Commuting Earth - Written by Melissa McMahan Copyright

Introduction: This script is a total creative and origial science fiction, outer space adventure after humans centuries into the future have moved from the Earth to other planets on other solar systems. At this point they have the technology to move planets which a female scientist and a small group of starship officers come back to the empty cradle of mankind to to do before it's solar system dies. Liza Halpin the scientist wishes to make the Earth and it's moon into museums else where in space. But they soon find that the Earth still has a few mysteries and dangers left to unfold. Thus their adventure home becomes an odd drama to the troubles Earthlings cause themselfs, no matter how advanced they become.

Open with the United States flag, to the earth rise shot from the suface on the moon.

CHAPTER 1 - PART 1: Sometime in the future of mankind.

SCENE A1: Wind blows sand across the top edge of Stonehenge. Then the Mount Rushmore.

NARRATOR: The time came when the once rich resources of earth.

SCENE A2: Sea tides spashing rocks, clouds rolling and so on.

NARRATOR: Became too exausted for the ever growing population of human life.

SCENE A3: Stock footage of cities. Cars, smokestacks and so on.

NARRATOR: It didn't take long before the earth became polluted beyond repair.

SCENE A4: Future dome where a family looks out the window at workers outside with a type of protective wear on.

NARRATOR: Then a century later humans found new planets to live on leaving the old one void of most of it's life, even from the depths of the ocean. Or so it was writen in the history books but as we all know the pages of history are all to often writen by the deceptive hand of humans.

SCENE A5: The Earth spins.

NARRATOR: Many centuries later Earth faces it's last hope of survival before the solar system dies forever...

FULL FRAME TITLE: Commuting Earth

A spaceship comes towards the Earth. (Credits and theme song start here) A woman gets out of bed and looks out her porthole at the earth, her door chimes.

CAPTAIN ROXANNE FALK: Open door. (Another woman walks inside) What a beautiful home we once had.

LIZA HALPIN: You're too much of a romantic, Captain. (Scoffs) You didn't study the facts of Earths histroy either or you'd know better than to spout such flowery absurdity.

CAPTAIN ROXANNE FALK: Look whos talking? (Chuckles) The woman who wants to move the whole thing to save it for the future of mankind.

LIZA HALPIN: Just because I want to save it doesn't mean I think of it as you do. (Looking out the porthole) No it's not the future of mankind, it's our past. (Sighs) It holds the dead ashes of times long past and we my dear captain. (Puts her hand on the captains shoulder) We are no more than grave robbers. (Smurks) I'll be on deck if you care to join the rest of us. (Walks towards the door) Adios.

The spaceship lands and the crew gets out along with Liza who looks around. The first officer has a device that beeps.

1ST OFFICER CHAS LOFTON: I'm reading something... (Shocked) No it can't be!

LIZA HALPIN: Well what is it?


CAPTAIN ROXANNE FALK: Why that's absurd! (Grabs Officer Lofton shoulders) Get a hold of yourself soldier!

LIZA HALPIN: She means don't crack up in frount of a civilian scientist.

CAPTAIN ROXANNE FALK: Look we're the only humans who have been on Earth for centuries.

LIZA HALPIN: Or so we've been told.

OMRI MATRIKA: Ah, it is laughable to believe otherwise. (Liza points in his face) Well it is.

LIZA HALPIN: It used to be laughable that man could sail around the world without falling off the edge of it too, Omri.


LIZA HALPIN: I wasn't talking to you and if I ever find myself in such despair to want your opinion, I'll beat it out of you.

CAPTAIN ROXANNE FALK: Enough of this child like behavior!

1ST OFFICER CHAS LOFTON: I'm telling you there are living human beings here.

OMRI MATRIKA: That's crazy talk. When people left here the air and water was so polluted that...

LIZA HALPIN: Yes we know. (Sighs) But...

CAPTAIN ROXANNE FALK: But nothing! Look let me make myself clear to you. You are working my last nerve as it is.

LIZA HALPIN: Excuse me Captain. It's my turn to make myself clear to you as well. (Smug) I'm not a member of your little costume club here, so I couldn't care less if I'm on your last nerve or not. And just for the record you need to put in a request at once to remove that huge stick you got up your backside.

The Captain slaps Liza across her face which is returned in full by Liza to the Captain.

OMRI MATRIKA: Ladies please? (Sighs) This is no way for either of you to act.

LIEUTENANT CHEN SHING: True they should be rolling in the mud tearing each others clothes off.

SCIENCE OFFICER JAKE IVES: Yeah a cat fight. (Lustfully) Meow!

