores for you.

TRISTIAN: Yeah, I'm sure the three of you will have tons of fun together in the same room. (Chuckles) Good luck Joey.

Mai and Te'a drag Joey out the door to the next room where they toss him on the sofa, he checks it out.

JOEY: It's lumpy. (Whines) It feels like someone is already laying on it.

MAI: Then you shouldn't feel so lonely. (Smirks) Just don't get too carried away. (Giggles) Okay, Joey?

JOEY: I don't plan on it but if I do I'll be sure to let you know.

TE'A: Come on Joey, it can't be all that bad. (Pauses) It's not like you haven't had to sleep on the ground before.

Joey nods as Mai puts pile of fashion magazines on her nightstand from her bagage, then she checks out her bed.

MAI: Mmm, it's nice and firm. (Sighs) I think I'll go out on deck for a little while, let me get my hat.

TE'A: I'm going to take a nap before I have to hear "Sir Snores Alot, Joey Wheeler" tonight.

JOEY: I do not snore, Te'a. (Huffs) Wait up Mai, I'll go with you.

Mai puts her hair up into her hat and then Joey takes her arm as they walk out. Mai frowns as Honey comes right up to them.

HONEY: Oh hi again, Joey. (Sighs) Is this your aunt?

Mai blows her cool and tosses her hat into the water, her hair flows down. She shoves him back into the room.

MAI: Look, he's with me so just back off! (Huffs) And I am not his aunt.

HONEY: Mai Valentine? (Gasps) I couldn't tell it was you in that hat. (Takes a step back) You're the top female duelist.

MAI: That's right. (Shoves Honey) Now you leave Joey alone or you'll find out just how good I am at battle.

HONEY: What are his keeper or something?

MAI: Not that it's of your bee's wax, Honey. (Shoves Honey again) But he's my friend, I want you to scram!

HONEY: Friend? (Scoffs) Are you sure it's not more than that? (Mai gasps) Or maybe you want it to be.

Honey walks away laughing as Mai crosses her arms but won't say anything and Joey walks back out the door to join her.

JOEY: Mai? (Mai looks at him) Is there something we should talk about?

MAI: No, she won't bother you again. (Putting her hand on Joey's cheek) I took care of her for you

JOEY: I think there's more truth in that statement that you care to admit. (Takes Mai's hands) You're jealous.

MAI: Oh I am not. (Scoffs) Why would I be jealous of her, just look at me. (Smirks) I'm a natural blonde for one thing.

JOEY: Um, hum! (Smirks) So you wouldn't mind if I went to talk to her? (Mai slaps him) Ow!

MAI: You want to leave me here alone to go talk to her?! (Growls) Then go but don't expect me to pick up the pieces when she hurts you! (Walking away) I've got better things to do with my time anyway!

Mai walks around the corner while Joey hangs his head down. After a few minutes he walks around looking for her, he doesn't notice her by others playing games on deck. But she notices him and follows behind him to see where he goes.

JOEY: Where is she? (Walks over to the crowd) Mai? (Mai taps him on the back) So are you going to talk to me or not?

MAI: You're the one who was looking for me. (Slowly cornering Joey near a wall) Why me and not her, huh?

Mai presses herself right up to Joey as he stops against a wall, he blushes as she moves her head closer.

JOEY: Mai?! (Surprised and embarrassed) What are you doing?!

Mai doesn't say anything, she just backs away from Joey and walks over to the rail looking at the sea. He shutters for a moment then goes over to join her, a warm breeze blows their blonde hair back.

MAI: Joseph, I think of you... (Clears her throat) As a friend. (Pauses) I'm just looking out for you.

Without taking his eyes off Mai, Joey takes her hand in his with no protest from her in return.

JOEY: Does this have anything to do with what happend between us? (Whispers) You know, the kiss I gave you.

