Marilyn Nimon

MARILYN NIMON - Doctor, single working mother of Allison and Tonya's aunt. Smart and tactful but she is clueless about somethings that are going on around her.

Dennis Nimon - Gramps

GRAMPS/DENNIS NIMON - Business man, father in law of Marilyn and gradfather to Allison. Tonya's great uncle. He is a grumpy old rude man, whose puts his nose in where he shouldn't.

Hector Boyette

HECTOR BOYETTE - Policeman and single working father of Violet. Typical cop and father.

Bianca Hayes Singer

BIANCA HAYES SINGER - Bar maid and single working mother of Eric. Crude, blunt and tactless. She smokes and makes unwanted remarks as much as she can.

Chad Hayes

CHAD HAYES - Contractor, uncle of Eric. Likes sports and goes around in his boxers around the house. He always wants a beer and food.

Clair Marlowe

CLAIR MARLOWE - Massage therapist and the girlfriend of Eric's uncle Chad. Typical bleach blonde female with dead pan humor. Funny but can be rather crass too.

George & Olga Bradford

GEORGE BRADFORD - Real estate, father of Dominic and Jasmyn. Typical working father.

OLGA BRADFORD - Advertising, mother of Dominic and Jasmyn. Typical working mother.

Allen & Nadine Woods

ALLEN WOODS - Lawyer, father to Charlie and Charlie's deceased half sister Tina, grandfather to Anton.

NADINE WOODS - Travel agent, mother to Charlie and step grandmother to Anton.

Evan Woods

EVAN WOODS - Security guard, uncle of Charlie. Likes fishing and looking for women.

Dick Peters

DICK PETERS - Talent agent. He's a sleazy, sneaky, corrupt jerk and very territorial.

Brook Swift

BROOK SWIFT - Tabloid trash journalist. She's an evil, skulking witch.

Terry Govich

TERRY GOVICH - Host of the wildest talk show ever. Terry's ambiguous, so nobody is sure if this person is a male or a female. Terry is sarcastic to some guest and makes joke about them too.

Tim & Fanny Swaggers

TIM & FANNY SWAGGERS - Televangelist of the PLT 700 Panel. Myopic judgement, slick and sleazy. They beg for donations from their viewers that they use for corrupt purposes.

Doris Killjoy

DORIS KILLJOY - Female coach and teacher, gives too much homework. Pain in the backside.

Dewayne Weaver

DEWAYNE WEAVER - Teacher, who believes everyone is on drugs or is crazy or both.

Peter Pate

PETER PATE - Male coach and teacher, only cares about the schools football team.

Sally Sadler

SALLY SADLER - Librarian, journalism and school computers. She's a very odd person.

Maggie Pucket

MAGGIE PUCKET - Assistant principal. She's an anal retentive control freak.

Brice Smith

BRICE SMITH - Principal, very dense and talks funny. Out of step with events around him.

Lynette Phillson

LYNETTE PHILLSON - School counselor, secretary and nurse. Always ask personal questions.

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