CAPTAIN ROXANNE FALK: Anymore more remarks made by this crew like that and you all go on report.

Liza Halpin takes the beeping device away from the first officer and the gasps upon looking at it.

LIZA HALPIN: Captain Falk? (Shows the reading to the Captain) Look!

CAPTAIN ROXANNE FALK: But why would they leave anyone behind?

LIZA HALPIN: That's what I'd like to know.

CHAPTER 1 - PART 2: Human relics.

As the small crew group makes their way towards a tree line a drak figure watches them. As they walk along Jake trips on a stake in the ground causing a hanging net tree trap to catch them.

CAPTAIN ROXANNE FALK: What the hell? (Grunts) Someone get us out of here!

Omri blast the ropes holding themwith a laser pen device and they drop to the ground like a stone. Everyone upset at Omri talks at once in protest of how he freed them. They are too busy with that to notice that they are surrounded by ancient looking warriors with swords and other sharp objects. Until the Captain is grabbed by one of the big men.

OMRI MATRIKA: Unhand her!

Omri rushes the man but is stopped by others in this group who point their sharp weapons at him and the others. Meanwhile Liza kicks back in the starship listening to somesort of futurist music. Dark and bleak tempo, a cross between heavy metal and the composer Chopin.

LIZA HALPIN: Computer? (The computer beeps) Do you have any earth music on file?

COMPUTER: That file contains a rage of files starting with the complete works of composers from the classical music era...

LIZA HALPIN: Halt. (The computer beeps) You got any Rock music from the 20th or 21st century?

COMPUTER: Dance Music?

LIZA HALPIN: Hum, sort of. (Sighs) I guess.


LIZA HALPIN: No Disco music still sucks. (Pauses) Something with more grind. (Punk Rock Music plays) That's cool.

Liza starts collecting her supplies when a distress call stops the music and the Captains voice replaces it.

CAPTAIN ROXANNE FALK: (V.O.) Please reply? (Static) I repeat, please reply? (Static) The crew needs your help we're... (Liza looks over as the sound crackles) Like in the dark a... (Static) Going to burn us alive... (Static)

LIZA HALPIN: What the hell? (Pushes a button) Captain? (Silence) Captain?

COMPUTER: Do you wish to resume music?

LIZA HALPIN: No. (Looks at a scanner) Come out, come out, where ever you are? (Sighs) Computer? (Computer beeps) Give me what you know of the Earths history where people were burned alive.

COMPUTER: Salem witch tr...

The band of ancient looking warriors lead the Captain and crew are taken out of an ox cart, then are dragged through their town as people react in spite. The crew are tossed into a crude area with bars on the only window and on the door.

CAPTAIN ROXANNE FALK: Matrika you're the security chief, get us outta here!

OMRI MATRIKA: But they took our weapons what can we do? (Shugs) All is lost.

CAPTAIN ROXANNE FALK: I'll get the guard in here and you knock him in the head with something heavy.

1ST OFFICER CHAS LOFTON: This won't work, we should wait for Ms. Halpin's help.

CAPTAIN ROXANNE FALK: I'll enter your protest for the record but we're going with my plan.

OMRI MATRIKA: You're the Captain.

The Captain reaches out from the bars to the guards back and taps him. He turns and she pouts at him and poses seductively, the guard scoffs. At that moment Omri thrust a pipe through the bars to the gaurds back, he falls but another guard shoots an arrow at Omri. The next on goes into his heart, he falls and bleeds from his mouth.

CAPTAIN ROXANNE FALK: Omri?! (Cries) You killed him, you savages!

The crew gather to help Omri but he's dead.

GUARD 1: Ay and you'll follow him you vile woman! (Spits at the captain) The witch will soon be with her dark master.

GUARD 2: How dare you try to get my brother to turn from the good word.

Back at the star ship the computer beeps Liza puts a red mask on, she picks up a large winged device.

LIZA HALPIN: Red landscape tape. (Wraps the wings with the red tape) Computer can this still work like this?

COMPUTER: Yes. (Beeps) Flight of the Valkyries upload complete. (Beeps) Voice changer is ready.

LIZA HALPIN:: Ah, now lets see if I'm able to pull this off. (Chuckles) Computer after I leave raise the shields.

COMPUTER: Yes. (Beeps) Flammable mixture is complete, please handle with care.

LIZA HALPIN: What fun would that be? (Chuckles) When the end is so near.

CHAPTER 1 - PART 3: An old fashion cookout.

The crew watch helpless as the body of Omri is burned in the bonfire. Then the gaurds drag them outside they protest but all of them are tied to a post. An old man with a old book comes forwards and raises up his hands.