Mai doesn't say anything as she walks away from Joey but she truns to give him one last look.

| PART ONE | CHAPTER THREE | Sweeter Than Honey

The ship docks in a port, some of the passengers are getting off. Mai now dressed as usual notices Honey leaving and gives her a smug wave good bye but Tristan noties this. As Honey walks along she notices a cute guy and she flirts with him.

TRISTIAN: I guess you and Te'a were right about that Honey girl.

MAI: Well you do know that honey is just bee barf don't you? (Smirks) Of course we were right and Joey should know that. (Without thinking) It certainly has nothing to do with what happend between us... Ooo! (Puts her hand to her mouth with a gasp as she catches herself) Nevermind, forget I said anything.

TRISTIAN: Wait something happend with you and Joey? (Mai winces) Like what?

MAI: Nothing. (Takes a deep breath) Look, we're just friends that all. (Walking off) I have to go.

Tristan's jaw drops as Mai leaves, then Bakura and Te'a walk up to him.

TRISTIAN: Hey what do either of you think about Mai and Joey, you know? (Bakura shrugs) Okay, what about you Te'a?

TE'A: I try not to. (Scoffs) All they do is fight as it is, could you imagine if they... (Shutters) I don't what to imagine that.

TRISTIAN: Well Mai sort of let it slip that something happend with Joey. (Snickers) And judging be her reaction I bet it was when he was over at her place, they were all alone. (Joey walks up) Aw, Joey so are you going to tell us all about it?

JOEY: Huh? (Confused) What are you talking about? (Te'a pulls on his ear) Ow!

TE'A: What happend between you and Mai at her place, when you should have just been packing her things?

JOEY: Oh that. (Backs way from Te'a's grip) Um, well. (Blushes) We kept our clothes on if that's what you're getting at.

TE'A: I really don't want to hear anymore of this. (Exits)

BAKURA: Te'a seems really upset by it.

TRISTIAN: Three of you in the same room I bet I know what you're thinking now. (Smirks) A Joey sandwh...

JOEY: Hey, what are you trying to do get them both mad at me?! (Pauses) The last thing I need is them to team up on me.

TRISTIAN: I think it will be more like a cat fight that you get pulled into.

Joey walks away, then back to the room where Mai and Te'a both let out a condescending groan towards him. The tension rises as he sits on the sofa acting all nonchalant about the whole thing. There's a knock on the door, so he gets up to answer it. It's Bakura and Tristan again, they peek inside the room.

BAKURA: I thought we should check on the situation in here, is everything alright?

JOEY: Sure, everything is just fine. (To Te'a and Mai) Isn't girls? (This is met with a blunt silence) Maybe not.

TRISTIAN: Come on lets go have fun and let them have at it. (Grabs Joey's arm) Trust me, we're doing you a big favor.

Bakura and Tristan drag Joey out the door, then slam it shut behind them. Mai and Te'a get ready to have it out.

TE'A: You know Mai? (Pouts) Joey is one of my best friends and I care about all my friends. (Upset) Face it Mai, you're like a queen bee with your pick of the drones and it's Joey who is going to get stung.

MAI: Friends or not, you're just mad because Joey's been buzzing around my hive. (Matter of fact) He's a big boy he can do what he wants to, without having to ask your permission. (Crossing her arms) If you don't like it you can just buzz off?

TE'A: I get it, it's not that you were only jealous of Honey. (Scoffs) You're also jealous of my friendship with Joey.

MAI: Now who sounds like a queen bee with her pick of the drones? (Smirks) I'm out of here.

Mai marches out of the room while Te'a blows her stack with a scream, then Yugi cames in to see about her.

YUGI: Te'a? (Hugs Te'a) Are you alright?

TE'A: I'm fine, Yugi. (Backs away) It's Mai, she pushes some of my buttons almost as much as she pushes all of Joey's.

YUGI: You and Mai should get along, I know she's a bit brassy but deep down she really cares about us.

TE'A: Maybe so but nevermind that now, we should go find the rest of our friends?

