| Death of a Friendship |

SHOW TITLE: Death of a Friendship

FULL FRAME TITLE: Forbidden Fruit

Open up on the garden of Eden Allison is Eve and Dominic is Adam, they are naked but the underbrush keeps them covered somewhat. A snake slithers down the tree of life to Allison who is under it. She reaches for an apple Dominic walks up to her as she sensually takes a bite of it. She holds the apple out temping him to take a bite of it too, which he does. Lightning strikes as God's wrath takes effect, they find themselves outside the gate covered in fig leafs.

DOMINIC/ADAM: But it was this temptress you took from my rib! (Whines) She made me do it!

ALLISON/EVE: No it was the snake.

DOMINIC/ADAM: Yeah she's right! It was a conspiracy by that dirt crawling snake you made! (Shrugs) So could we please have another chance?

Dominic wakes up from his dream, he moves the Bible away from him that is next to him. Cut to; Tonya in the garage the door is open, she's getting ready to go off on her motorcycle. Charlie walks in on her just as she reaches for her helmet, they stare at each other for a moment.

CHARLIE: Hey Tonya where are you going?

TONYA: Oh one of the guys from my old neighborhood contacted me, so I'm going to hang out with him. (Sighs) He was about the only friend I had there.

CHARLIE: Oh he was a friend huh? (Fishing) Just a nice guy? Or a really good friend? (Dreading the answer) Or maybe a boyfriend?

TONYA: Not that it's any of your business. (Scoffs) But Burt isn't my type for a romantic relationship. (Smiles) Charlie could you close up the garage for me?

Charlie nods but isn't too happy about Tonya leaving to meet this other guy. As she rides off on her motorcycle his jealously is showing, he walks inside the garage. Looking around he notices a few boxes Tonya has not unpacked yet, they are taped up. He's tempted to open them but stops himself, he sits on the bench instead and sulks. Cut to; Tonya and Bert doing things around the city as friends would do, he is way out of her league otherwise. In a shot of scenes they walk down the sidewalk, have a big pretzel each. They watch a street performer, go to the museum and so on. Cut to; Charlie sitting in the garage still when Tonya returns it's dusk and she is surprised to see him there. She gets off her motorcycle and takes off her helmet, which makes her long hair fall down.

CHARLIE: Well? (Suspicious and oh so jealous) It's about time you showed up Tonya, you've been gone a long time.

TONYA: Charlie, what the hell are you still doing here anyway? (Silence) Don't you have anything better to do? (Silence again) Huh?

CHARLIE: Oh I can think of plenty to do sweetheart! (Trying to sound indifferent but failing) Don't think I've been concerned about you, because I haven't.

TONYA: Okay then. (Smirks) Why are you still in my garage? (With a gesture) Why don't you just run along home?

CHARLIE: Um? (Muttering, his face tight, his eyes shut) Oh, damn it!

Embarrassed Charlie stands up but avoids looking at Tonya, in wonder she watches him walk out the door. Cut to; Allison in the kitchen when the door bell rings, she opens the door to Bert and they star at each other for a beat.

BERT: You must be Allison? (Smirks) Tonya told me about her blonde cousin but she didn't tell me how beautiful you were. I'm Bert and I'm sure she told you all about me, right? (Allison nods) Well who can blame her after all but there's enough of good old Bertie to pass around.

ALLISON: Excuse me?

Bert takes hold of Allison's shoulders just as Tonya walks in from outside, then he lets go of her.

TONYA: Bert? (Dumbfounded) What the hell are you doing here?

BERT: Well you told me where you lived now so I thought I'd come over and surprise you Tonya.

TONYA: But I told you that I'd talk to you again soon enough before I left. (Disturbed) I didn't mean for you to make a trip over here and I have plans today.

BERT: So change them, you want to hang out with your old friend Bert don't you?

TONYA: Look, you of all people know I hate to change my plans once I've made them. (Sighs) I suppose you can join us though, I'll ask Charlie if he minds.

BERT: Who the hell is Charlie? (Very upset) You didn't say anything about him to me. (Points to Allison) You talked about her and your aunt but no Charlie.

TONYA: Chill out Bert, I've made some friends here. (Aloofly) Charlie, Anton, Violet, Jasmyn her brother Dominic and Eric.

BERT: Oh friends? (His voice cracks) That was fast wasn't it?

TONYA: Excuse me? (Bert chuckles as if nothing is wrong) No what do you mean by that Bert?

BERT: You made friends fast, that's all. (Smirks) You didn't tell your oldest friend anything about it.

TONYA: Bert there have been a lot of things I haven't told you. (Clears throat) But you never acted like a jerk about it before either.

BERT: Jerk? (Sotto) So now I'm a jerk huh?

TONYA: Alright, you can come with me while I ask Charlie if it's alright for you to hang out with us in the park. (Pauses) I'm sure he'll say it's okay.

BERT: Super, is anyone else going?

ALLISON: Not me, I have other plans.

TONYA: Dominic is Allison's boyfriend, so she is going to hang out with him and his sister Jasmyn today.

BERT: Well it was nice meeting you Allison, hope to see you again soon. (Winks at Allison) The sooner the better.