OLD MAN: Does anyone wish to speak of the infidel witch and her followers deeds of evil?

WOMAN: I saw them fall from the sky in a carage of fire, yet they walked from it and not a mark be on them and... And...

The woman stops talking when a shadow from above crosses her sight, she looks up and lets out a horrified scream.

MUSIC SCORE: Flight of the Valkyries.

The shadow from a figure in the sky then gets everyones attention, other people scream as the figure circles the air.

OLD MAN: Father help us?! (Gasping) This must be the work of...

The figure comes down and seems to be the devil, it spews fire from it's arms.

OLD MAN: (Cont.) Black magic. (Music stops) Cast thy out ol' evil presence of Satan.

LIZA HALPIN: (Evil voice) You must burn them all at once! (Laughs) You heard me kill 'em all! Do it!

OLD MAN: You wish me to do your bidding? (Yells) This be a trick right from the vile ones own mouth!

CAPTAIN ROXANNE FALK: What is that crazy bitch doing?


CAPTAIN ROXANNE FALK: Nah, it's really the devil. (Scoffs) Of course it's... That woman.

1ST OFFICER CHAS LOFTON: I knew we should of waited for her.

OLD MAN: Free them, they must be sent from the father if the devil wishes them harm!

Liza flies off the ground and burns up half the small town as some people run away, then she flies off.

WOMAN: Tis' ture! (Gasping) Or the evil one would not be gone. (Unties the Captian) Forgive us ma'am?

OLD MAN: We are sorry we killed one of you. (Begs) We knew not that you we're sent to help us.

CAPTAIN ROXANNE FALK: You can make it up to us if you gather your things and let us take you from this land to another land. (The old man cries) Why are you crying?

OLD MAN: My tears of... Of joy. (Thrilled) We're going to the promise land.

SCIENCE OFFICER JAKE IVES: All you have to do is wait for a craft that will fly you into the stars above.

WOMAN: Saints be with us!

CHAPTER 1 - PART 4: The devil you say.

The crew enters the ship where Liza is taking off her make shift satan outfit, the Captain grabs her arm in rage.

CAPTAIN ROXANNE FALK: You lunatic! (Liza scoffs) You could of got us all killed!

LIZA HALPIN: Maybe I should of waited until they stuck a fork into you to see if you were done? (Smug) If it wasn't for me that's what would of happened to you. You're just jealous you couldn't save your crew and I did.

CAPTAIN ROXANNE FALK: You're so wrong and if you were a member of my crew, I'd have you shot!

LIZA HALPIN: If I were a member of your crew you wouldn't have to bother because I'd do it myself. (Scoffs) I saved your butt! (Points in the Captains face) The least you and your crew can do... Is bend over and kiss mine.

Liza walks off towards the back as the Captain sits in her chair.

LIEUTENANT CHEN SHING: What a piece of work she is, huh?

1ST OFFICER CHAS LOFTON: She is something.

SCIENCE OFFICER JAKE IVES: You said a mouthful sir.

CAPTAIN ROXANNE FALK: Lieutennant send a message to H.Q. that security chief Omri Matrika has died in the line of duty and that his family should be notified at once. Also put in a request that the "Flying Star" be awarded in his name for his actions above and beyond the call of duty . (Sighs) His death should not be in vain.

Liza dressed for bed brushes her hair, the door chimes.

LIZA HALPIN: Enter. (Jake walks in) If you've come on behalf of your Captain, you can tell her I've had enough of her innate lack of humor. (Points at the door) Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

SCIENCE OFFICER JAKE IVES: I didn't come here because of Captain Falk but for myself.

LIZA HALPIN: As science officer to civilian scientist or some other reason? (Jake gasps) Oh come on don't look so surprised that I figured you out. (Scoffs) I've noticed the way you've been looking at me this whole trip.

SCIENCE OFFICER JAKE IVES: I don't know where you get your delusions?

Liza without a word kisses Jake and he gives into her, she then pushes him away.

LIZA HALPIN: It would seem that my so called delusions have just been proven. (Pushes Jake out the door) Too bad for you, I don't share that feeling for you in return. (The door closing) Good night.

Ensign Stella Walden walks with Liza in the walkway, when Jake catches up to them.

SCIENCE OFFICER JAKE IVES: Ensign I think the Captain could use you on deck.

ENSIGN STELLA WALDEN: Yes sir. (Walks away)

SCIENCE OFFICER JAKE IVES: I need to talk to you about last night.

LIZA HALPIN: There's nothing left to talk about, Jake. (Smug) I believe that I made myself quite clear.