Yugi and Te'a walk out togething and see Mai standing alone at the railing. They then see Tristan, Bakura and Joey trying to figure out how to turn on a karaoke machine. Just then an ear shattering pop of feedback comes over the speakers.

MAI: Oh no! (Grabs Yugi) They must be stopped. (Tristan grabs the microphone) I don't care what you have to do!

The music for the Harry Belafonte song 'Day O' starts as Mai covers her ears.

TRISTIAN: (Sings way off key) Day O! Day- ie-oh!

Mai can't take it anymore, she runs up and in a victorious tackle knocks Tristan down, she truns off the karaoke machine.

TE'A: You know, I think I'm really starting to like Mai a lot better now.

TRISTIAN: Hey what gives, Mai? (Stands up) That was my solo.

MAI: Next time I hope it's so low that I can't hear it. (Joey laughs) Move aside boys let me show you how it's done.

JOEY: You're going to sing? (Chuckles) This I got to hear.

Mai shoo's Tristan, Bakura and Joey off the stage. She ajusts the karaoke machine, she isn't too happy with the selection but finds something she knows how to sing. The music for the No Doubt song 'Just a Girl' starts. She performs it in a such a flawless manner that even passers by are stopping to hear her sing.

MAI: (Sings) Take this pink ribbon off my eyes. I'm exposed and it's no big surprise. Don't you think I know exactly where I stand? This world is forcing me to hold your hand. 'Cause I'm just a girl, oh little 'ol me. Well don't let me out of your sight. Oh I'm just a girl, all pretty and petite. So don't let me have any rights. Oh... I've had it up to here! The moment that I step outside, so many reasons for me to run and hide. I can't do the little things I hold so dear. It's all those little things that I fear. 'Cause I'm just a girl, I'd rather not be. 'Cause they won't let me drive late at night. Oh I'm just a girl, guess I'm some kind of freak. 'Cause they all sit and stare with their eyes. I'm just a girl, take a good look at me. Just your typical prototype. Oh... I've had it up to here! Oh... Am I making myself clear? I'm just a girl, I'm just a girl in the world. That's all that you'll let me be! I'm just a girl, living in captivity. Your rule of thumb makes me worry some. Oh I'm just a girl, what's my destiny? What I've succumbed to is making me numb. I'm just a girl, my apologies. What I've become is so burdensome. I'm just a girl, lucky me. Twiddle-dum there's no comparison. Oh... I've had it up to! Oh... I've had it up to! Oh... I've had it up to here.

At the end she bows to the crowd and everyone cheers her. Joey is the most amazed by her singing skills, he stands up on a couple of chairs and cheers over everyone else.

TRISTIAN: Jeeze Joey, why don't you just throw Mai your under-wear while you're at it?

Joey blushes as he climbs down off the chairs and then Mai walks up to them with her arms crossed.

BAKURA: That was smashing, Mai. (Smiles) Marvelous really.

TRISTIAN: I have to admit you sounded a lot better than me.

JOEY: The feedback sounded better than you, Tristan. (To Mai) That was five stars, Mai.

Tristan puts Joey in a head lock, they start fighting.

TRISTIAN: I don't hear you trying to sing, nim-rod.

TE'A: Cut it out you two. (Grabs Joey's and Tristan's ears) I mean it!

YUGI: Te'a, calm down. (Sighs) After all you know they do that a lot.

MAI: What? (Giggles) Acting like a pair of big dumb wrestlers?

TE'A: Exactly! (Sighs) Can't you two ever act mature?

MAI: Oh hun, I think that would be asking too much from them. (Smirks) After all, evolution is such a slow process.

Tristan crosses his arms in anger but Joey with suspicion raises an eyebrow at Mai, while the others laugh. Later; Mai stands at the forward bow of the ship, her hair awash in the red glow of sunset and she extends her arms out. Joey notices her as he stops in his tracks and he gawks at her for a moment, then he walks up behind her.

JOEY: If you dare yell, "I'm the queen of the world!" (Scoffs) I swear, I'll pick you up and toss you into the ocean.