Allison is taken aback by Bert's wink. Cut to; Charlie putting men's cologne on when the door bell rings. Cut to; Anton opens the front door to Tonya and Bert.

ANTON: Hey Tonya and some guy I don't know. (Smirks) Charlie will be down in a minute, do you want to come in and wait?

TONYA: Sure. (Walking in with Bert) This is Bert Jonas he's my oldest friend who used to live down the street from me.

BERT: Yes, good old Bert. (Chuckles as if someone offended him) Good friend, that's me.

ANTON: Okay. (Charlie walks in to join the group) Charlie this is Tonya's friend Bert.

Stand off theme score from the "Clint Eastwood's Western, The Good the bad and the Ugly" plays. It's evident that Charlie and Bert do not like each other at all.

TONYA: I thought Bert could come along with us to the park today Charlie. (Smiles uneasily) That is if you don't mind?

CHARLIE: Whatever you want to do is fine with me Tonya. (Thinking) Even if it's to bring along this nimrod.

Tonya smiles but all the guys are uneasy. Cut to; Scenes of Charlie and Burt scowling at each other over Tonya while she enjoys the park. Then Tonya goes into the girls bathroom leaving the two bulls alone, they both prepare to battle for her.

BERT: I know you want Tonya but she's mine. (Angry) I've been working on her for years so she'd be my girlfriend.

CHARLIE: If she wanted to be your girlfriend, she'd be your girlfriend. (Scoffs) And just what do you mean by you've been "working on her for years?"

BERT: You know listening to what ever pointless thing she has to say. (Smirks) Like her boring and depressing poems. (Matter of fact) Why do you think I sat through all that bitchy girly stuff for? (Without an answer) Because I've been wanting to get her horizontal since we met as little kids. (Chuckles) When her parents were murdered, I figured I'd wait for her to grieve a bit then move in on her while she was so vulnerable. (Points) And you're not going to ruin my scam!

Charlie is shocked and very offended by what Bert just said to him about Tonya.

CHARLIE: You're sick! (Appalled) Do you know what a twisted low down and dirty thing that is to do? (Sincerely) That poor girl has been hurt enough!

BERT: That's why she'll need good old Burtie boy to help her through her pain. (Evil snicker) I plan to do that by getting busy with her.

CHARLIE: Shut the hell up before I kick your ass! (Shaking his fist) You leave Tonya alone or I'll flatten you!

BERT: Oh? (Scoffs) So you think you have a chance with her? (Making a buzzing onomatopoeia) Wrong!

CHARLIE: You're a big phony and Tonya is smart enough to figure that out. (Matter of fact) Besides she deserves someone who loves her!

BERT: Love? (Ridiculing) How corny can you be? (Frustrated) Paradise is to be mine, in Tonya and soon. (Scoffs) Then when I'm sick of her, I'll move on.

CHARLIE: Dream on pal. (Emotional) Tonya is not a object to be used and tossed away, she is very special.

BERT: Well we'll see. (Tonya walks out of the bathroom) Tonya how would you like to go out Friday night with me?

TONYA: I better not. (Charlie smiles) I have things to do this weekend.

BERT: Oh? (Sighs) How about the weekend after that?

TONYA: Look Bert it sounds like you're asking me out on a date. (Uneasy) Last time I saw you you did and I told you I wasn't interested in you like that.

BERT: But I was just asking you out as a friend, you can trust me Tonya.

CHARLIE: Yeah, right! (To Bert) The lady said no, so just back off!

TONYA: Shut up Charlie! (Sighs) I can handle this myself, so why don't you go home and so I can?

BERT: That's right Charlie, why don't you go home?

Charlie is both upset as he walks off but hides to watch Bert and Tonya.

TONYA: Bert I told you I have no romantic feelings for you whatsoever. (Sighs) What part of that didn't you understand?

BERT: I know! I know! (Pauses) I'm only asking you out as a friend, nothing more than that.

TONYA: Good thing. (Puts her hand out) Friends?

Bert looks at Tonya's hand and shakes it without a word. Cut to; Bert walks to the bathroom and Charlie walks back out to Tonya.

CHARLIE: Tonya I know you wanted me to leave but I have to tell you something about your friend Bert.  (Matter of fact) He just wants to get you into bed.

TONYA: What? (Yells) That's not funny Charlie! I'm not sure I want to talk to you after you've been so petty! Now go home and leave me alone!

CHARLIE: But Tonya, it's the truth! (Tonya points him away) Fine I'll go but you'll see that I'm right.

Cut to; Allison, Dominic, Jasmyn, Anton,, Tonya, Charlie, Violet, Eric, Wade and Bert all hanging out at a bowling alley. The guys are bowling but the girls are talking to each other out of boredom mostly, until Bert comes up and sits down.

TONYA: Well if you'll excuse me, I need to go to the bathroom. (Exits)

BERT: Well ladies I must say you all are so lovely, it's no wonder I just lost.

Bert snickers lewdly. Cut to; Tonya in the bathroom drying her hands under one of those blowing dryers. Cut to; Bert is being yelled at by all Tonya's other friends as she walks up to everyone else. In the commotion she manages to get everyone to calm down long enough to there is a moment of silence.

TONYA: What the hell is going on here? (Everyone else talks at once) One at a time! One at a time! (Silence) Charlie you start since I'm already mad at you.

