Fading Footsteps Along the Corridor

As the shadows of night gathered around me slowly

The blaring silence broken, startled an inspiration

While I turned to ponder looking at my darkened door

A sound of a distant handle turning down the corridor


Opening door ajar and parallax voices filled the air

Lofting, trespassing, invaded my four walls of space

The unwanted egress took me from my imagination

A technique of wild, abstract creation forever gone


Infuriated by the cackles of bellowing evil laughter

My heart pounding till I could feel my blood flowing

Till burning embers of rage filled the depths of my soul

As the jackals vehemence of footfalls passed my door


The darkness I peer into as seem so absolute and still

But the endless noise pouring from the corridor thunders

I stood unmerciful to free my abysmal loneliness once more

Only to soak in the sound of fading footsteps along the corridor

By Melissa McMahan