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This website has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or any other government agencies. Foreign or domestic or from the far reaches of the cosmos. This website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Not tested on animals, only humans who stumble upon it. Run for the hills, run for your life.

Sarcasm Inside!


If this any of this information falls into the wrong hands it could mean the end of the world as we know it.

The webmistress of this site has used many resources for this site. Thanks for everyone's help .

This site fully endorses the rights of everyone... to put their foot in their mouths.

The webmistress of this site is a firm believer in gun control... For those who can't handle one, don't fondle yours.
This site does not discriminate against anyone... unless their Jerry Springer show rejects.

The webmistress of this site condemns the right wing C.C... Stop throwing your stones!

The webmistress of this site believes that you should never mix politics, religion and sex... NOT!

Yes, this site guts the "normal" like a Ginsu Knife... What's the B.F.D. with being normal anyway?! It's a bore!

This site is the ultimate experience... For those of you who don't get out too much.

There is no assembly required, only a surrealistic P.O.V. about how much living on this planet can really suck

Please do not feed the trolls, they are for me to hunt down.

This site eliminates the lines of moldy reason, with it's original scent. But keep your tongues off the monitor.

The webmistress of this site is a firm believer in charity... $o send me all your money!

Everything of mine on this site is copy written. So don't get any ideas about taking my creations.

This site is NOT part of the "Information Superhighway"... It's just off the beaten path and down a dirt road.

This site is 100% American made, all the parts came from Area 51 and are NOT of this world.

This site is hazards to humans... It might cause them to think for themselves. So buck the system !

My art work and Bard skills are Yes it's my banana oil writing, so hands off.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Coffee and cigs cat!


A.O.HELL!!! (AOL) It both sucks and blows at the same time!

McDonalds ads! They don't make me smile, they give me the urge to kill.

Bony celebrities chicks that look like a breeze could blow them away.

"For Dummy" books are bad enough but there is a "Dating for Dummies" book. UGH!


The fact that heath food is higher priced than junk food.

Monsters who hurt animals and children.

Hollywood chick flicks with recycled themes. (Yawns) Seen it too much.

Censorship! We have the ratings systems on movies and T.V.use it!

Stereotyped Texan hillbilly themes and music! I'm from Houston, not some hick and I hate it when people think I ever lived on a rural farm.


People who beg you to sign their guestbooks. If your site doesn't suck I will sign it, if it sucks... You do NOT want me to sign it, so don't beg.

People who tell you how you should act, feel, think, say and do. Hello?! It's called freedom you Nazi's and you can bite my "American" a$$.

Super Hyped flavors of the seasons. AKA: singing groups & divas who suck.

People who what to start a fight with you over your P.O.V. Trying to make themselves look good by making you the bad guy. Get a rope!

A$$holes who just have to jump in front of you just to get to the damn red light before you. YOU SUCK!!! A$$holes who drink and/or talk on their cell phones while driving, also woman who drive while putting on make up. You are the main reason graveyards are so full. Pay attention to the damn road!


E-MAIL SPAM : ALWAYS some stupid ad for something I have absolutely no interest in reading about, much less spending money on. These suck-holes who send them out should be boiled in motor oil.


Home pages that say the following...

"Here is my cute little site:" Somebody pass me a vomit bag please?!

"Welcome to my World:" It should say... Welcome to my BORING world.

"Welcome to My Little Corner of Cyberspace:" Go stand in that corner and beat yourself with a bullwhip. News flash nobody cares about it but you. And for some reason that boggles the mind, it's usually it's about their home decor.

"This is my "KEWL" site:" The word is COOL!


NOTE: I hate the way the word "COOL" is abused by idiots who wouldn't know what "COOL" was if they were buck naked at the north pole.

Tiny letters nobody can read, it's worse when a loud flashing backgrounds is under it. Take the sample below see for yourself... (Sample no longer available... Sorry)

Merry X-mas!

The only thing worse is what I see after this tripe... (YAWN) More tripe! Give the rest of a break! UGH!

Look up these words: Unique and original.

Help me! Somebody please help me!


This site depicts material that only represents the views of the webmistress. Like it or lump it.

I will say thank you to everyone for making this site what it is and that's a slap at the cookie cutter system.

There is a lot of stuff on this site that is satirical in nature. - - - DUH!

If that offends any of you, how about that?! If you are still offended...Ha, ha!

To access my complaint department. PUSH HERE!

Ha, ha!


Some back grounds, bars, photos and some moving gif images I do not claim as mine.

The webmistress of this site has spoken... Now on with the show!

PS: If I made you really mad... So what? I don't really care. Ha, ha!

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