CHARLIE: Tonya you're friend here is a big phony! (Matter of fact) Look I'm sorry but I told you this guy was just after one thing.

TONYA: Not this again. (Disappointed and angry) I told you how petty you were being, so just cut it out before I never talk to you again!

DOMINIC: Tonya, Charlie is not being petty. (Referring to Bert) This slime bag just came on to my sister and Allison. (To Allison) Right honey?

Allison nods as Dominic hugs her for comfort but Tonya just stands there not knowing what she should do or say.

VIOLET: He came on to me too! (Sighs) Look Tonya, Allison is your cousin. She's your blood kin, you can't take his word over hers.

DOMINIC: She's right, you don't have to take our word for it but Allison's word should mean more to you.

TONYA: I need some time by myself, so all of you. (Takes a deep breath) All of you leave me alone until I have some time alone.

Tonya exits out the door to the outside into the night. Cut to; Brook Swift walking into the bowling area as the argument rages on with Bert and the others.

BROOK: Excuse me! (Silence) Which one of you is Bert Jonas? (Everyone else points to Bert) So where is Tonya? You told me she'd be here.

CHARLIE: Oh he did? (Scoffs) Did he? (To Bert) I knew you were a jackass but you sold Tonya out to this vampire?

BERT: What are you talking about you fool? (Scoffs) Tonya is going to be paid for the interview and I get a little for myself. (To Brook) Right Ms. Swift?

BROOK: That's the deal. (Clears throat) But only if I get to interview Tonya, so get her out here. (The others chuckle) What's so funny?

CHARLIE: This guy just screwed himself over with Tonya big time. (To Bert) Tonya doesn't want to do any interview with anyone but especially not with Brook Swift. (Chuckles) Oh man, is Tonya ever going to be mad and I cannot wait to see her wrath on both of you numskulls!

Charlie walks out the door to look for Tonya, the others walk away from Bert and Brook as well. Cut to; Charlie finds Tonya leaning on a wooden fence.

FULL FRAME TITLE: Unfriendly Exchange

Tonya on her motorcycle, it seems she is alone but as she turns to a stop she isn't. Cut to;  Bert tied up and only in his boxers lands on the ground, he's all beat up. He bends until his butt is in the air which causes her to kick him back down very hard.

TONYA: That's for betraying me! (Coldly) Don't ever come around me again or else. (Kicks Bert again) Comprende?

Bert manages to sit up and nods at Tonya, then she takes off down the road. She stops in front of her old house where her parents were killed, she stares at it. Flash Back; Tonya walks in through the front door and sees her parents laying in the floor murdered. She shakes herself out of it and rides off down the road. Cut to; Charlie's asleep in his bed when the sound of his bed creaking bedsprings wakes him up, his eyes are blurry but then focus on Tonya.

CHARLIE: Tonya? (Extremely delighted) Not that I'm complaining but how did you get in here?

TONYA: I know how to pick open siding glass doors. (Clears throat) We need to talk.

CHARLIE: Wait? (Sitting up) You brake in here and sit on my bed next to me. (Intensely skeptical) Just to talk to me, right?

TONYA: Yes, I wanted to tell you that I'm sorry. (Embarrassed) I would like to know what I have to do so you'll forgive me?

Charlie smiles suggestively for a beat, before he wraps his arms around Tonya and pulls her on top of him. The possibility of a kiss hangs in the air between them until Tonya pins his arms down on each side of his head. Instead of being incensed by her actions, he's very much turned on by it instead by her blue eyed gaze.

CHARLIE: Well bring it on sweetheart, I can handle the rough stuff. (Snickers) You don't have to go for the gusto for me to forgive you though.

TONYA: First keep your gusto flaccid and second do you forgive me or not?

CHARLIE: Well too late for your first request but you have the second, you got it.

TONYA: Fine then. (Clears throat) But keep the sexual innuendo to yourself from now on.

Tonya lets go of Charlie and he sits up with her, she offers him her hand.

TONYA: Shake on it? (Charlie takes her hand and they shake) Now we can go back to being friends.

CHARLIE: Sure, we just had a simple misunderstanding. (Kisses Tonya's hand) There's no way I can stay mad at you Tonya.

Tonya gives Charlie a kiss on the top of his head before she gives him a big wink and stands up. She saunters to the door vanishing and leaving a fire in his libido.

FULL FRAME TITLE: Circle of Friends

EXT. The town swimming pool in the hot afternoon sun, there are a few little kids and their parents there. Eric, Wade, Charlie, Anton and Dominic are trying to look cool sitting at a picnic table next to the wooden fence. Violet walks up and sits in a lounge chair close to the guys, she rubs her legs against each other slowly. Which is getting both Wade and Eric to look over at her but the other guys ignore her. Next Jasmyn strolls out from the dressing rooms which gets Wade, Eric and Anton looking at her. She makes her way to the steps of the pool, only to sit down with only her head sticking out. Then Allison followed by Tonya walk out getting Dominic and Charlie's separate attentions. Allison walks to the steps where Jasmyn is but Tonya goes to the high diving board and starts to climb up it.

VIOLET: That girl is going to toss her cookies up there!

