It is the evening
when electric colors
slash across the sky
slowly melt into night

When summer ends
winter creeps in
can't turn back time
no matter how you try

Deep in the shadows
lies life's dark veil
in fates of this world
feel yourself go pale

No more to see the sky
inside your bluer eyes
now your lifeless soul
flows cold in the stars

It is the daylight
when the sun colors
float into the sea
as the tides break

Stars shine their faces
into the pitch of night
shower inside their beams
under the moons soft glow

Being in there is nirvana
on the wild dragons wings
fly from this blind abyss
and find what's not there

When the rain pours down
it is your sprit crying
with not a whisper spoken
it's like your warm touch

It is the morning again
as colors turn from gray
silver clouds roll forward
as they obstruct the sun

Mountains will crumble
into the ragging tide
one more of the links
in the broken chain

The grandfather clock chimes
but there is no tomorrow
dust gathers in on remains
laying cold in your grave

Feeling the walls closing in
your brightness will shine
across the cosmic red dust
to roam as free as the wind

Lyrics - By Melissa Kay McMahan By Melissa McMahan
For the soul of my friend, Steven Kipling Legget who has past over.

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