MAI: Oh you would, huh? (Turns to face Joey) Would you jump in and save me before I was pulled away by the tide?

JOEY: Um? (Tapping his finger on his lips in a sarcastic way) Should I risk drowning myself just to save you, before you swallowed half the ocean dry? (Smirks) I don't know if I should bother or not. (Mai huffs) Hey, I was joking. (Pauses) It's not like I'd really risk your life, Mai. (Sighs) I... Um? I... Aw, you know how I feel about you. (She blinks her eyes) Well I care about you... Um, as a friend. (Clears his throat) Even when you're slaying insults or barking orders. (Heavy sigh) Your a fantastic singer too, I didn't know you could sing that well.

MAI: Well Joseph. (Full of innuendo) There are all kinds of things you don't know I could do.

Joey blushes as Mai turns to walk away but he grabs her arm stopping her in her tracks.

JOEY: Please, show me what they are?!

MAI: Hmph! (Sighs) Joey, is there something about the motion of the ocean that makes you blush?

JOEY: I'll give you some motion.

Joey takes Mai in his arms, then leans her back into a huge fiery kiss and she wraps her arms around him. As soon as he lifts her back up she takes his hand and he follows her inside the janitors closet. There they start kissing wildly, he pushes her against the wall as she wraps her arms and legs around him. Her skirt hiked along her derriere as he touches her thighs delicately which makes her whimper. As the danger of being discovered by someone was not only a possibly but very exciting by them. The sound of the ships engines come up from the grated floor mixed with the smell of cleaning fluids was some how very erotic to their senses as well. Their panting becomes rhythmic as their mutual desire for the other fiercely builds to explosive. The heat from the janitors closet and their sweat from bodies making them drastically aware of their erogenous zones. Their passion rings in their veins as he comes up for air and their eyes meet, a grin formed on his face.

MAI: I think we need to cool down. (Joey holds her legs so she can't move away from the wall or him) Joseph?!

JOEY: Cool down? (Smirks) Aren't we just getting warmed up? (Mai bites her bottom lip) What nothing to say for once?

Joey pushes back Mai's hair from her neck and leans in to lasciviously kisses the flesh behind her ear, she gasps for air from it. As he continues down her neck he grabs her shoulder on that side and pulls down her jacket to her elbow. From there he nibbles on her bare shoulder, then he moved her away from the wall. The smell of her perfume blended with her own scent over came him for a moment but in an alluring way. He licked across her shoulder blade getting a good taste of her flesh in the process. His tougue moving to her spine was making her arch her back, with a moan she moved away from him.

MAI: I'm going to pass out if I don't get somewhere cooler and have something to drink.

Joey gave Mai a half-lidded sexy look before he opened the door for her. A gentle night breeze swept over them and then they knew how drenched in sweat they really were. They walked slowly back to their room, he peeked in and saw that Te'a wasn't there. He pulled Mai into the room, she stopped his advances as he tries to grab her. His big brown eyes became bigger but she sighed and went to the bathroom. She locked the door, then took off her clothes, got into the shower and rested on the wall. He decided to strip down to his boxers, he needed a shower just as bad as her but she had locked him out. He did help himself to a cola that was on Te'a's nightstand, it wasn't all that cold but it helped his dry throat. Mai walked out of the bathroom wrapped in a couple of towels, then grabbed her robe and put it on. They didn't say anything to each other as he passed her to enter the bathroom, there he noticed her clothes in a pile on the floor. He picked them up to fold them for her when her panties fell out and landed on his foot.

JOEY: Oops. (Snickers) Warm and wet. (Kicks Mai's paints back on the floor) Now I really do need a cold shower.

When Joey walks out in a towel much to his dismay Te'a is sitting on her bed with her deck and Mai's asleep in her own bed.

TE'A: Joey?! (Turns her head away) Get dressed before you walk out of the bathroom.

JOEY: I'm sorry, Te'a but I didn't know you had come in. (Grabs his bag) I'll be right back.