Tonya reaches the top of the high driving board and parades out to the tip end of it, her ice blue eyes shining in the sunshine. After a beat she leaps up and extends herself out into a beginning of a drive. In slow motion she flips in mid air before slashing into the pool, it's flawless and she comes up swimming.

CHARLIE: Oh man! (Drooling) That was phenomenal.

VIOLET: Down boy! (Smirks) Keep those mischievous thoughts to yourself.

CHARLIE: What are you ranting about Violet? (Wistful) I just thought Tonya's jump was good, that's all.

VIOLET: Oh sure you did kid. (Scoffs) Why don't you stop being a chicken and go talk to her?

Charlie blushes as he slowly stands up and walks over to Tonya who is now standing next to the edge of the pool.

WADE: I bet Tonya ends up pushing Charlie into the pool.

VIOLET: Oh I know for a fact she will once she notices that tent he's pitched for her.

The guys laugh with Violet as the watch Charlie tap Tonya on the shoulder and trying to be smooth. He's talks to her but his eyes are focused on her cleavage, she puts her hand on her hips and a scowl on her face. For a couple of beats she stares down at his anatomy, obviously the the bulge in his trunks is very noticeable.

ERIC: Any minute now.

Tonya takes a firm hand to Charlie's chest and shoves him right into the cold water of the pool. Everyone else claps and cheers as he looks up at her.

CHARLIE: Tonya, why the hell did you push me in the cold pool water for?

TONYA: Because my face is about a foot higher than where you were looking! (Wags her finger) Plus it was causing you a problem and I figured you needed to cool off! (Growls in anger) Now behave yourself or I'll come in there and dunk you like a jelly donut!

Charlie observes from the pool while Tonya turns on her heal and walks from the edge of the pool back to the high diving board. He watches her climb up and she  jumps splashing into the water close to him. He steals a look down at his swimsuit, even in the cold water she caused him a problem. Underneath the water, her leg accidentally strikes against his, she continues to swim up to the surface, she looks right at him.

CHARLIE: Sorry about our legs touching Tonya.

TONYA: Why don't you get up and do a dive off the high diving board?

Angle on Charlie's face he obviously can't get out of the water yet and Tonya isn't helping his situation as she stretches her arms back.

CHARLIE: Um? (Acting nonchalant in vain) I can't right now, maybe later. (Thinking) Damn she's got me so turned on!

TONYA: Chicken. (Smirks) What's the matter do you have vertigo or something?

CHARLIE: No I'll go in a few minutes, I need to relax first. (Clears throat) I'll go sit at the shallow end until I'm ready.

Charlie slowly moves to the shallow end of the pool while Tonya stays in the deep end swimming. Juxtapose; Charlie climbs on top of the high dive, he steps out to the end of it and looks down at the gang who are all now in the pool below him. Tonya is looking up at him away from the others.

TONYA: Come on Charlie jump down here!

CHARLIE: Hey don't rush me! (Pauses) I'll do it! I'll do it!

Everyone watches as Charlie bounces off the high dive, he goes down into a splash. Underneath the water his eyes are closed, so he can't tell that he's right behind Tonya. She begins a back stroke just as he starts to raise up, before either of them know it her legs land over his both shoulders. In a PG-13 way his head collides into her crotch just as he needs to breath, thus releasing air bubbles to the surface of the pool. She lets out loud orgasmic wail until the bubbles all evaporate, then she pants and pulls her legs off him. Then he comes up wheezing for air, she pushes him away and there is an uncomfortable beat between them. She turns and gets out of the pool immediately, as if she wants to forget what just happened as quickly as possible. She takes off for the dressing areas while he puts his hands over his face from the embarrassment. The other guys figure out what happened, a slow study batch of claps and cheers crescendos into a major ovation. He's so embarrassed by it he gets out of the pool and leaves without even changing into his street clothes. The others are snickering, a beat later Tonya runs out dressed in her shorts and top. Dominic still laughs as the others loses interest quickly but Allison decides to shut him up with a kiss. Reluctantly he yields to the physical pleasure of her embrace in public, until she backs off blushing. Dissolve to; Charlie's daydream and it features Tonya of course, she stands on the diving high board poised. Her bikini seems even skimpier than usual, almost naked in fact and in slow motion she dives into the water. Charlie stands there as she swims around his body underneath the water. She raises out of the water meeting his stare with hers, their eyes are filled with fondness and desire. She takes him into her arms for a kiss, pulling his body as close to hers as possible. Then she pushes him away, so he can watch as she carefully  removes the straps of the top of her bathing suit. The daydream vaporizes as Anton enters his room tossing his clothes to the floor and looks over at him. Charlie is under the covers of his bed and it's somewhat apparent what he's been doing. Without a word Anton walks back out leaving the door open for some reason, that reason turns out to be Tonya and he acts nonchalant.

TONYA: Don't say anything but yes or no to my next question. (Flustered) What happened at the pool was an accident, right?

CHARLIE: Yes. (Sheepishly) It was an accident.

TONYA: Fine then, we'll leave it at that. (Suddenly perplexed) Wait, I have another question for you. Why are you in bed this time of day?

CHARLIE: Um, just taking a nap. (Chuckles nervously) Why did you want to join me?