SCIENCE OFFICER JAKE IVES: Oh really? (Kisses Liza) Tell me that did nothing for you?

LIZA HALPIN: Yeah, it made me sick? (Scoffs) I'd rather kiss a snake, at least it would be warmer than you.

SCIENCE OFFICER JAKE IVES: Come on you know you know I'm the best looking guy on this ship.

Chas walks into Liza's sight, he stops to watch her and Jake talking.

LIZA HALPIN: If you feel that way perhaps you should make a date with yourself more often that you already do. If you know what I mean? (Smurks) I don't happen to share your point of view. (To Chas) I need to talk to you for a moment, see there's something I have been wanting to tell you since I met you.

1ST OFFICER CHAS LOFTON: Sure, Ms. Halpin. (Jake marches away) Anything you want me to do for you?

LIZA HALPIN: Oh there is indeed. (Chen walks by) Could you come to my room so we can talk in private?

1ST OFFICER CHAS LOFTON: Yes. (They walk by Jake again to her door) I just got off duty.

LIZA HALPIN: Great. (They walk inside the room) Make yourself comfy, I'll be right back.

1ST OFFICER CHAS LOFTON: You got a nicer room that mine.

Chas sits on the bed and looks at at some of Liza's things she has around the room. He pans the room again and she comes into his sight, she's wearing a sexy nighty. He gulps, chokes and coughs not believeing his own eyes.

LIZA HALPIN: Would you like to see my body of work?

1ST OFFICER CHAS LOFTON: Um, Ms. Halpin are you coming on to me?

LIZA HALPIN: Would you have prefered the dance of the seven veils?

1ST OFFICER CHAS LOFTON: Ah? (Stands up) I thought you had something with our Science Officer?

LIZA HALPIN: Only in his dreams. (Scoffs) I know what he's going to say before he says it. (Grabs Chas by the shoulders) With you I never know what you're thinking, not even now. (Breathy) So what are you thinking?

1ST OFFICER CHAS LOFTON: I'm thinking that it's a good thing I out rank Science Officer Jake Ives.

Chas kisses Liza, then the door chimes.

LIZA HALPIN: Hold on. (Chas hides in the bathroom) Who is it?

CAPTAIN ROXANNE FALK: It's me. (The door opens) Sorry I didn't mean to... Oh you're alone?

LIZA HALPIN: What is it Roxanne? (Covers up in a robe) I'm wanting to go to bed as soon as I can.

CAPTAIN ROXANNE FALK: You and one of the crew need to stay here while we take a sweep of the solar system. (Pauses) I just heard from H.Q. they want to save Mars as well as the Earth and the moon.

LIZA HALPIN: Mars? (Sits on the bed) If I can pick anyone to stay with me then I pick your 1st officer.

CAPTAIN ROXANNE FALK: Hum, it would be useful for him when he becomes a Captain. Either because of my death, which I hope isn't the case or if he gets another ship of his own. But I don't see what use he'll be to you? (A noise comes from the bathroom) But then again I could be wrong. (Smiles knowingly) Maybe you have found a use for my 1st officer after all.

LIZA HALPIN: That's one way of looking at it. (Clears her throat) So if there isn't anything else good night Captain. (Fakes a yawn) I really long to go to bed now.

CAPTAIN ROXANNE FALK: Uh, huh. (Looks toward the bathroom) Just one more thing Ms. Halpin. (Sighs) There are three more area's on this plant that have humans we have to contact and ship off to a new home. Anymore stunts like you pulled on the first area of people and you'll not only answer to me but you'll get the wrath of those who sit in the Chamber of the Coalition Forces.

LIZA HALPIN: Fine but the next time you're about to become barbecue, don't beg me for any help. (Snickers) In any case I'll be going to the Chamber of the Coalition Forces anyway. (Sighs) And it won't be their wrath that will be heard, it shall be mine. I will find out why these people were left here in the first place, no matter what.

CAPTAIN ROXANNE FALK: You do have guts, don't you? (Chuckles) Oh and Ms. Halpin?

LIZA HALPIN: Yes Captain?

CAPTAIN ROXANNE FALK: I'd apperciate it if you kept it in mind there are other people on this ship who will be sleeping for the next six hours. (Raises an eyebrow) Not that I wish to dictate to you about your activities with my 1st officer... (Pauses) But I do ask that you both keep it down to a low rumble?

Chas comes out of the bathroom, stands at attention and the Captain gives him the look.