Later that night all three of them are sleep when Joey starts to snore and talks in his sleep. Both Te'a and Mai wake up, they look at each other. He goans and gasps, while they get up to see about him.

TE'A: See I told you he snores and talks in his sleep.

MAI: Um? (Thinking) I hope he doesn't start talking about me in his sleep, if Te'a or anyone finds out I'll...

JOEY: (In his sleep) Butterscotch sauce. (Mai sighs in relief) I bet this would taste good on your back, Mai.

Embarrassed Mai covers her face with her hands as Te'a gasps from pure shock.

TE'A: Ew! (Cringes) I think I'm going to be sick. (Pats Mai on the back) I'm sorry Mai, this must be twice as bad for you.

JOEY: (In his sleep) Maple syrup would be nice poured over your...

Interrupting Joey by putting her hand over his mouth Mai turns red and Te'a sighs in relief.

MAI: Is there anything we can gag him with? (Joey licks her hand and she moves it away) He licked my hand.

TE'A: You're lucky he didn't try it eat it. (Scoffs) I can't believe him sometimes.

JOEY: (In his sleep) Yeah sweetie, kiss me again. (Mai shakes him) Please, Mai?

MAI: Wake up, Joseph!

JOEY: (In his sleep) My name sounds so sweet from your lips. (Mai shakes him again) Wrap your legs around mine.

TE'A: You're wasting your time, nothing wakes him up. (Sighs) I think I'm going to sleep out on deck, how about you?

Before Mai can say anything Joey sniffs at her and wraps his arms around her abdomen, thus pulling her on top of him. Te'a watchs somewhat amused now, as Mai tries to free herself from his grip but in vain. Te'a sits on her bed and starts to laugh as he snuggles Mai like she was some sort of big, long legged, blonde teddy bear.

MAI: Te'a just don't sit there, help me. (Struggles to free herself from Joey) No use, his grip is too strong for me to break.

TE'A: When Tristan finds out about this he'll... (Stands up) Better yet, I'll see if I can find him so he can see it for himself.

MAI: Don't you dare! (Wiggling against Joey) Come on, I can't stay this way all night.

JOEY: (In his sleep) Oh baby, you always smell so nice. (Te'a laughs) Oh Mai, take me I'm all yours.

Te'a is enjoying Mai's helpless humiliation a little too much as she watches Joey kissing her neck in his sleep.

TE'A: Maybe I should help you before he decides to... (Stops herself) Ew, nevermind.

After a few tries from both Te'a and Mai they still can't get Joey to let go of Mai. Then Te'a has an idea, she goes to get something from her bags. She opens a small box of caramel corn and puts it under his nose, he sniffs at it. He lets go of Mai to grab the box of caramel corn but Te'a pulls it way and he falls onto the floor.

MAI: Thanks, Te'a. (Joey wakes up) Hey you big lug, it's about time you woke up. (Helps him to his feet) Are you okay?

JOEY: I think so. (Yawns) What's going on with you two?

MAI: Nothing. (Gives Te'a a stern look) It's that right, Te'a? (Te'a only smiles) See Joey?

After they go back to sleep Joey is peaceful but Mai isn't she keeps moving around in her sleep. The next morning the ship docks, everyone got off the boat to have fun as a group. However Joey had his mind on Mai, she was acting cold towards him and he figured maybe it would be best just to drop the whole romance thing for awhile. Two days and one night went by, he would be sleeping out on deck so he wouldn't have his temptation for her overcome his decision. It was the second night and he wasn't sleepy. The rest of the trip was going to hard on him, how could he avoid her unless their friends were around? He walked over to the rails and looked at the sunset, he suddenly saw the colors in the sky. The yellow, violet, pink, peaches and red came together in his mind to form Mai in the clouds. He shook his head to clear his mind but he knew she had already gotten to him a little too deeply. There was no way he could avoid the truth but he could just keep it a friendship for awhile. *Part 1 ends here.*

To Be Continued in Part 2 Which is Rated NC-17