Tonya scoffs as she crosses her arms in protest of Charlie's suggestion. Just as his attitude starts to weaken, her frosty attitude is going up.

TONYA: Hardly. (Sighs) Why don't you get up and do something with this nice day, lazy bones?

Tonya takes hold of Charlie's bed covers but he yanks back on them, they end up in a small tug of war.

CHARLIE: Let go! (Blurting it out finally) Unless you really want to see all of me?

TONYA: What? (Backs off) You mean your naked under there? (Charlie folds his arms over the covers) You know what, I think I better just go home now!

Tonya quickly scurries out the door, thus leaving Charlie alone in his room. Cut to; Dominic walking back home from somewhere, when he notices Allison dragging a trash bag to the curb. He hurries to help her, once the trash bag is down they are holding hands and looking at each other with affection.

DOMINIC: We should really wash our hands after handling that nasty garbage. (Allison nods) Do you want to come in for a second to take care of that?

Allison nods again so Dominic hauls her along next door to his house, they walks into the kitchen and go to the sink. His infatuation with her showing as washing her hands with soap becomes an obsession, then she rises her hands along with his. They are all alone in the house, both of them are aware of this fact.

ALLISON: Nobody is home? (Dominic shakes his head no) Should we be here alone?

Dominic nods Allison leans towards him, as she takes the initiative and they kiss. His legs starting to shake the slightest bit as she kisses his neck, running her hands through his hair. It is clear that this is as far as he has ever gotten with a girl, she begins to caress his sides to his hips.

DOMINIC: Allison? (Shaking all over totally) It's your final decision, should we continue this up in my room or not?

Allison pulls away from Dominic pouting, she sighs and walks out the back door without saying anything. He cringes and slams his fist on top of the kitchen counter. Cut to; Allison standing just outside the door with her hand on the knob still for a beat but then she decides to go back inside. He's not in the kitchen anymore but she knows he's got to be somewhere in the house. Cut to; Dominic kneeling on the side of his bed for support, it's apparent what he's about to do even though the bed is blocking the view. Cut to; Allison outside his bedroom door, her hand reaches for the handle of the door and she turns it until it opens. Cut to; Dominic with his head on the bed panting and moaning, as Allison catches him in the act. In the doorway she gasps from shock, as she watches the sight before her. Once he realizes she has walked in on him, he grabs the covers off the bed roughly to hide his private parts in. Trying to keep his back turned to her at the same time but this awkward moment becomes even more embarrassing for both of them. Jasmyn has come home and walked in on this little scene, she figures it out quickly. Allison turns and goes immediately, it had all happened so fast. Jasmyn chuckles as she closes her brother's bedroom door behind her, she walks out of frame.


INT. DINER -  Charlie, Anton, Dominic and Eric are at their usual booth eating breakfast. Tonya and Allison walk in sitting by the front door they have not noticed the guys but they have noticed the girls.

ERIC: Well Dominic, Charlie why don't you two go over and say hello? (Snickers) Oh that's right both of you have made a fool of yourselves in front of them.

Violet walks in and joins Tonya and Allison at their booth, after a beat the girls all look over at the guys.Dominic and Charlie are both embarrassed, because it's apparent they are talking about them. Violet begins to laugh but Tonya and Allison are both humiliated by the events Violet is laughing about.

TONYA: Well I hope you're happy Violet, they all know what we've been taking about now!  

VIOLET: Well you do know they have been talking about it too don't you?

TONYA: That's not the point! (Clears throat) I would like to forget this little accident between Charlie and myself. I'm sure Allison wants to forget walking in on Dominic. (Cringing) And his dishonorable discharge.

Allison starts to say something but is stopped by Tonya putting her hand over her mouth for a beat. Violet gets up and goes to the bathroom still laughing.

ERIC: Hey Tonya, Allison why don't you ladies join us? (Snickering) I'm sure there is something we can talk about!

CHARLIE: Shut the hell up Eric!

DOMINIC: Yeah really, the last thing I want to do is talk about any of this with either of them.

ERIC: Well too late I think they are going to join us.

Charlie and Dominic look over at the girls, Allison follows Tonya walking slowly over to them. Violet comes back from the bathroom just in time as well.

VIOLET: So both of you decided to talk to mister hand hockey and mister nosey, huh?

Allison and Tonya make a hasty retreat out the front door. Cut to; Charlie and Dominic tossing around their basket ball at the park, they stop for a moment.

CHARLIE: So is Allison still avoiding you man?

DOMINIC: For now but I caught her starring at my butt when I bent over to pick up a wrapper someone tossed in my yard.

CHARLIE: Figures. (Smirks) First she's all over you but leaves out the door when you suggest going up to your bedroom right? (Dominic nods) Well you have to ask yourself why she came back in and why she came up to your bedroom after that.

DOMINIC: Wait, you're right Charlie! (Suggestive) Why else would Allison come back in and come up to my bedroom if she didn't want to mess around more?

CHARLIE: That's something you should be asking her dude. (Smirks) Sounds to me like she at least wanted to see if she'd catch you and she did.

DOMINIC: You've got a good point there, she was getting me severely horny and she knew it. (Scoffs) Girls.

CHARLIE: Speaking of which what about Tonya? (At a loss) That girl is so complex I can't figure much out about her. (Sighs) What do you think about her?