CAPTAIN ROXANNE FALK: At ease soldier you're off duty. (Clears her throat) Just make sure you get some rest before you go back on duty, Mr. Lofton. (Opens the door) I can't have my first officer so fitigued that he can't preform his other duties for me and this ship.

1ST OFFICER CHAS LOFTON: Yes ma'am. (Salutes the Captain) Good night ma'am.

The Captain leaves and the doors shut behind her.

LIZA HALPIN: Well now that we're finally alone... (Shoves Chas to her bed) Allow me to show you the old fashioned way they used to make the Earth move.

1ST OFFICER CHAS LOFTON: (Excited) Yes ma'am.

CHAPTER 1 - PART 5: Above and beyond the call.

Jake enters the mess hall and sees everyone but Liza and Chas. He pushes buttons for his food tray, then sits alone and sulks. Liza and Chas come in together and get a tray each they sit close to eat as Jake shoots the both a dirty look. Liza notices gets up and rolls her eyes at him. Jake gets up and walks by them with his tray.

SCIENCE OFFICER JAKE IVES: You don't have to rub it my face you know?

1ST OFFICER CHAS LOFTON: You're way out of line Officer Ives! (Jake tosses his tray on the floor) You're on report mister. One more out burst like that and I'll have you sent to the gaurd nearest prison planet, maybe that will cool your heals? (Sands up) Do you understand me?


LIZA HALPIN: He's just jealous because you out rank him and I do mean in everyway.

1ST OFFICER CHAS LOFTON: If it's a fight you want from me over Ms. Halpin I suggest when we both are off duty we have it out then. (Points at Jake) Man to man but when you are on duty you will show me the respect as the 1st officer of this ship, do I make myself clear soldier?


1ST OFFICER CHAS LOFTON: Then I suggest you police this area. (Points at the mess in the floor)


1ST OFFICER CHAS LOFTON: The rest of this we'll deal with when the Captain sees fit to give us both off duty time to do so. (Gets in Jakes face) On a personal note the sooner she allows it the better. I can't wait to beat some of that smug attitude out of you. Now hurry up and get this floor clean so you can get the hell out of my sight.


Jake goes over to the wall and pushes a button a device comes out a small door and that cleans mess from the floor, then goes back in the door.

LIZA HALPIN: You missed a spot, Jake. (Smiles) I would suggest you lick it up with your tongue but people eat in here. (Some of the crew snickers, Jake starts out the door) Ooo... Don't go away mad, just go away.

Jake goes to the Captains door and it chimes.

CAPTAIN ROXANNE FALK: (V.O.) Enter. (Jake walks in)

SCIENCE OFFICER JAKE IVES: Captain I have a request to ask of you, ma'am.

CAPTAIN ROXANNE FALK: If it's that you want off this ship, request denied. (Stands) When that woman has left my ship I expect that you and officer Lofton will engage in the same old type of hostility you had for each other before. (Pauses) I think you should focus your time on helping ensign Walden with her studies these next few days. While Officer Lofton is left here with Ms. Halpin.


The door opens and Stella walks in.

CAPTAIN ROXANNE FALK: Ensign you request to work one on one with Officer Ives has my full authorization.

ENSIGN STELLA WALDEN: Thank you ma'am.

The ship takes off as Liza and Chas look on from the Earths surface, then he kisses her.

LIZA HALPIN: Ah, work before play Commander. (Giggles) Come on we got work to do if we're ever gonna move this rock. (Picks up a bag) Are you sure we have enough supplies?

1ST OFFICER CHAS LOFTON: Well yes and no? (Liza is confused) Have you ever had earth fish cooked over an open fire? (Liza gives him the look) I can't wait myself, you know when on Earth do as the Earthlings do.

LIZA HALPIN: Do you even know how to catch a fish or do I have to do it?

1ST OFFICER CHAS LOFTON: You'll find what you need in the shuttle craft. (Chuckles) I'll set up our shelter.

LIZA: Um, hum. (Sighs) You're sounding more and more like the men who used to live on this planet with each and every moment. (Goes over to the shuttle craft) I'll catch the fish and you can cook them, while I do the work.

CAPTAIN ROXANNE FALK: (V.O) Captain's record entry 281 dash 446 dash 8003. (Close up of the starship in space) The Starship Infinity has left Earth to record the last images that will be taken of this solar system. Commuting Earth, it's moon and perhaps Mars as well. This like other Missions has been fraught with danger and mysteries to uncover. Earth was not left void of human life like the histroy books recorded. The reasons for this still remain unknown to me and my crew. The civilian scientist Liza Halpin is the genius behind the technical specifications of moving a rock bassed planet masses but she goes against the grain of authority.