DOMINIC: Like Allison she's got a great set, nice ass and over all pleasing to the eyes. (Quickly) I mean I won't mind being with her myself, if it wasn't for her bad points. (Charlie is obviously perturbed by that remark) Oh come on Charlie, you said yourself the girl is complex! (Matter of fact) She's sort of a bitch.

CHARLIE: Well so are you Dominic! (Defensively of Tonya) Besides she's had more to deal with than either of us, so it's understandable don't you think?

DOMINIC: I guess so, it's just she's velvet on one side and leather on the other. (Tries to be casual) Maybe you can do something about adjusting her attitude?

CHARLIE: What the hell are you trying to get at with that remark Dominic?

DOMINIC: Like you don't know? (Amused) Hey you managed to give her one at the pool, when you got a little accident with your nose.

CHARLIE: Wait? (Perplexed) Are you saying what I think you're saying?

Dominic shamelessly imitates the moaning sounds Tonya made at the pool, Charlie falls down in a typical Anime way.

DOMINIC: What? (Smirks) You mean you didn't know? (Realizes Charlie had no clue) Wait you didn't know did you? (Snickers) That's priceless!

Charlie sits up his face turning red while Dominic laughs hysterically. Cut to; Tonya and Allison walking around the park talking.

ALLISON: So was it your first one?

TONYA: Allison! (Sighs) Well if you must know the first time was when a roller-coaster I was on went off track slightly. (Blushing) Even though I was scared, it was just a little too exciting and it happened. What about you?

ALLISON: Sky diving.

TONYA: You went sky driving? (Allison nods) I'm going to have to try that myself. (Smirks) It sounds like it's more fun than I ever thought.

Tonya snickers as Allison blushes. Cut to; Charlie and Dominic on their way home from the park when they see the Nimon girls at the ice-cream stand. Both Tonya and Allison simultaneously unwrap their Popsicle's and began sucking on them slowly, rather imitating something else.

DOMINIC: Hopefully that's something both us can look forward to, huh Charlie?

Dominic snickers but then Allison takes a big bite into her orange Popsicle making him cringe. Charlie gulps watching Tonya licking her tongue around her red Popsicle sensually again rather imitating something else. Charlie makes a deep but boisterous reverberation of approval from his chest, he's intensely titillated.

CHARLIE: Slow down, baby. (Lewdly) Make it last!

DOMINIC: Down boy! (Smirks) The woman's a virtual stranger to you and yet you're ready to hand her your heart.

CHARLIE: Oh? (Scoffs) And what do you call Allison? (Without waiting for an answer) That's right, she's your girlfriend.

DOMINIC: That's not the same thing. (Smug) Allison has told me everything about herself, she is just what she appears to be inside and out. (Clears throat) Whereas you know only a little about Tonya, just your fantasies about her.

CHARLIE: It's not all fantasy. (With true devotion) It's not a fantasy that I love her and I have since I first laid eyes on her!

DOMINIC: Love at first sight for you but what about her? Don't you think your perception of Tonya is slightly clouded by your intense attraction to her?

CHARLIE: I know she's not perfect but she is extremely irresistible. (Sighs) I'm not idealizing Tonya nor chasing an illusion! (Matter of fact) I love her!

DOMINIC: Congratulations, you've past the vision test and the interrogation. (Smirks) Now proceed ahead for your interactive process.

Dominic waves getting Allison's attention but he shoves Charlie towards Tonya before going over to Allison. Charlie ends up lightly bumping into her arm, thus she turns to face him. There's an uncomfortable silence between them for a beat before she clears her throat.

CHARLIE: Um, sorry about that. (Nervously laughs) Are you okay?

TONYA: I'll live. (Licks off the last bit of red Popsicle from the stick) Can't you focus what you're doing and where you are going?

CHARLIE: I'll try not to be so accident prone. (Sheepishly) I'm sorry Tonya.

Charlie looks down at his feet and then Tonya looks down at them too, she then puts her foot next to his.

TONYA: Damn my foot is small compared to yours and I wear a ladies size ten. (Scoffs) It's those huge feet of yours, no wonder you're so accident prone!

Tonya grabs Charlie's knee and lifts his leg up, she takes hold of his ankle with her other hand. She leans over to take a closer look at the size of his sneaker.

CHARLIE: I wear a men's size thirteen. (Sighs) Now could I please have my leg back?

TONYA: Don't worry Charlie, you should grow into those feet.  (Letting go of Charlie's leg) Judging by them, you're a going to be a very tall man.

CHARLIE: Well you know what they say about guys with big feet?

Charlie sheepishly looks away but Tonya's attention is focused becomes Dominic and Allison sitting on a bench kissing.

TONYA: Would you two give it a rest? (Allison just waves her hand in a shooing motion) Always all over each other! (To Charlie) It's so disgusting to watch!

CHARLIE: Why watch them then? (Smiles) Why don't we go find something to do ourselves?

Tonya shrugs but walks off with Charlie, Allison and Dominic stop kissing.

DOMINIC: Good their gone. (Respectfully)  I know you don't want me to trifle with them but I can't help it. (Snickers) It's just so much fun!

Allison smiles and leans in to kiss Dominic again. Cut to; Charlie and Tonya lean over the bridge watching the ducks swim but then two of them start having sex.

TONYA: Gee! (Turns away) Is there something in the water?

CHARLIE: Come on Tonya? (Suggestively) Their animals, it's nature. (Tonya crosses her arms and ignores him) Don't be such a prude.

Tonya turns to Charlie and stares at him, offended and ready for a argument with him.

TONYA: I am not a prude! (Huffs) I'm just not interested in seeing that sort of thing!

CHARLIE: Oh, does that mean you're interested in doing that sort of thing? (Tonya just crosses her arms) Maybe you wouldn't be so touchy if you had some passion in your life? (Scoffs) The only time I've seen you hot and bothered is with your temper.

TONYA: Since when is sex the answer to everything? (Bluntly) Sex, sex and more sex!

Charlie stares at Tonya in disbelief, there is some underlined but unspoken problem she has with the subject of sex.

CHARLIE: It's not the answer to everything but you're act as if it should never happen. (Sighs) If that were the case there would be no new life, like baby ducks.

TONYA: No I'm saying that it shouldn't be a pastime like a sporting event or a game. (Wistful) It should be romantic with someone you really care about.

Charlie stays quiet and stands next to Tonya, obviously thinking about the unlikely possibility of having a romance with her. He reaches his hand out to touch her shoulder, she doesn't do anything one way or another about it.

CHARLIE: What happened with your so called friend Bert is still bothering you isn't it? (Tonya nods) I can't believe he only pretended to be friends with you just so he could score with you. (Angry) Then dump you when he felt like it! I mean, he didn't even care about how it would effect you nor did he care!

TONYA: Well it's not like that would have ever happened anyway! (Disgusted) Not if he were the last male on earth.

CHARLIE: Why were even friends with that loser?

TONYA: I though he cared about me but I see now he was faking it in hopes he'd get me in the sack.

CHARLIE: How dare he! (Matter of fact) I'm just sorry Bert wasn't a real friend to you, he's a big lubricous jerk!

TONYA: Forget Bert! (Clears throat) You're more upset but it than I am. (Smiles) But I know that means you're a real friend and you really care about me.

CHARLIE: More that you know, Tonya. (Smiles) You're such a special person and you deserve to be treated like the goddess you are.

Charlie's eyes grow as Tonya suddenly forces her arms around his neck.

TONYA: Oh Charlie, you're such a good friend to me!

CHARLIE: Yeah friend... (Thinking) I love you!

Charlie carefully reaches his arms around Tonya's waist, he shuts his eyes. They stay that way for a beat, it's obvious he's really enjoying this very much.

TONYA: Oh I'm sorry Charlie. (Backing away from hugging Charlie) I can't imagine what you must think of me hugging you like that.

CHARLIE: Well for one thing, I was thinking you needed to be hugged. (Smiles) I hope this doesn't sound terribly forward but you can hug me anytime.

There is a nervous silence between Tonya and Charlie, the sexual tension between the two has become so very transparent.

TONYA: Um, it's getting late. (Factually) I better go collect my cousin Allison and go home before it gets dark. (Winks) See you around Charlie.

CHARLIE: See you Tonya. (Watching Tonya strutting away down the sidewalk) She may not be perfect but she's perfect for me.

Tonya walks out of Charlie's sight before he walks out of view, thus breaking the spell. Cut to; Jana walks into frame, she sees Dominic and Allison kissing on the park bench. She hides behind the near by bathrooms when she notices Tonya walking up to them.

TONYA: Come on Allison, it's time to go back home now.

Allison and Dominic stop kissing and look at Tonya, Jana is spying on them still.

DOMINIC: Where's Charlie?

TONYA: Charlie left by himself. (Waving) I came to get you Allison and go home, so long Dominic.

DOMINIC: Well I should escort you ladies home, it's not safe out here in this park after dark.

Allison and Tonya look at each other for a beat, then they walk off with Dominic but Jana follows close behind them.

TONYA: Hey Dominic, since you're my cousin Allison's boyfriend now. (Clears throat) There are a few things I want to make clear to you.

ALLISON: It's none of your business Tonya.

TONYA: First know that if you plan on being intimate with her, you better not plan on dumping her afterwards.

DOMINIC: First Allison is right, it's none of your business Tonya. (Clears throat) Second of all, I'm not that type of guy.

TONYA: Just know if you hurt her, I'll make it very much my business! (Seriously) I will crush you under my heal like a cockroach!

DOMINIC: (Sarcastically) Oh the angry Amazon wants to hurt me!

TONYA: Look stick boy if you don't think I can, then you just bring it!

DOMINIC: No, no, no, no, no! (Scoffs) I don't fight girls.

Tonya only gives out a long drawn out smirk at Dominic, while Allison takes his hand in hers.


INT. DINER -  Charlie, Anton, Dominic and Eric are at their usual booth eating breakfast.

DOMINIC: Oh let me tell you Charlie, she thinks she's quite the little bad ass. (Chuckles) It's kind of cute when girls act tough, don't you think?

CHARLIE: Oh yeah. (Eagerly) Tonya can put me over her knees anytime she wants and spank me like the bad boy I am.

ERIC: Kinky! (Making an onomatopoeia of a cracking whip) I remember now, Charlie wants to be Tonya's love slave!

Charlie turns red, he cannot deny the truth of Eric's statement, then the other guys all laugh hysterically.

DOMINIC: Yep! (With his nerve up) Like I said before Charlie, won't you be adorable with black and blue marks all over your body?

CHARLIE: Alright, that's enough! (Sighs) It's not like she's my girlfriend and I have to be carful or she never will be.

ANTON: Have you kissed her? (Charlie shakes his head no) Maybe you'd give her a kiss right on the lips before some other guy is her whipping boy.

ERIC: Not just a kiss but a big French kiss, with tearing of clothes and grouping each others naked bodies!

CHARLIE: Right now is not a good time. (Displeased) Not after what happened with that depraved jerk Bert, it's set me back from doing anything past giving Tonya a friendly hug. (Sighs) At least not until I get a clear sign to do more to her and even then I'll have to take it slow. Otherwise she'll think I'm just like him and she told me herself, either we can be just friends or nothing at all. (Sighs) I can only hope I can change her mind gradually and most of all successively.

DOMINIC: Good luck with that man. (Shrugs) But what I don't understand is why Tonya would be friends with that loser in the first place.

CHARLIE: She didn't have too many friends in her old neighborhood. (Moved) We're like her first real group of friends.

ANTON: Oh so now that whole bad ass biker chick, dark poet story comes into true focus. (Indicating Charlie) She's going to a handful.

DOMINIC: I think that's what Charlie is hopes for, right dude? (Snickers) But at least your nose already knows about Tonya's sweetest part.

CHARLIE: None of you bringing that up around Tonya! (Sighs) The last thing I need if for her to use that as an excuse to get rid of me, even for a friend.

ERIC: Judging by the sounds she made, I'd say deep down she enjoyed it. (Smirks) She wasn't faking it anyway, I've seen you under Tonya's subjugation beofore, in fact I think it's safe to say we all have. (Scoffs) At least she's putting her hands on you quite often, right Charlie?

Charlie nods in agreement, then Tonya walks in and once she notices the guys in their usual booth she walks over to them.

TONYA: I figured I find you fellows here. (Smirks) Mind if I join you?

CHARLIE: Move your scrawny butt over Anton and let the lady sit down!

Charlie shoves Anton over just enough so Tonya can sit down right next to him in the rounded booth.

TONYA: Charlie stop, there's enough room for me to sit down here. (Sits next to Charlie) Are you alright Anton?

ANTON: I'm fine Tonya, thank you. (To Charlie) It's a good thing for you this is a rounded booth!

Charlie is totally ignoring the other guys and focuses only on Tonya, she looks at him.

CHARLIE: If you want something just let me know. (Suddenly nervous) I mean something on the menu of course. (Scarcely discernable) It's on me.

TONYA: I might have some coffee, like last time I was here but I'll pass on the food. (Looks Charlie's now empty yet greasy plate) It's so greasy.

ANTON: I wonder if they change the oil every three thousand fries?

DOMINIC: The only thing that isn't fried here is the salad, my sister already asked them. (Grimaces, as if referring to a medical condition) She's a vegetarian.

TONYA: Nothing is wrong with that, if someone can maintain that level of self discipline. (Gawking at Charlie) After all discipline is very important.

ERIC: Did you hear the lady, Charlie? (Full of innuendo) Discipline is very important!

DOMINIC: Yeah and if there is one thing Charlie needs it's discipline. (Slyly) "Lots and lots of discipline.

Charlie shoots a look of daggers at Dominic and Eric, then he turns his focus back towards Tonya with a nervous smile.

TONYA: Ah, huh! (Smirks) See even the rest of these guys agree with me. (Pats Charlie's tummy) I told you Charlie to lay off the fried food and exercise more.

Tonya rubs her hands around Charlie's torso, he likes it in one way but fears what she's say next.

CHARLIE: Look Tonya, I was sore from the last time you made me run with you. (Scoffs) I don't think some of my muscles ever forgave me for that either.

TONYA: Yes but it's better to have muscles than to end up nothing but a butterball. (Smirks) Since you've eaten already, there is no excuse for you to stay here.

CHARLIE: What are you getting at Tonya? (Tonya takes his hand in hers) What are you doing?

TONYA: You're coming with me Charlie and I'm going to help you lose those excess pounds! (Standing up pulling Charlie with her) Come on!

CHARLIE: Tonya? (Scoffs) You got to be kidding me? (Tonya shakes her head no) Well what about the rest of the guys?

TONYA: Anton, Dominic if anything you both need to eat more fatty foods, you're both way too skinny. (Scoffs) And the only weight Eric has to lose is some of that wild hair of his. (To Charlie) You on the other are a bit too chunky Charlie, so you're going to work it off. (Bossy) So let's say good bye to our friends now!

Charlie tries to protest but Tonya drags him just outside the diner, the other guys watch them. Although they cannot hear them the other guys notice what they are doing. Charlie is evidently trying to get out of exercising with her but she says something that obviously gets him to change his mind. She beams a smile and gives him a tiny kiss on the cheek, the other guys eyes grow wide witnessing this event. Then the two of them walk off and the other guys start snickering about it. They look at each other for a beat, nod in agreement and take out of the diner after them. FIN

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